Animal Physiology MCQs Part 14

1) A needle was pricked on the body of a person and it was observed that the blood does not clot,
he is suffering from

a) antigenemia
b) haemophilia
c) thalassaemia
d) none of the above

2) One of the following is the correct match for disease and causative agent:
a) AIDS- Bacillus
b) Syphilis-Treponema pallidum
c) Malaria- Trypanosoma
d) Gonorrhoea-Virus

3) “Lockjaw” is
another name for

a) Plague
b) Whooping cough
c) Tetanus
d) Tuberculosis

4) Bovine spongiform encephalopathy is another name for
a) Creutzfeld-Jakob disease
b) Encephalitis
c) Parkinson’s disease
d) Kala azar

5) Subtertian malaria is caused by
a) P.falciparum
b) P. vivax
c) P.ovale
d) P. malariae

6) Saline is given to a person suffering with cholera because
a) it causes lysis of bacterial cell wall
b) cholera results in severe diarrhoea leading to the loss of salts
c) both the above
d) saline helps to produce antitoxins

7) Deposition of cholesterol in the arteries causes
a) angina pectoris
b) arteriosclerosis
c) heart failure
d) none of the above

8) A person has long legs, feminine appearance with highly reduced breasts
and is sterile. The genetic complement will be:

a) XO
b) XXY
c) XXO
d) XXX

9) Parkinson’s
disease is caused by the deficiency

b) Endorphins
c) Dopamine
d) Acetylcholine

10) Entamoeba histolytica is a human parasite usually found in the
a) liver
b) intestine
c) mouth
d) lung

11) A pollution related occupational hazard is
a) hay fever
b) asthma
c) silicosis
d) fluorosis

12) Pick up the set of bacterial diseases:
a) tetanus, typhoid, tuberculosis
b) small pox, influenza, tetanus
c) meningitis, measles, syphilis
d) none of the above

13) Which is a protein deficiency disease?
a) cirrhosis
b) nyctalopia
c) eczema
d) marasmus

14) Botulism affects this part of the body:
a) tonsils
b) spleen
c) neuromuscular junctions
d) all the above

15) The sporozoites of plasmodium vivax are formed in the
a) gametocytes
b) sporoblasts
c) oocysts
d) spores

16) Trypanosoma brucei causes
a) dysentery
b) kala-azar
c) sleeping sickness in man
d) disease in animals

17) The protozoan found in the colon of humans is
a) P. vivax
b) Aedes aegypti
c) E. coli
d) All of these

18) Leishmania tropica causes
a) kala-azar
b) oriental sores
c) sleeping sickness
d) diabetes insipidus

19) Filariasis is caused by

20) Which of the following groups cause relapsing malaria?
a) P. falciparum and P. vivax
b) P. vivax and P. ovale
c) culex
d) None of the above

21) Which larval form of Schistosoma enters the snail?
a) Redia
b) Cercaria
c) Miracidium
d) Sporocyst

22) The study of animals that live and subsist on other animals is
a) pathology
b) ecology
c) parasitology
d) taxonomy

23) Lathyrism is characterized by
a) gross skeletal deformities
b) neurological disorders
c) diabetes melitus
d) suppressed body growth, dysfunction of neuromuscular junctions and paralysis

24) Typhoid fever is caused by

25) The symptom of paroxysm in malaria (infection) are seen in the … stage:
a) sporozoite
b) gametocyte
c) pre-erythrocytic cycle
d) erythrocytic cycle

26) The number of moults a larval Ascaris undergoes to become an
adult is

a) One
b) Two
c) Four
d) Eight

27) Aglgutinins cause
a) dissolution of the outer coat of bacteria
b) neutralization of the poisonous toxins
c) clumping of bacteria
d) easier phagocytosis

28) Penicillin inhibits bacterial multiplication because
a) it checks spindle formation
b) it destroys chromatin
c) it inhibits cell wall formation
d) it checks RNA synthesis

29) The chemical which causes damage to the WBCs in bone marrow, spleen,
lymph nodes and lungs is

a) I-131
b) Ca
c) Strontium
d) I-127

30) Malaria is spread by
a) male Culex
b) female Culex
c) male Anopheles
d) female Anopheles

31) Taenia solium derives its energy from the break down of
a) fatty aids
b) amino acids
c) glycogen
d) glycerol

32) Which of the following pairs is correct?
a) House fly-yellow fever
b) Bedbug-kala azar
c) Sand fly-amoebic dysentery
d) Culex – filariasis

