Animal Physiology MCQs Part 16

1) The lungs are damaged by
a) Hydrocarbons
b) Silica dust, asbestos
d) All the above

2) In India, large scale arrangements and steps are being
taken to supplement the mineral deficiency of

a) K
b) Fe
c) Ca
d) I

3) Excessive consumption of ethanol causes damage to
a) the liver
b) the kidneys
c) the lungs
d) the heart

4) A “drunk person”
shows the influence of alcohol earliest on which part of the brain?

a) Cerebrum
b) Cerebellum
c) Pons varoli
d) Medulla oblongata

5) Heroin is obtained from the plant of
a) poppy
b) tobacco
c) datura
d) cannabis sps

6) Addiction to tobacco is caused by
a) cocaine
b) caffeine
c) nicotine
d) histamine

7) Choose the hallucinogenic drug out of the following:
a) Cocaine
b) Morphine
c) Heroin
d) LSD

8) The chicory powder used to adulterate coffee is
obtained from the chicorium

a) roots
b) fruits
c) leaves
d) seeds

9) The part of the brain affected when a person consumes
alcohol leading to loss of balance is the

a) thalamus
b) cerebellum
c) medulla oblongata
d) cerebral cortex

10) One of the following is an opiate narcotic:
a) Morphine
b) LSD
c) Amphetamine
d) Babiturate

11) Exaggerated dread of disease is known

a) algophobia
b) myophobia
c) haemotophobia
d) pathophobia

12) The branch, which is associated with the diagnosis,
prevention and cure of mental disorders is called

a) psychiatry
b) psychology
c) neurology
d) neuropsychiatry

13) Choose the sedatives among the following:
a) LSD and hashish
b) Opium and morphine
c) Caffeine and amphetamines
d) Benzodiazepines and barbiturates

14) Cryopreservation is done at
b) 97 K

15) Mental competence in relation to chronological
age in man is called

a) intelligence
b) delinquence
c) idiocy
d) intelligence quotient

16) Which of the following is an opiate narcotic?
a) Barbiturates
b) Morphine
c) Amphetamines
d) LSD

17) Nicotine occurs in
a) fresh tobacco leaves
b) fresh meat and eggs
c) fresh carrot and peaches
d) cereals and citrus fruits

18) LSD addiction causes
a) kidney damage
b) very rapid heartbeat
c) hallucinations
d) mental and emotional disturbance

19) Liver damage by alcohol is mainly because of
a) excess glycogen storage
b) detoxification of alcohol
c) excessive deposition of fats
d) all the above

20) A person of blood group A can accept blood of which
of the following group?

a) A only
b) AB and O
c) O and A
d) A and AB

21) Nicotine acts as a stimulant, because it mimics
the effects of

a) thyroxine
b) acetylcholine
c) testosterone
d) dopamine

22) Smoker’s cough is due to
a) thickening of the larynx
b) swelling of the vocal cords
c) thickening of the larynx and swelling of the vocal cords
d) tar of cigarette

23) LSD is a/an
a) pep pill
b) psychedelic drug artificially synthesized
c) extract of the fruit body of a fungus
d) extract of a bacterium

24) The principal obstacle, standing in the way of large scale successful transplantation of organs in man is the
a) religious and ethical considerations
b) immunological rejection of foreign bodies
c) lack of effective surgical techniques
d) availability of organs from donors

25) Intake of marijuana causes illusions, alterations of thoughts and perceptions as it is a
a) narcotic
b) stimulant
c) sedative
d) none of the above

26) The carcinogen in tobacco is
a) nicotine
b) benzopyrene
c) caffeine
d) tar

27) Which of the following is categorized under the group opiate narcotics?
a) Heroin
b) Bhang
c) Charas
d) Tobacco

28) Both coffee and tea are classified as
a) alcoholic beverages
b) fermented beverages
c) non-alcoholic beverages
d) distilled beverages

29) An inquisitive mind
a) admires the miracles of nature
b) accepts everything written in books
c) conducts laboratory experiments only
d) tries to find the causes of observed facts

30) Epilepsy is caused by
a) secretion of bile
b) abnormality of brain tissue
c) lack of blood supply
d) both (b) and (c)

31) In alcohol addiction
a) the blood-sugar level is low
b) the blood-sugar level is high
c) the blood-sugar level is normal
d) the sugar absorption is important

32) Smoking the hubble-bubble can spread
a) rickets
b) brain cancer
c) kwashiorkor
d) pulmonary tuberculosis

33) Cirrhosis is caused by the consumption of
a) alcohol
b) fat
c) excess sugar
d) excess protein

