Ecology & Environment MCQs Part VI

1) The compound associated with the Bhopal gas tragedy is
a) DDT
b) Atomic radiations
c) Methyl isocyanide
d) Malathion

2) The greenhouse effect is because of
a) CFC
c) those gases which fail to allow reflected infrared radiations through them
d) All the above

3) As it travels along the food chain the concentration of DDT
a) Stays constant
b) Fluctuates randomly
c) Increases
d) Decreases

4) A pollution-related occupational hazard is
a) Asthma
b) Pneumoconiosis
c) Silicosis
d) Fluorosis

5) Smog is a combination of
a) Fire and water
b) Smoke and fog
c) Water and smoke
d) Air and water

6) One of the most remarkable effects of
and its related transformed products on plants is

a) Cell wall destruction
b) Plasmolysis
c) Destruction of dictyosomes
d) Chlorophyll destruction

7) The genetically altered bacterium used in the control of environmental
pollution is

a) E.coli
b) Bacillus anthracis
c) Pseudomonas
d) Agrobacterium

8) The major pollutant present in jet plane emissions is
c) CO
d) Fluorocarbon

9) The indiscriminate use of fertilizers causes
a) Air pollution
b) Soil pollution
c) Water pollution
d) None above

10) Sewage water is purified for recycling by the action of
a) Protozoans
b) Micro-organisms
c) Plants and light
d) Fish

11) One of these is an indicator of water quality:
a) Escherichia coli
b) Beggiatoa
c) Cladothric
d) Azospirillum

12) Noise pollution is measured in
a) Decibels (dB)
b) Picograms
c) Micrograms
d) None above

13) The formation of an ozone hole is visible over
a) India
b) Europe
c) Antarctica
d) Africa

14) In the coming years skin allergies and disorders will be more
common due to

a) Air pollution
b) Ozone depletion
c) Water pollution
d) Misuse of detergents

15) These are nature’s water cleaners:
a) Producers
b) Consumers
c) Symbionts
d) Decomposers and scavengers

16) Minamata is a common disease which is prevalent in certain
industrial areas of developed countries. The main cause of the disease is due to pollution with heavy metals. Select the metal responsible for this

a) Cadmium
b) Lead
c) Mercury
d) Magnesium

17) Phosphate pollution is caused by
a) Agricultural fertilizers only
b) Sedimentary rocks
c) Sewage and phosphate rocks
d) Sewage and agricultural fertilizers

18) Aerosols are chemicals which contain carbon compounds having fluorine. These chemicals are chiefly released

a) Automobiles
b) Jet engines
c) Industries
d) Refineries

19) As compared to tap water, the B.O.D. of a water body
polluted with sewage waste would be

a) High
b) Low
c) Normal
d) Refined

20) The basic components of the smog may be
a) PAN
b) Ozone
c) PBN
d) All the above

21) Soil erosion can be best prevented by
a) Wind screens
b) Good plant cover by more cultivation of plants
c) Restricted human activity
d) Checking the movements of grazing animals

22) Air pollution effects are usually found on
a) Leaves
b) Flowers
c) Stems
d) Roots

23) Water pollution
a) Increases oxygenation
b) Decreases turbidity
c) Increases turbidity and deoxygenation
d) Increases photosynthesis

24) The most harmful environmental pollutants are
a) Human organic wastes
b) Wastes from fields
c) Non-biodegradable chemicals
d) Natural nutrients present in excess

25) Carbon monoxide is a major pollutant of
a) Water
b) Air
c) Noise
d) Soil

26) Which of the following types of pollution can cause an outbreak of jaundice?
a) Air
b) Thermal
c) Water
d) Land

27) The manmade radio active element
accumulates in the body through

a) Air
b) the food web
c) Water
d) Contaminated soil

28) The environmental havoc created by the MIC gas tragedy was at the following sites:
a) Russia in 1990 and Bhopal in 1986
b) Ukraine in 1988 and USA in 1994
c) Bhopal in 1984 and Russia 1990
d) Ukraine in 1986 and Bhopal in 1984

29) “Ozone Day” is observed on
a) January 30
b) April 21
c) September 16
d) December 25

30) The most hazardous metal pollutant of automobile
exhaust is

a) Mercury
b) Copper
c) Cadmium
d) Lead

31) One of the following is the major reason for
pollution in big cities:

a) Fossil fuels
b) Acid rain
c) Heat dispersion
d) None of the above

32) The pesticide responsible for ozone depletion is
a) DDT
b) CFC
c) BHC
d) Methyl-bromide

33) Biological treatment of water pollution is done
with the help of

a) Phytoplankton
b) Lichens
c) Fungi
d) None of the above

34) Soil salinity can be measured by a
a) Calorimeter
b) Potometer
c) Porometer
d) Conductivity meter

35) Pollution can bring about changes in
a) Biogeochemical cycling
b) Abiotic environment
c) Biotic environment
d) All the above

