Classification of Animals MCQs Part 12

1) A primitive lizard & living fossil is
a) Crotalus
b) Sphenodon
c) Barkudia
d) All

2) Enhydrina is related to
a) Hydrophis
b) Bungarus
c) Viper
d) Cobra

3) The Monitor lizard is
a) Varanus
b) Horned toad
c) Crotalus
d) Draca

4) Ductus batalli (Ductus Caroticus ) connects the systemic arch with the carotid in
a) Lizard
b) Snakes
c) Tortoises
d) All

5) In one of the following lizards the tail is absent:
a) Draco
b) Chameleon
c) Crotalus
d) None

6) Which of the following makes reptiles truly terrestrial?
a) Amnion and lungs
b) Lungs and internal fertilization
c) Cledoic eggs and hard exoskeleton
d) Internal fertilization and amnion

7) Foramen of Panizae is found in the heart of
a) Frog
b) Turtle
c) Crocodile
d) Rabbit

8) Metanephric kidneys are found in
a) Fishes
b) Reptiles
c) Mammals
d) Both B and C

9) Proteolysin is present in the venom of the
a) Viper
b) Cobra
c) Krait
d) Sea snake

10) The movement of a snake is helped by its
a) Head
b) Ribs
c) Tail
d) Reduced ribs

11) The venom of a cobra affects the
a) Excretory system
b) Nervous system
c) Circulatory system
d) Digestive system

12) Which of the following is found only in India?
a) Crocodiles
b) Sphenodon
c) Alligator
d) Gharial

13) The animal with the longest life span is the
a) Elephant
b) Rhinoceros
c) Land tortoise of Galapagos
d) Giraffe

14) Typhlops is
a) Sea snake
b) Grass snake
c) Glass snake
d) Blind snake

15) Sphenodon is found in
a) Australia
b) New Zealand
c) South America
d) All of these

16) Which of the following is a connecting link between amphibians and reptiles?
a) Dipnoi
b) Seymouria
c) Dinosaur
d) Archaeopteryx

17) Birds are glorified reptiles. This statement was made by
a) Hyman
b) Huxley
c) Henle
d) Salim Ali

18) One of the following is a flightless bird:
a) Pavo
b) Pelican
c) Flamingo
d) Rhea

19) The sound box of birds is the
a) Larynx
b) Syrinx
c) Bronchus
d) Glottis

20) The number of air sacs in birds (Columba) is
a) Six
b) Nine
c) Seven
d) Eight

21) Ratitae includes
a) Flightless birds
b) Flying birds
c) Migratory birds
d) Entinet birds

22) Flight feathers on the wing are called
a) Rectrices
b) Remiges
c) Filoplumes
d) Contour

23) What is common to the Ostrich, Penguin and Kiwi?
a) Migration
b) Flightless nature
c) Both
d) None

24) The emu is a native of
a) Australia
b) Africa
c) Newzealand
d) None

25) Salivary glands in birds like pelicans are
a) Many
b) Few
c) Absent
d) None

26) The sternum in birds is
a) Poorly developed
b) Well developed
c) Absent
d) None

27) Gastroliths in birds
a) Help in protection
b) Help in respiration
c) Help in the grinding of food
d) Help in exertion

28) The syrinx is the sound box of a bird; it is situated at the
a) Top of trachea
b) Base of trachea
c) In buccal cavity
d) None

29) Which is a seabird?
a) Penguin
b) Ostrich
c) Rhea
d) Pavo

30) The diaphragm in birds is
a) Biconvex
b) Flat
c) Concave
d) Absent

31) The study of birds is
a) Avionics
b) Ornithology
c) Anthropology
d) Herpetology

32) The waterproof nature of aquatic birds is due to
a) Cutaneous glands
b) Sudorific glands
c) Preen glands
d) None of these

33) Spoon bill is a bird whose
spoon like beak is adapted for eating

a) Fish
b) Insects
c) Frogs
d) All these

34) The reason for the survival of the ostrich in the desert is that
a) They eat hard food
b) They can live without water for a long time
c) they cannot fly
d) They are large

