Biology in Human Welfare MCQs Part III

1) Culling is the separation of
a) Male and female birds
b) Induction of birds for egg laying
c) Separation of weak, diseased or unproductive birds
d) Fattening of birds for use as broilers.

2) Layers are chickens raised for
a) Egg laying only
b) Meat only
c) Both eggs and meat
d) Breeding only

3) Aseel and Busra are
a) American breeds
b) British breeds
c) Mediterranean chicken
d) Indigeneous breeds

4) Fingerlings are grown into adult fish inside a
a) Rearing pond
b) Stocking pond
c) Culture pond
d) Both B and C

5) A surrogate mother is
a) A mother without children
b) A woman with an embryo constituted from another woman’s ovum
c) Carrying several embryos
d) An artificially inseminated female

6) Pashmina is obtained from a variety of
a) Sheep
b) Goat
c) Rabbit
d) Yak

7) The famous angora wool is got from a
a) Sheep
b) Rabbit
c) Goat
d) Yak

8) Lohi is
a) A breed of sheep
b) A breed of goat
c) A breed of Domestic Fowl
d) A breed of Geese

9) Which of the following diseases is caused by a virus?
a) Anthrax
b) Rinderpost
c) Tick fever
d) Coccidiosis

10) Common tick fever is caused by
a) Protozoan Babesia
b) Protozoan Eimeria
c) Bacterium Corynebacterium
d) Tape worm

11) Rinderpest disease is caused by
a) Bacillus species
b) Morbillivirus
c) Theileria
d) None of the above

12) Foot and mouth disease of animals is caused by
a) Bacterium
b) Protozoan
c) Virus
d) Worm

13) Hen’s eggs contain two types of yolk. They are
a) Yellow and red
b) Yellow and brown
c) Yellow and white
d) Red and white

14) The young chicken raised specifically for meat are called
a) Broilers
b) Cockerels
c) Pullets
d) Hen

15) Three carp fishes, Catla Labeo and Cirrhina, can be grown together in the same pond more economically as they have
a) Positive interactions
b) Commensalism
c) Symbiosis
d) No competition for food

16) The best aquarium in India is located at
a) Vishakhapatnam
b) Chennai
c) Tarapur, Mumbai
d) Z.S.I. Calcutta

17) Nagpuri buffalo is
a) Milker
b) Draught cattle
c) Dual purpose
d) Grazer

18) Gelatin, a very important raw material for preparation of photographic emulsion, is a by-product of
a) The forest
b) Chicken
c) Cattle
d) Fish

19) A drug for deworming popultry is
a) Antiviral
b) Antihistamine
c) Anthelminthic
d) Antibiotic

20) The percentage of protein per 100 g of egg is
a) 12.9
b) 20.1
c) 16
d) 45

21) Bull semen is stored for artificial insemination in
a) Ice
b) Liquid carbon dioxide
c) Liquid oxygen
d) Liquid nitrogen

22) The best milch breed of cattle is the
a) Red Sindhi
b) Deoni
c) Holstein-Friesian
d) Sahiwal

23) Besides dung, the weed which can be used in biogas production is
a) Hydrilla
b) Solanum nigrum
c) eichhornia
d) Parthenium hysterophorus

24) The country pioneering in the production of fuel alcohol is
a) Saudi Arabia
b) Japan
c) Brazil
d) Iran, Iraq

25) Who is credited with identifying petro-crops?
a) Swaminathan
b) Calvin
c) Krebs
d) Borlang

26) The Government of India is putting more stress on planting quick growing trees which yield better fodder and fuel. This comes under
a) Afforestation
b) Forest conservation
c) Social forestry
d) All the above

27) Which of the following is not a petrocrop?
a) Euphorbia lathyrus
b) Helianthus annuus
c) Jatropha
d) Hardwickia binata

28) The bacteria utilized in gobar gas plants are
a) Methanogens
b) Nitrifying
c) Ammonifying
d) Denitrifying

29) The main energy containing component of biogas is
a) Methane
b) Hydrogen
c) Hydrogen sulphide
d) Carbon dioxide

30) A supply of oxygen to the biogas plant will have
a) Positive effect
b) Negative effect
c) No effect
d) None of these

31) Passive immunity is obtained through injecting
a) Antibiotics
b) Vaccines
c) Antibodies
d) Antigens.

