Animal Tissues MCQs II

1) Polycythemia refers to an abnormal increase in the number

a) Eosinophils
b) Lymphocytes
c) Plasma cells
d) Erythrocytes

2) A nucleus is absent in the
a) Reticulocyte
b) Myelocyte
c) Lymphocyte
d) Monocyte

3) The softest tissue in the body is
a) Nerve
b) Muscle
c) Blood
d) Skin

4) The blood protein which maintains normal blood pressure

a) Haemoglobin
b) Fibrinogen
c) Albumin
d) Heparin

5) The largest erythrocytes in vertebrates measuring about 80 micron
in diameter are found in

a) Elephant
b) Amphiuma
c) Python
d) Whale

6) The presence of RBCs in urine is known as
a) Uremia
b) Alkaptonuria
c) Hematuria
d) Polycythemia

7) The beta-chain of haemoglobin is made up of
a) 144 amino acids
b) 145 amino acids
c) 146 amino acids
d) 147 amino acids

8) The largest corpusucles of human blood are
a) Neutrophils
b) Lymphocytes
c) Monocytes
d) Eoisnophils

9) Any foreign or abnormal particle that is transported through
the blood is called an

a) Thrombus
b) Embolus
c) Clot
d) Agglutinin

10) Striped muscles are attached to bones except in the
a) Jaw and nose
b) Nose and pinna
c) Pinna and skull
d) Tongue and oesophagus

11) The sliding filament model of muscle contraction was worked out by
a) H.F. Huxley
b) A. F. Huxley
c) A.S. Gyorgyi
d) Hugh Huxley and Jean Hanson

12) The contraction and relaxation phases of a muscle constitute one
a) Beat
b) Stimulus
c) Conduction
d) Twitch

13) A nerve is a bundle of
a) Ganglia
b) Cytons
c) Synapses
d) None

14) Mast cell secrete
a) IgE
b) Heparin
c) Histaminase
d) Major basic protein

15) The biggest chemical factory in the human body is the
a) Intestine
b) Liver
c) Kidney
d) Pancreas

16) Ligaments and tendons are formed of
a) Epithelial tissue
b) Muscular tissue
c) Cartilage
d) Connective tissue

17) Connective fibres of connective tissue are
a) Ectoderm
b) Mesoderm
c) Endoderm
d) All of these

18) The myelin sheath is produced by
a) Oxyntic cells
b) Paneth cells
c) Node of Ranvier
d) Schwann cells

19) Diapedesis means
a) Movement of food in the gut
b) A stage of meiosis
c) The squeezing movement of WBCs through capillaries
d) Formation of lymph

20) Which of the following statement is correct with respect
to the nervous tissue in a vertebrate?

a) A non-medullated nerve fibre has a white appearance
b) The neurilemma is composed of Schwann cells
c) The medullated nerve fibre has a grey appearance
d) The neurilemma is composed of neuroglia cells

21) The epithelium in the bronchioles is
a) Pseudostratified and columnar
b) Squamous and sensory
c) Pseudostratified and sensory
d) Cuboidal and columnar

patches contain

a) Mucus
b) Sebum
c) RBCs
d) Lymphocytes

23) Troponin is a
a) Digestive enzyme
b) High energy reservoir
c) Water soluble vitamin
d) Muscle protein

24) Which of the following cells does not divide once it
is differentiated?

a) Interstitial cells
b) Nerve cells
c) Blood cells
d) Glial cells

25) Eating of raw fishes can cause deficiency of ……. Vitamin
a) D
d) K

26) Elephant tusks are upper incisors whereas walrus tusks are
a) Upper incisors
b) Lower incisors
c) Upper canines
d) Lower canines

27) The function of enterogasterone is to
a) Stimulate gastric glands
b) Inhibit gastric glands
c) Stimulate the pancreas
d) All above

28) Casein is converted to caseinogen by active rennin in the presence of
a) iron
b) Mg
c) Ca
d) Zn

29) A vitamin recently discovered to have anticancerous properties is Vit
d) TPP

30) Tesselated epithelium is found in
a) Lining of intestine
b) lining of blood vessels.
c) Seminferous tubule
d) Urinferous tubules.