33) The scientific name of pinworm is
a) schistosoma haematobium
b) wuchereria bancrofti
c) Ancylostoma duodenale
d) enterobius vermicularis

34) After how many days from the biting of mosquito does a patient feel

a) 2-8 days
b) 8-10 days
c) 10-20 days
d) none of these

35) A stage following infection of a cell by a virus during which
the presence of virus particles cannot be made out is called the

a) infection phase
b) eclipse phase
c) maturation phase
d) lysogenic phase

36) Dengue fever is transmitted by

37) Wuchereria bancrofti
is transmitted by the

a) Sandfly
b) Tse-tse fly
c) Anopheles mosquito
d) culex

38) Enriched air if inhaled for too long time causes
a) allergy
b) bronchitis
c) disturbance of psychomotor function
d) diarrhoea

39) Which of the following is a bacterial disease?
a) Yellow fever
b) Plague
c) Mountain fever
d) Q-fever

40) Diphtheria is caused by a
a) bacterium
b) virus
c) nematode
d) fungus

41) Rocky mountain fever is caused by a
a) virus
b) fungus
c) alga
d) tick

42) Gaucher’s
disease is associated with

a) abnormal protein metabolism
b) abnormal carbohydrates metabolism
c) abnormal fat metabolism
d) malnutrition

43) Match the correct pair:
a) xenopsylla – plague
b) pediculus – typhoid
c) culex -malaria
d) stegomyia – yellow fever

44) The disease, in which thick sputum stops the passage
of the throat and forms a layer of membranous mucus, is

a) tetanus
b) pertussis
c) tuberculosis
d) diphtheria

45) At the present day, which of the following is most
infective and found around us?


46) Yellow fever is transmitted by the
a) female culex
b) female anopheles
c) female aedes
d) housefly

47) Animal viruses contain mostly
a) RNA
b) DNA
c) RNA or DNA
d) Both DNA and RNA

48) Plague is a bacterial disease caused by
a) Vibrio
b) Clostridium
c) Mycobacterium
d) Pasteurella pestis

49) Salmonella typhi causes
a) typhoid
b) tuberculosis
c) cholera
d) tetanus

50) Tuberculosis is caused by
a) Mycobacterium
b) Vibrio
c) Clostridium
d) Nitrobacter

51) Knock knee disease is due to
a) hormonal imbalance
b) genetic abnormality in males
c) deficiency in tyrosine
d) excess fluoride concentration in the source of water

52) Which of the following is not a water-borne disease?
a) Asthma
b) Cholera
c) Amoebiasis
d) All of these

53) The narcotic drug morphine is used as a/an
a) anti-cancerous drug
b) hallucinogen
c) anesthetic drug
d) analgesic

54) Leeches and mosquitoes are
a) herbivorous
b) food robbers
c) sanguivores
d) symbionts

55) Glaucoma is an eye disease arising from the
a) increased pressure of fluid in the eyeball
b) elongation of the eyeball
c) shortening of the eyeball
d) irregularity in the surface of the cornea

56) Which of the following diseases is caused by Wuchereria

a) Diabetes
b) Filariasis
c) Malaria
d) None of these

57) Sporogony takes place in the
a) Stomach wall of the mosquito
b) Liver cell of man
c) RBC of man
d) Stomach of Anopheles

58) Trypanosomiasis is a disease transmitted by the
a) louse
b) tse-tse fly
c) mayfly
d) firefly

59) Small pox is caused by a kind of
a) protozoa
b) virus
c) bacterium
d) helminth

60) The chemical ingredients of the anti-inflammatory drug
aspirin is

a) analgin
b) acetyl salycylic acid
c) amygalatin
d) pcilocybin

61) Which of the following has been declared a killer
disease under the Factory act?

a) Asbestosis
b) Silicosis
c) Tuberculosis
d) Shigellosis

62) The excessive enlargement of a diseased organ, due
to an increase in the number of cells, is called

a) hypertrophy
b) hyperplasia
c) necrosis
d) damping off

63) A particular interferon can give immunity against
a) a particular virus
b) a particular bacterium
c) a particular protozoan
d) any type of virus

64) The sexually transmitted disease among the following is
b) Syphilis
c) Gonorrhoea
d) All above

65) Which of the following pairs of diseases is caused
by viruses?

a) Typhoid, tetanus
b) AIDS, syphilis
c) Rabies, mumps
d) Cholera, tuberculosis

66) The pain killer aspirin is also an
a) anti-pyretic
b) anti-allergic
c) anticoagulant
d) all the above