32) Infection with Ascaris occurs due to
a) Mosquito bite
b) Imperfectly cooked pork
c) Tse-tse fly
d) Contaminated food and water

33) Immunity acquired after an infection is
a) Active immunity
b) Passive immunity
c) Innate immunity
d) Both B and C

34) Chicken pox is caused by
a) Varicella virus
b) Adeno virus
c) Bacteriophage T2
d) S.V. 40 virus.

35) Cholera is due to
a) Protozoan
b) Fungus
c) Virus
d) Bacterium

36) The surgical removal of the thymus of a new born will result in failure to produce
a) Monocytes
b) B-lymphocytes
c) T-lymphocytes
d) Basophils

37) Cancer cells are damaged by radiations while normal cells are less prone to be damaged since cancer cells
a) Are being starved
b) Are different in nature
c) Are undergoing rapid division
d) None of the above.

38) Which of the following is not correctly matched?
a) Dengue fever-Arbovirus
b) Plague-Yersinia Pestis
c) Syphilis -Trichuris trichura
d) Sleeping Sickness-Trypanosoma gambiense

39) Which of the following causes plague?
a) Salmonella typhimurium
b) Trichinella spiralis
c) Yersinia pestis
d) Leishmania donovani

40) AIDS was first reported in
a) Russia
b) France
c) U.S.A
d) Germany

41) AIDS day is
a) May 1
b) December 20
c) June 1
d) December 1

42) The spread of cancerous cells to other parts of the body is
a) Malignancy
b) Metastasis
c) Mutations
d) Benign tumour

43) Jaundice is due to the
a) Excessive intake of Curcuma
b) Excessive intake of sugar
c) Pork
d) Contaminated water

44) Antibodies are
a) Gamma Globulins
b) Vitamins
c) Albumins
d) Sugars

45) A prophylactic drug for malaria is
a) Tetracycline
b) Nux vomica
c) Aspirin
d) Paludrine

46) James Phipps and Ali Marvow are related to a viral disease that has disappeared, ie,
a) Cow pox
b) Small pox
c) Chicken pox
d) Tuberculosis

47) AZT is used in the treatment of
a) Malaria
c) T.B.
d) Kala-azar

48) Hepatitis-B vaccine is
a) First generation vaccine
b) Second generation vaccine
c) Third generation vaccine
d) Fourth generation vaccine

49) BCG vaccine provides protection against
a) Measles
b) T.B
c) Cholera
d) Small pox

50) Hay fever is due to
a) Hepatitis
b) Allergy
c) Dengue
d) Helper T-cells

51) Cyclosporine is useful as a
a) Prophylactic for viruses
b) Immunosuppressant
c) Prophylactic for marasmus
d) Treating allergic eczema

52) An insect bite may result in inflammation of that spot. This is triggered by the alarm chemicals such as
a) Histamine and dopamine
b) Histamine and kinins
c) Interferons and opsonins
d) Interferons and histones.

53) Best HLA match for transplants in order of preference is
a) parent > Sibling > Twin > Unrelated donor
b) Sibling > Twin > Parent > Unrelated donor
c) Twin > Sibling > Parent > Unrelated donor
d) Twin > Unrelated donor > Parent > Sibling

54) The immune response to the first encounter with an antigen is called the
a) Primary immune response
b) Secondary immune response
c) Memory
d) Clonal selection

55) An inflammatory reaction is brought about by
a) Mast cells
b) Macrophages
c) Plasma cells
d) Adipose cells

56) Lysozyme found in saliva, perspiration and tears, destroys
a) Certain fungi
b) Certain bacteria
c) All viruses
d) Most virus infected cells

57) Juvenile hormone causes
a) Early sexual maturity
b) Late sexual maturity
c) Completion of larval stages
d) Development of giant larva without ability to undergo maturation