34) The main function of an analgesic drug is to
a) cause pain
b) relieve pain
c) relieve fatigue
d) build tissues

35) Immunity to scarlet fever is confirmed by which of the following

a) Dick’s
b) UTI
c) Widal
d) Elisa

36) The non-sedative drug Thalidomide caused phocomelia characterized by the symptoms
a) vomiting during delivery
b) malformed limbs of the foetus
c) malformation of bones in a pregnant lady
d) all the above

37) Head quarters of the WHO are located in
a) London
b) New York
c) Paris
d) Geneva

38) Which of the following is equivalent to madness?
a) Neurosis
b) Psychosis
c) Epilepsy
d) All of these

39) Which of the following could be a psychotic symptom?
a) Delusions
b) Mania
c) Depression
d) all of the above

40) Phobias are generally associated with
a) Psychosis
b) Neurosis
c) Epilepsy
d) None of the above

41) Which type of mental disorder is characterized by fits or convulsions?
a) Epilepsy
b) Neurosis
c) Psychosis
d) None

42) The symptoms of epilepsy are
a) Loss of consciousness
b) Stiffening of the body
c) Foaming at mouth
d) All of these

43) A tendency to recurrent seizures is known as
a) Epilepsy
b) Neurosis
c) Psychosis
d) None

44) Shock treatment is suited for the treatment of
a) Smoking
b) Alcoholism
c) certain mental disorders
d) None

45) The final stage of drug addiction results in
a) Drug immunity
b) Drug dependence
c) Drug resistance
d) All of these

46) The use of tobacco originated in
a) India
b) Africa
c) America
d) Germany

47) Benzopyrene is found in
a) Tomato
b) Opium
c) Brinjal
d) Tobacco

48) Smoking leads to the hypersecretion of
a) Thyroxine
b) Adrenaline
c) Histamine
d) Serotonin

49) The effect of alcohol on the CNS is as a
a) Depressant
b) Stimulant
c) Promoter
d) None of these

50) Any chemical substance that alters the function of one or more body
organs is called a

a) Allergen
b) Antigen
c) Drug
d) Toxin

51) Thalidomide, a nonbarbiturate sedative drug given to pregnant women, was
withdrawn in 1961 because it resulted in phocomelia or

a) early abortion
b) limb defects in the foetus
c) erythroblastosis foetalis
d) poor development of foetus

52) Rauwolffia serpentina belongs
to the family

a) Solanaceae
b) Rubiaceae
c) Malvaceae
d) Apocynaceae

53) The drug belladonna is obtained from

54) A stable population is one which has
a) no growth of population in the last decade
b) constant rate of growth of population in the last decade
c) slow growth of population in the last decade
d) growth of 20% in excess than the last decade

55) Among the following methods of contraception, which can be regarded as the most cost effective?
a) copper T
b) Oral pills
c) Tubectomy
d) Vasectomy

56) In the newly formulated family point programme, family planning has been included under which point?
a) 11
b) 12
c) 13
d) 14

57) Among the following countries listed below, which one first launched an official national family planning programme
a) USA
b) UK
c) France
d) India

58) In the last census the overall literacy recorded was
a) 25%
b) 30%
c) 61%
d) 40-42%

59) Which country was the first country to socialize medicine completely and to give its citizens a constitutional right to all health services?
a) U.K.
b) USA
c) Russia (U.S.S.R)
d) India

60) World Health Day is celebrated every year on

61) Which among the following methods of contraception is the least effective?
b) Vasectomy
c) Condom
d) Oral pills

62) In the use of an artificial pacemaker an electrode is inserted into the
a) Right ventricle
b) Left ventricle
c) Right auricle
d) None of the above

63) NMR is superior to C.T. because
a) It does not use ionizing radiations
b) It is useful for tissue metabolism
c) It can obtain images in any plane
d) All of the above

64) Implantable pace makers were introduced by
a) Senning
b) Friedrich
c) Both the above
d) None of the above

65) The process of using artificial arteries is called a
a) Vascular graft
b) Crown graft
c) Bud graft
d) None of the above

66) The weaker magnetic field of the brain is studied with the help of
a) Electrocardiography
c) Prosthesis
d) Electroencephalography

67) EEG represents the spontaneous
a) Electrical activity of the brain recorded by electrodes placed on the scalp
b) Activity of the pace maker
c) Activity of the alimentary canal
d) None of the above

68) An artificial limb is also known as a
a) Wooden leg
b) External prosthesis
c) Jaipur foot
d) None of these