36) The chemical that contributes to the destruction
of ozone layer is

a) Sulphur dioxide
b) Mercury
c) Chlorofluorocarbons
d) Carbon monoxide

37) B.O.D. is connected with
a) Organic matter
b) Microbes
c) Microbes and organic matter
d) None of the above

38) The major drawback of DDT as a pesticide
is that

a) Organisms develop resistance to it at once
b) It is significantly less effective than other pesticides
c) Its cost of production is high
d) It is not readily and rapidly degraded in nature

39) Drained sewage has a B.O.D
a) More than that of clean water
b) Less than the of clean water
c) Equal to that of water
d) None above

40) Eutrophication results in the reduction

a) Mineral salts
b) Dissolved hydrogen
c) Dissolved oxygen
d) None of the above

41) The worst enemy of ozone is
d) CO

42) Which of the following is not always an ionising radiation?
a) Alpha rays
b) Beta rays
c) U.V. rays
d) Gamma rays

43) Lead causes
a) Soil pollution
b) Air pollution
c) Radioactive pollution
d) All the above

44) The maximum biological magnification of
DDT through the food web is seen in

a) Algae
b) Bacteria
c) Higher plants
d) Man

45) The pollution in a city like Delhi may be
controlled to a great extent

a) By proper sewage and proper exit of chemicals from factories
b) By wide roads and locating factories away from the city
c) By cleaning the city and scanty use of pesticides
d) By all of the above

46) Sheet erosion is caused by
a) Fast running rivers
b) Wind
c) Heavy rains
d) Glaciers

47) A disease aggravated by air pollution

a) Cholera
b) Rheumatism
c) Bronchitis
d) Haemophilia

48) The pollutant emitted by jet aeroplanes
in the outer atmosphere, called fluorocarbons are
known as

a) Sursols
b) Photochemical oxidants
c) Aerosols
d) Loess

49) Which of the following damages WBC, bone
marrow and lymph nodes?

b) Ca
c) Caesium
d) Strontium

50) Indicator plants which can be used to
indicate atmospheric pollution by

a) Lichens like Usnea
b) Grasses like Deschampsia
c) Mosses like sphagnum
d) Climbers like Cucurbita

51) Air pollutants causing photochemical
oxidant production includes

a) Carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide
b) Nitrous oxide, nitric acid fumes, nitric oxide
c) Ozone, peroxyacetyl nitrate, aldehydes
d) Oxygen, chlorine, fuming nitric acid

52) Water pollution is caused by
a) Growth of planktons
b) Industrial effluents
c) Decay of the bodies of aquatic animals
d) Rain

53) The only ape found in India is the
a) Gorilla
b) Chimpanzee
c) Hoolock gibbon
d) Leaf monkey

54) The Manas Wildlife Sanctuary (Assam)
is primarily meant for the protection of

a) Elephants
b) Leopards
c) Tigers
d) Rhinoceros

55) Crocodiles found in India are
a) Crocodilus potosils and C. palustris
b) C. palustris and Gavialis gangeticus
c) G. Gangeticus and C. porosus
d) C. porosus, C. palustris and G. gangeticus

56) The only surviving habitat of the Asian lion is the
a) Gir forest – Gujarat
b) Sunderbans – W. Bengal
c) Jim Corbett National park – U.P.
d) Bandipur – Karnataka

57) The first white tiger safari in the world is in
a) Nagarjuna Sagar – A.P.
b) Kalkad Mundanthurai – Tamil Nadu
c) Periyar – Kerala
d) Nandan Kanan Zoological Park – Orissa

58) The new "Wild Life Protection Act" was passed in
a) 1962
b) 1972
c) 1982
d) 1987

59) The Valley of Flowers is found in the
a) Nilgiri Hills
b) North Eastern Himalayas
c) North Western Himalayas
d) Satpura Hills

60) One of the following biomes has the richest flora and fauna because of
sufficient rainfall throughout the year:

a) Pampas
b) Desert
c) Savannah
d) Tropical rain forest

61) The number of forest types found in India are
a) 16
b) 10
c) 12
d) 24

62) The Corbett National park is in
a) UP and famous for its tigers
b) Rajasthan and is the home of black buck
c) Punjab and is the home of antelopes
d) Himachal Pradesh and is famous for birds

63) Which of these is active during the night and rests during the day?
a) Lion tailed macaque
b) Nilgiri langur
c) Bonnet macaque
d) loris

64) The dodo became extinct because it was hunted for
a) Its beautiful feathers
b) Its flesh
c) Its curved beak
d) Its melodious songs

65) The Indian wild ass (Asinus homionus) is found in
a) Garhwal Himalayas
b) Plateau of Ladakh
c) Thar desert
d) Rann of Kutch

66) The elephant is an inhabitant of a hot climate. This is suggested
by its

a) Huge size
b) Fleshy feet
c) Almost hairless skin
d) Small eyes

67) The Indian elephant is
a) Elephas indicus
b) Elephas africana
c) Loxodonta africana
d) Loxodonta indicus

68) Nowadays rhinos are present in
a) Asia
b) Africa
c) America
d) Africa and Asia

