Applications of Biology MCQs I

1) The branch of biology concerned with the knowledge of drugs and their
manufacture is

a) Pathology
b) Pharmacy
c) Pharmacology
d) Medicine

2) Which of the following is an example of serendipity?
a) Discovery of DNA
b) Discovery of the cell
c) Invention of the microscope
d) Discovery of penicillin

3) The branch of biology that involves genetic manipulations to produce
an organism with a new combination of inherited properties is called

a) Pharmacology
b) Genetic engineering
c) Food technology
d) Bio medical engineering

4) DNA finger printing has proved to be useful in forensic science. It
involves the use of

a) Ribosomal RNA
b) DNA
c) Bacterial DNA
d) Mini satellite

5) Molecules containing radio active isotopes are used in
a) Auto radiography
b) Chromatography
c) Electrophoresis
d) Spectrophotometry

6) The branch of botany involved with the isolation and fusion of cells under
controlled condition is called

a) Horticulture
b) Tissue culture
c) Agriculture
d) Agronomy

7) The bacterial culture, and fungal invader, involved in the discovery of penicillin by A. Fleming
are respectively

a) E.coli and Penicillium griseofulvum
b) Staphylococcus aureus and Penicillium notatum
c) Vibrio cholera and Pencillium roqueforti
d) Clostridium tetani and Penicillium chrysogenum

8) Cesium chloride solution is used in
a) Density gradient centrifugation
b) Electrophoresis
c) Chromatography
d) Microspectrophotometry

9) The iodine test is used to detect
a) Typhoid
b) Malaria
c) Fats
d) Starch

10) Alexander Fleming discovered the following by serendipity :
a) Streptomycin
b) Bacitracin
c) Neomycin
d) Penicillin

11) The management of farms and the science of crop production is known as
a) Pedology
b) Agronomy
c) Horticulture
d) Sericulture

12) Radio-isotopes are used in
a) Electrophoresis
b) Spectroscopy
c) Chrometography
d) Autoradiography

13) Nowadays plants are being made disease resistant by
a) Breeding with their wild varieties
b) Hormone treatment
c) Micropropagation
d) Both A and C

14) The preservation of animals in a liquid medium is called
a) Urobiology
b) Cryobiology
c) Marine biology
d) Dermatology

15) Chloramphenicol and erythromycin (broad spectrum antibiotics) are produced

a) Streptomyces
b) Nitrobacter
c) Rhizobium
d) Penicillium

16) Tetracycline is obtained from
a) S. griseus
b) S. aureofaciens
c) S. ramosus
d) S. fradiae

17) Which of the following is a source of terramycin?
a) Streptomyces ramosus
b) S. griseus
c) S. venezuelae
d) S. aureofaciens

18) Neomycin is obtained from
a) Streptomyces griseus
b) S. fradiae
c) Aspergillus clavatus
d) Aspergillus fumigatus

19) Chloromycetin is obtained from
a) Bordetella pertussis
b) Streptomyces venezuelae
c) Streptomyces ramosus
d) Clostridium botulinum

20) A broad spectrum antibiotic is that which
a) Acts on both pathogens and hosts
b) Acts on all bacteria and viruses
c) Acts on a variety of pathogenic microorganisms
d) Is effective in very small amounts

21) The main reason why antibiotics could not solve all the problems of bacteria
mediated diseases is

a) insensitivity of the individuals following prolonged exposure to antibiotics
b) inactivation of antibiotics by bacterial enzymes
c) decreased efficiency of the immune system
d) the development of mutant strains resistant to antibiotics

22) Triple antigen or DPT is
a) A vaccine against malaria, typhoid and cancer
b) Mixture of viruses that causes tetanus, diphtheria and whooping cough
c) A vaccine against polio, rabies and hepatitis
d) A vaccine against tetanus, whooping cough and diphtheria

23) The fossil protists often associated with petroleum bearing rocks are
a) Ciliates
b) Cellular slime moulds
c) Foraminiferan shells
d) Diatoms

24) The fertilizer obtained from sea birds along the coast of Chile
and Peru is

a) Guano
b) Dung
c) Bone meal
d) Urea

25) The phytotron is a facility to
a) Induce mutation
b) Grow plants under disease-free conditions
c) Conserve endangered species
d) Grow plants under controlled conditions

26) The full form of AIDS is
a) Acquired immune disease symptom
b) Acquired immuno deficiency syndrome
c) Auto immune deficiency syndrome
d) Anti-immune deficiency syndrome

27) Introduction of one or more genes into an organism which normally does not possess them or their deletion by using artificial means (not by breeding) comes under
a) Molecular biology
b) Genetic hybridization
c) Cytogenetics
d) Genetic engineering

28) The scientist first to isolate streptomycin was
a) Fleming
b) Koch
c) Burkholder
d) Waksman

29) Terramycin is obtained from
a) Streptomyces griseus
b) S. venezuelae
c) S. aureofaciens
d) S. ramosus

30) The enzyme ‘diastase’ was identified by
a) Dubrunfaut
b) Reamur
c) Payen and Persoz
d) Hansen

31) Waksman was a
a) Psychologist
b) Soil microbiologist
c) Bryologist
d) Pteridologist

32) Pasteurisation is heating at
a) 120oC for 60 minutes
b) 60o – 63o C for thirty minutes
c) 70oC for 60 minutes
d) 80oC for 30 minutes.

33) Cheeses are classified on the basis of their
a) Flavour
b) Colour
c) Texture
d) All the above

34) Biogas production from waste biomass with the help of methanogenic bacteria is
a) One-step process
b) Two step process
c) Three step process
d) Multistep process

35) Which of the following does not apply to antibiotics?
a) The term was coined by Waksman in 1942
b) Antibiotics are capable of curing any disease
c) Some persons develop allergy to antibiotics
d) Antibiotics are produced by micro-organisms

36) Which raw material is used in the fermentation process of making beer?
a) Starch in vegetables
b) Starch in cereals
c) Sugar in fruits
d) Protein in pulses

37) An enzyme that stimulates the germination of barley seeds is
a) Invertase
b) a -amylase
c) Lipase
d) Protease

38) Probiotics are
a) Live microbial food supplement
b) Cancer inducing microbes
c) New kind of food allergens
d) Safe antibiotics


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