35) In pigeons milk is secreted by both the male & female from
a) Crop gland
b) Salivary gland
c) Mucus gland
d) All the above

36) The flight muscles of birds are attached to the
a) Keel of sternum
b) Clavicle
c) Coracoid
d) Scapula

37) With which of the following scientists are the finches of Galapagos island associated?
a) Salim Ali
b) Morgan
c) Darwin
d) Mendel

38) The zoological name of the ostrich is
a) Demetrodon
b) Aptenodytes
c) Struthio
d) Aepyornis

39) Which birds lays the largest egg?
a) Ostrich
b) Penguin
c) Flamingo
d) Giant elephant bird

40) The skulls of birds are
a) Monocondylar
b) Dicondylar
c) Acondylar
d) None

41) Vertebrae of birds are
a) Acoelous
b) Procoelous
c) Amphicoelous
d) Heterocoelous

42) The emu is
a) Fast flying
b) Slow flying
c) Flightless
d) None

43) Wings are totally absent in
a) Pavo
b) Rhea
c) Kiwi
d) None

44) Pecten is present in the
a) Eye of fishes
b) Eye of toads
c) Eye of birds
d) All the above

45) The smallest ratita is the
a) Ostrich
b) Archaeopteryx
c) Kiwi
d) Penguin

46) The national bird of India is
a) Corvus splendens
b) Pavo cristatus
c) Anthracoceros cornatus
d) Bubo

47) Besides the mammals, which of the following is a warm blooded animal?
a) Cyclostomates
b) Amphibians
c) Snakes
d) Birds

48) The bird which sucks nectar from flowers is the
a) Myna
b) Bulbul
c) Hummingbird
d) Parrot

49) The bird which became extinct recently is the
a) Dodo
b) Emu
c) Budo
d) None of these

50) The bird which builds its nest away from India is the
a) Crow
b) Wagtail
c) Cuckoo
d) Dodo

51) Fat is present beneath the skin in
a) Penguins
b) Pelicans
c) Pigeons
d) All

52) The fossil of Archaeopteryx lithographica was found in
a) Australia
b) Bavaria
c) Boston
d) Africa

53) The fossil of Archaeopteryx lithographica is well preserved in
a) British Museum, London
b) National Museum, Calcutta
c) Berlin Museum, Germany
d) None of the above

54) The fossil of Archaeopteryx siamensis is preserved in the
a) Berlin Museum
b) British Museum, London
c) African Museum
d) Paris Museum

55) The connecting link between reptiles and birds is the
a) Dado
b) Archaeopteryx
c) Rhea
d) Sphenodon

56) Incubation is done by males in
a) Penguin
b) Struthio
c) Sparrow
d) Pavo

57) Which of the following is uricotelic:
a) Pavo cristatus
b) Phrynosoma
c) Both
d) None

58) Fertilization in birds takes place in the
a) Oviduct
b) Cloaca
c) Coelom
d) None

59) In birds, one of these is functional:
a) Right ovary
b) Left ovary
c) No ovary
d) None

60) Penguins are found in the
a) Arctic region
b) Ethiopian region
c) Australian region
d) Antarctic region

61) The Ghana sanctuary is found in
a) Bihar
b) Rajasthan
c) Karnataka
d) Madhya Pradesh

62) The fastest flying bird is the
a) Crane
b) Swift
c) Sparrow
d) Crow

63) Single inspiration & double expiration is found in
a) Pigeon
b) Sparrow
c) Corvus
d) All

64) Feathers are useful for
a) Protection
b) Flight
c) Homeothermicity
d) All

65) The pygostyle is the bone formed by the fusion of
a) Caudal vertebrae
b) Thoracic vertebrae
c) Cernical vertebrae
d) All

66) The proctodoaeum is part of the
a) Buccal cavity
b) Coelom
c) Oviduct
d) Cloaca