69) The tendwa is zoologically named
a) Panthera tigris
b) Panthera leo
c) Panthera unica
d) Panthera pardus

70) Which one of the following monkeys shows brachiation?
a) Jumping monkey (Aotus)
b) Typical monkey (cebus)
c) Spider monkey (Ateles)
d) Rhesus monkey (Macaca)

71) The biologist who discovered the meaning of the dances
performed by returning honeybee foragers was

a) Karl von Frisch
b) Niko Tinbergen
c) Konrad Lorenz
d) Ivan Pavlov

72) Which of the following sequences is most common in territorial

a) Threat, combat, advertisement
b) Advertisement, threat, combat
c) Combat, threat, advertisement
d) Threat, advertisement, combat

73) For a balanced ecosystem, —- % of land in India should be left
for forests:

a) 35%
b) 11%
c) 20%
d) 15%

74) The response of different organisms to environmental rhythms
of light and darkness is called

a) Vernalization
b) Phototaxis
c) Photoperiodism
d) Phototropism

75) In desert grasslands which type of animals is relatively
more abundant?

a) Diurnal
b) Aquatic
c) Arboreal
d) Fossorial

76) In which of the following ecosystem is there the least species diversity ?
a) Deciduous forests
b) Deserts
c) Grasslands
d) Tropical rain forest

77) The term Ecology was proposed by
a) Hugo de Vries
b) Lamark
c) Haeckel
d) None of these

78) In the pond ecosystem, the shape of the pyramid of number is
a) Linear
b) Irregular
c) Upright
d) Inverted

79) Aquatic animals which can tolerate only a narrow range of salinity are said to be
a) Stenohaline
b) Euryhaline
c) Poikelotherms
d) Catadromous

80) The largest amount of freshwater on our planet is in the
a) Polar ice caps and glaciers
b) Underground
c) Rivers
d) Lakes and streams

81) In a biotic community, the most important factor for the survival of an animal is
a) Day length
b) Green food
c) Predators
d) Soil moisture

82) In a biotic community the primary consumers are
a) Detrituvores
b) Omnivores
c) Herbivores
d) Carnivores

83) In coming years, skin related disorders will be more common due to
a) Pollutants in air
b) Use of detergents
c) Water pollution
d) Depletion of the ozone layer

84) Suppression of the reproduction of one type of organism, utilizing some features of its biology or physiology to destroy it or by use of another organism is known as
a) Predation
b) Competition
c) Biological control
d) Physiological control

85) Generally speaking, the atmosphere in big cities is polluted mostly by
a) Automobile exhaust
b) Household waste
c) Radioactive fall-out
d) Pesticides residues

86) The major aerosol pollutant present in jet plane emissions is
a) Fluorocarbon
b) Sulphur dioxide
c) Carbon tetrachloride
d) Carbon monoxide

87) Sewage water can be purified during recycling by the action of
a) Microorganisms
b) Penicillin
c) Fishes
d) Aquatic plants

88) Phosphate pollution is caused by
a) Phosphate rock only
b) Agricultural fertilizers only
c) Sewage and phosphate rock
d) Sewage and agricultural fertilizers

89) The Taj Mahal is threatened by the effect of
a) Chlorine
b) Oxygen
c) Hydrogen
d) Sulphur dioxide

90) The greenhouse effect is related to
a) Green trees around the house
b) Global warming
c) Grasslands
d) Greenery in country

91) Ozone depletion in the stratosphere will result in
a) Forest fires
b) Global warming
c) Increased incidence of skin cancer
d) None of these

92) MAB Programme stands for
a) Man and Biology Programme
b) Man and Biosphere Programme
c) Man and Biosphere Project
d) Mammals and Biology Programme

93) The formation of the ozone hole is maximum over
a) India
b) Antarctica
c) Europe
d) Africa

94) A disease caused by eating fish contaminated by industrial waste containing mercury compounds is known as
a) Osteosclerosis
b) Minamata disease
c) Bright’s disease
d) Hashimoto’s disease

95) How does carbon monoxide emitted by automobiles prevents the transport of oxygen in the body tissues?
a) By changing oxygen into carbon dioxide
b) By forming a stable compound with haemoglobin
c) By destroying the haemoglobin
d) By obstructing the reaction of oxygen with normal haemoglobin

96) The pesticides most toxic to vertebrates are
a) Carbamates
b) Organochlorines
c) Organophosphates
d) None of these

97) Which of the following alkaloids are good plant insecticides ?
a) Nicotine
b) Cinnerine
c) Pyrethrum
d) All of these

98) In India, the most commonly used pesticide is
a) D.D.T
b) B.H.C
c) Aldrin
d) Endrin

99) The full form of B.H.C is
a) Benzene hydrochloride
b) Benzene homochloride
c) Benzene hexachloride
d) Benzene heptachloride

100) Pesticides include
a) Insecticides only
b) Herbicides and insecticides
c) Insecticides, nematicides and rodenticies
d) Insecticides, fungicides, nematicides, rodenticides and herbicides


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