69) Vascular grafts are made up of
a) Rubber tubes
b) Dacron or Teflon
c) Fibre glass
d) Plastic

70) The infra aortic balloon pump is inflated by
a) Hydrogen
b) Oxygen
d) Helium

71) Which one of the following is important during open heart surgery?
a) Blood bag
b) Oxygenator
c) Both the above
d) None of these

72) Vascular grafts are performed for
a) Atherosclerosis
b) Aneurysms
c) Both the above
d) None of these

73) NMR is free from hazards as it does not use
a) Magnetic fields
b) Ionizing radiations
c) Both the above
d) None of these

74) Which of the following are high energy particles of light used for therapy?
a) Electrodes
b) Lasers
c) X-rays
d) None of these

75) NMR is useful for
a) Tissue metabolism by spectroscopy
b) Heart beats
c) X-rays
d) None of theabove

76) The electric potential of various parts of the brain is recorded by an instrument called a
a) Sphygmomanometer
b) Electrocardiograph
c) Electroencephalograph
d) CT scanner

77) Which of these is based on magnetic resonance?
a) CT Scanning
b) PET Scanning
c) Ultra sound scanner
d) NMR Scanning

78) The principles of antiseptic surgery were initiated by
a) Agostiono Bassi
b) Rudolf Virchow
c) Pasteur
d) Joseph Lister

79) The thickening of the walls of the arteries is called
a) Aneurysm
b) Arteriosclerosis
c) Arthritis
d) None of these

80) The tissue heart valves (artificial heart valves) are taken from
a) Cadavers
b) Pigs
c) The pericardium of animals
d) All of these

81) The Father of electrocardigraphy is
a) Einthoven
b) Robert Hooke
c) Walker
d) Talbot

82) SQUID helps in the study of
a) The weaker magnetic field around the brain
b) Heart beats
c) Lung cancer
d) All of these

83) Which technique is the best for probing the embryo?
a) X-rays
b) CT Scan
c) Sonography
d) NMR imaging

84) Antitoxin serums are available against
a) Tetanus and diphtheria
b) Botulism and scarlet fever
c) Snake venoms
d) All of these

85) EEG recording is done by placing the electrodes
a) In the brain
b) On the skull
c) On the scalp
d) In the mouth

86) Ultrasound waves produced for sonography are formed by the
a) X-rays
b) Electrical effect
c) Sound effect
d) Piezoelectric effect

87) The occlusion of the coronary vessel can be tested by
a) NMR
b) ECG
c) PET
d) CAT

88) Instruments used for display of ECG, chambers pressure and other dates are made possible by
a) EPS
b) ECG
c) Oxygenator
d) Multichannel monitors

89) The piezoelectric effect is used in
a) NMR
b) PET
c) Sonography
d) All above

90) Cornea transplantation is outstandingly successful because
a) The technique involved is very simple
b) The cornea is very easy to preserve
c) The cornea is not linked up with the blood vascular and immune system
d) The cornea is easily available

91) Lithium halide cells are used in
a) Pacemakers
b) Ultrasound imaging
c) Position emission tomographic scanning (PET)
d) None of these

92) Amniocentesis technique is used
a) To check protein quality
b) To do artificial insemination
c) To take out some of the fluid around the foetus with a needle
d) All the above

93) A sphygmomanometer is used for
a) Measuring the blood count
b) Making the pulse beats visible
c) Measuring the blood pressure
d) Examining the pulse only

94) The technique used for estimating the amount of drugs and hormones is
a) Radioimmunoassay
b) Fractionation
c) Centrifugation
d) Sedimentation

95) A diagnosis of disorder of the brain can be made by examination of the
a) Cerebral cortex
b) Basal ganglia
c) Hydrocephalus
d) Cerebrospinal fluid

96) Scientists detected the location of the colour processing centre in the human visual cortex by
a) PET
b) NMR
c) CT Scanning
d) Ultrasound

97) Ultrasound is produced by
a) Lead bead
b) Lead zirconate
c) Lithium chloride
d) None of the above

98) NMR is considered superior to CT in its ability
a) To obtain images in any plane
b) To do imaging without radiations
c) To study the hard parts of the body
d) Both a and b

99) The process in which the amount of DNA, RNA and proteins can be known at a time is called
a) Autoradiography
b) Tissue culture
c) Cellular fractioning
d) Phase-contrast microscopy

100) The pacemaker is used
a) In the wall of the right atrium
b) On the interauricular septum
c) On the interventricular septum
d) In the wall of the left atrium


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