67) Yersinia causes
a) Plague
b) Whooping cough
c) Leprosy
d) Syphilis

68) A dental disease characterized by mottling of teeth
is due to the presence of a certain chemical element
in drinking water. Which of the following is that element?

a) Mercury
b) Chlorine
c) Fluorine
d) Boron

69) Gonorrhoea is caused by a
a) virus
b) virioid
c) bacterium
d) fungus

70) The feeding phase of Plasmodium vivax is the
a) trophozoite
b) sporozoite
c) merozoite
d) cryptozoite

71) Rickettsiae are
a) viruses
b) bacteria
c) intermediate forms between viruses and cells
d) bacteria and plant cell

72) The common house fly (Musca domestica) lays its eggs

a) hanging ropes
b) open meat and sweets
c) stagnant water
d) cow/horse dung

73) The street virus affects the
a) Kidney
b) CNS
c) Lungs
d) Eyes

74) Cytotoxic cells are really
a) T-cells
b) B-cells
c) Memory cells
d) Mast cells

75) The incorrect pair is:
a) dengue fever-Arbovirus
b) plague-Yersinia pestis
c) syphilis-Trichuris
d) sleeping sickness- Trypanosoma

76) Hepatitis is the
a) enlargement of liver
b) dysfunction of liver
c) liver cancer
d) inflammation of the liver

77) The disease filaria is transmitted by the
a) tse-tse fly
b) sand fly
c) Anopheles
d) Culex

78) Antibody production is assisted by
a) plasma cells
b) monocytes
c) lymphocytes
d) both a and c

79) Pathogenic bacteria belongs to which group:
a) Gram +ve
b) Gram -ve
c) Neutral
d) Both +ve and -ve

80) Jaundice shows a disease of the
a) pancreas
b) liver
c) duodenum
d) kidney

81) Which class of protozoa is totally parasitic?
a) Ciliate
b) Mastigophora
c) Sporozoa
d) Sarcodina

82) The branch of medicine studying the mode of transmission
and control of disease is

a) epidemiology
b) parasitology
c) gerontology
d) setiology

83) Schuffner’s dots
are seen in red blood corpuscles of man due to which
of the following diseases?

a) Kala-azar
b) Filaria
c) Malaria
d) Diabetes

84) Only two of the pathogenic bacteria produce
endospore. They are

a) Bacillus and Streptomyces
b) Tetanus and anthrax
c) Caulobacter and streptomyces
d) Actinomyces and bacillus

85) Glissonian cirrhosis is a disease relating to the
a) lung
b) spleen
c) liver
d) pancreas

86) Achondroplasia is a disease relating to the
defective formation of

a) mucosa
b) cartilage
c) membrane
d) bone

87) The vector of kala-azar in India is

88) The main reason why antibodies could not solve
all the problems of bacteria-mediated diseases
is the

a) development of mutant strains resistant to antibodies
b) inactivation of antibodies by bacterial enzymes
c) decreased efficiency of the immune system
d) insensitivity of the individual following prolonged exposure to antibiotics

89) The pox-virus has a
a) double stranded DNA
b) double stranded RNA
c) single stranded DNA
d) single stranded RNA

90) The study of the cause of a disease is known as
a) pathology
b) etiology
c) ethology
d) zymology

91) Which one of the following parasites would not
survive, if there were no ponds and puddles with
stagnant water?

a) Ascaris lumbricoides
b) Taenia solium
c) Trypanosoma gambiense
d) Wucheria bancrofti

92) Elephantiasis disease is transmitted by
a) insecta
b) arthropoda
c) echinodermata
d) pisces

93) The swelling in any part of the body, caused
by the infiltration of serum into the subcutaneous
tissue is called

a) abscess
b) oedema
c) dropsy
d) thrombus

94) Which is a viral disease?
a) Tuberculosis
b) Typhoid
c) Polio
d) Cholera

95) Which of the following is a protozoan disease?
a) Ascariasis
b) Taeniasis
c) Amoebiasis
d) Filariasis

96) Which disease is caused by protozoa?
a) Malaria
b) Typhoid
c) Mumps
d) Titanus

97) Which disease is caused by a virus?
a) Tuberculosis
b) Typhoid
c) HIV
d) Cholera

98) Entamoeba differs from Amoeba in the
a) absence of a contractile vacuole
b) absence of a food vacuole
c) presence of a food vacuole
d) presence of a food vacuole

99) A monosomic congenital disease is
a) Criminal syndrome
b) D
c) Klinefelter syndrome

100) Arthritis is a disease of the inflammation
of the

a) joints
b) neck
c) abdomen
d) liver


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