67) The kiwi is found in
a) New Zealand
b) Australia
c) Asia
d) None

68) Gallus gallus is commonly called the
a) Crow
b) Chicken
c) Sparrow
d) Owl

69) In birds food is pulverized in the
a) Crop
b) Intestine
c) Gizzard
d) Stomach

70) In ostriches and pigeons the
a) Gall bladder is well developed
b) Gall bladder is poorly developed
c) Gall bladder is absent
d) None of the above

71) The urinary bladder in birds is
a) One
b) Two
c) Well developed
d) Absent

72) Only one aortic arch is present in birds. It is the
a) Right systemic
b) Left systemic
c) No systemic
d) None

73) The synsacrum in birds is
a) Part of limb bones
b) Part of skull bones
c) Part of the girdles
d) Formed by the fusion of vertebrae

74) Hummingbirds can fly
a) Forwards
b) Backwards
c) In stable position
d) All

75) An example of a bird without a nest is
a) Crow
b) Koel (cuckoo)
c) Sparrow
d) Owl

76) The external pinna in birds is
a) Reduced
b) Not distinct
c) Well developed
d) Absent

77) The beak of a bird is made up of
a) Bone
b) Cartilage
c) Horny substance
d) None

78) The sharpest vision is found in the
a) Eagle
b) Vulture
c) Crow
d) Sparrow

79) Which of these can fly backward?
a) Corvus
b) Hummingbird
c) Columba
d) All

80) The flight muscle which is used for raising the wing during flight in birds is
a) Pectoralis major
b) Pectoralis minor
c) Corachobrachialis brevis
d) Corachobrachialis longus

81) The smallest bird, with the highest metabolic rate is the
a) Swift
b) Kiwi
c) Hummingbird
d) Sparrow

82) Preening is
a) Cleaning the feathers
b) Attacking prey
c) Nestling the egg
d) Parental care

83) Birds do not fall during their sleep due to the
a) Watching mechanism
b) Perching mechanism
c) Preying mechanism
d) Presence of wings

84) The glandular part present on the dorsal side of the cloaca in young birds is the
a) Oil gland
b) Bursa Fabrici
c) Pecten
d) Preening gland

85) An unpaired air sac in birds is
a) Thoracic
b) Abdominal
c) Cervical
d) Interclavicular

86) The largest flight muscle in birds is
a) Pectoralis major
b) Pectoralis minor
c) Coraco branchialis longus
d) None of the above

87) The lungs of birds are
a) Spongy
b) Hollow
c) Absent
d) None

88) Before migration in birds
a) Feeding stops
b) Fat is deposited in the body
c) Muscles die
d) None

89) Migration is stimulated by
a) Fat
b) Feeding habits
c) Hormones
d) All

90) The rachis of a feather is
a) Serrated
b) Hollow
c) Solid
d) None

91) The ribs of Archaeopteryx were without an uncinate process. This is a/an
a) Reptilian character
b) Avian character
c) Non significant character
d) None

92) The master of the air is the
a) Draco
b) Flying fish
c) Swift
d) All

93) A comb-like structure in the eye of birds which increases efficiency of the eye is
a) Optic thalami
b) Pecten
c) Sclerotic ring
d) All

94) In the blood of birds
a) Hb % is more
b) Hb % is less
c) Hb is absent
d) None

95) Wings are absent in the
a) Kiwi
b) Ostrich
c) Both
d) None

96) The American ostrich is
a) Rhea americana
b) Pavo cristatus
c) Camelus
d) Kiwi

97) In down feathers one of the following is absent;
a) Rachis
b) Interlocking arrangement
c) Distal barbules
d) All

98) What is common to the ostrich, penguin and kiwi?
a) These are flightless birds
b) These are running bids
c) These are migratory birds
d) These have 4 toes in their feet

99) The ability of young birds to return to the original breeding ground of their parents shows
a) Conditioned reflex
b) Intelligence
c) Intuition
d) Instinct

100) Flight muscles of birds are attached to the
a) Clavicle
b) Coracoid
c) Keel of the sternum
d) Scapula


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