58) Rotenone is
a) Raticide
b) Insecticide
c) Herbicide
d) Pheromone

59) On culturing the young anther of a plant a botanist got a few diploid plants along with haploid plants. Which of the following might have given rise to the diploid plants?
a) Exine of pollen gram
b) Vegetative cell of pollen
c) Cells of anther wall
d) Generative cell of pollen

60) A breeder evolving a disease resistant variety will start with
a) Working out the yield of different varieties
b) Going through the subject in a library
c) Selection of parents
d) Hybridisation

61) Which one is an effective plant insecticide?
a) Pyrethrin
b) Cinerin
c) Nicotine
d) All the above

62) The best fertilizer for paddy is
a) Azolla pinnata
b) Bacillus megatherium
c) Rhizobium meliloti
d) Bacillus polymyxa

63) In callus culture, roots can be induced by the supply of
a) Auxin and no cytokinin
b) Higher concentration of auxin and lower concentration of cytokinin
c) Higher concentration of cytokinin and lower concentration of auxin
d) Both auxin and cytokinin in equal proportions.

64) In crop improvement programme, haploids are important because they
a) Require one half of nutrients
b) Are helpful in study of meiosis
c) Grow better under adverse conditions
d) Form perfect homozygous individuals on diploidisation

65) Who grew tomato roots successfully by the technique of tissue culture for the first time?
a) Hilderbrandt
b) P.R. White
c) W.H. Muir
d) F.C. Steward

66) First bioinsecticide developed on commercial scale was
a) Quinine
b) DDT
c) Oranophosphates
d) Sporeine

67) The earliest pesticide was
a) Margosa
b) Pyrethrum
c) Nicotine
d) DDT

68) BGA is chiefly used as fertilizer in
a) Wheat
b) Paddy
c) Mustard
d) Gram

69) The enzymes required to obtain wall-free/naked protoplasts are
a) cellulase and proteinase
b) Cellulase and pectinase
c) Cellulase and amylase
d) Amylase and pectinase

70) Quarantine regulations are meant for
a) Preventing entry of diseased plants/pathogen/wild plants in the country
b) Spraying diseased plant with insecticides
c) Promoting dry framing
d) Growing fruit trees in all the states

71) An aquatic fern which is an excelllent biofertiliser is
a) Salvinia
b) Azolla
c) Marsilea
d) Pteridium

72) Thurioside is a proteinaceous toxin obtained from
a) Biofertiliser
b) Green manure
c) Bacterial origin
d) Farmyard manure

73) Farmers cannot use seeds of plants showing hybrid vigour in successive years because
a) Hybrid vigour is lost on inbreeding
b) Dunkel’s proposals
c) They are not allowed to sow their own seeds
d) It is cheaper to purchase fresh seeds.

74) Azolla is used as a biofertilizer as it has
a) Rhizobium
b) Cyanobacteria
c) Mycorrhiza
d) Large quantity of humus

75) In poultry coccidiosis is caused by
a) Virus
b) fungus
c) Helminth parasite
d) Protozoan

76) Murashige and Skoog’s medium is used for
a) Bacterial cultures
b) Raising plants through micropropagation
c) Culture of Spirulina
d) Isolation of fungal strains

77) Which of the following is used as green manure?
a) Azadirachta indica
b) Hevea braziliensis
c) Crotalaria juncea
d) Azolla

78) Norman Borlaug is associated with
a) White revolution
b) Green revolution
c) Blue revolution
d) Yellow revolution

79) Terminator gene
a) Helps in terminating flowering
b) Helps in terminating seed germination
c) Used in hybridisation
d) None of the above

80) Which are used as green manure?
a) Melilotus parviflora
b) Lens esculenta
c) Crotalaria juncea
d) All the above

81) Norman Borlaug, father of the green revolution, developed new varieties of
a) Paddy
b) Rice
c) Wheat
d) Sugarcane

82) An organic fertilizer which improves phosphorus uptake is
a) Actinomycete fungi
b) Rhizobium
c) Azospirillum
d) Azotobacter

83) Bt toxin is obtained from a
a) Eukaryote
b) Prokaryote
c) Virus
d) All the above


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