31) Tendon is made up of
a) Yellow fibrous connective tissue
b) Adipose tissue
c) Modified white fibrous tissue.
d) Areolar tissue

32) Yellow fibres are made up of
a) Ossein
b) Elastin.
c) Chondrin
d) Collagen

33) The main difference between bone and cartilage is of
a) Mineral Salts
b) Blood vessels.
c) Lymph vessels
d) Haversian canals

34) Pigment tissue is present in
a) Choroid
b) Iris
c) skin.
d) All the above

35) In man the amount of blood is
a) 4% to 5%
b) 10% to 15%
c) 7 to 8%.
d) More than 15%

36) Presence of extracellular basement membrane is the peculiarity of
a) Epithelial tissue
b) Connective tissue
c) Nervous tissue
d) Muscular tissue

37) In mammals yellow fibres are found in
a) Ear pinna
b) Tip of nose
c) E piglottis
d) All of these

38) Ciliated epithelium lines
a) Stomach
b) Trachea/Bronchus.
c) Duodenum
d) Ileum

39) Haversian canals of a bone are connected by transverse canals known as
a) Bidder’s canal
b) Inguinal canals
c) Semicircular canals
d) Volkman’s canals.

40) As compared to blood, lymph contains
a) More protein, same number of leucocytes mainly lymphocytes and few erythrocyutes
b) Less protein, more leucocytes chiefly granulocytes and a few erythrocytes.
c) Less protein, large number of leucocytes mainly lymphocytes and a few granulocytes, no erythrocytes.
d) Less protein, same number of leucocytes mainly lymphocytes and a few erythrocytes.

41) Compound squamous epithelium occurs in
a) Stomach
b) Pharynx.
c) Intestine
d) Trachea

42) Which is unrelated to blood coagulation?
a) Fibrinogen
b) Fibrin
c) Bilirubin.
d) Calcium

43) Proteolytic enzyme required for lysis of fibrinogen during fibrinolysis is
a) Plasmin
b) Fibrin
c) Platelet factor
d) Tthrombin.

44) Chylomicrons are
a) Fat droplets coated with phospholipids
b) Fat droplets coated with cholesterol and protein
c) Undigested proteins
d) Undigested carbohydrates

45) Squamous epithelium occurs in the inner lining of the
a) Kidney
b) Pancreatic duct
c) Lung alveoli.
d) Heart

46) Which is not a component of areolar tissue?
a) Macrophage
b) Plasma Cell
c) Schwann cell.
d) Adipose cell

47) Match the columns
a. Glycogen p. Hormone
b. globulin q. Biocatalyst
c. Steroids r. Antibody
d Thrombin s. Storage Product

a) a-r,b-q,c-s,d-p
b) a-s, b-q, c-p, d-r
c) a-q, b-s, c-r, d-p
d) a-s, b-r, c-p, d-q

48) The most abundant granulocyte in blood is
a) Neutrophil.
b) Eosionophil
c) Basophil
d) Monocyte

49) Both erythrocytes and leucocytes are formed in the
a) Thymus
b) Bone marrow
c) Arterial walls
d) Lymph nodes

50) The condition in which there are a number of nuclei in a muscle fibre is
a) Polykaryon
b) Coenocytic
c) Syncytial
d) Endoduplication

51) Which is a transparent tissue?
a) Tendon
b) Ligament
c) Fibrous cartilage
d) Hyaline cartilage

52) Which one is wrongly matched?
a) Squamous epithelium – Skin of Frog
b) Columnar epithelium – Peritonium of body cavity.
c) Ciliated epithelium – Bronchioles
d) Stratified cuboidal epithelium – Oesophagus

53) When milk is heated at 62° C for 30 minutes and then cooled, the process is called
a) Sterilization
b) Pasteurisation
c) Nitrification
d) Freezing


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