Animal Physiology MCQs Part 12

1) The uterine wall is sensitive to one of the following hormones:
a) ADH
b) Oxytocin
c) Epinephrine
d) Progesterone

2) Ecdysone is secreted by the
a) prostatic gland
b) corpora allata
c) corpora cardiaca
d) none

3) Cretinism is due to the deficiency of the
a) thyroid
b) parathyroid
c) pituitary
d) pancreas

4) One of the following set is of hypersecretory disorders:
a) gigantism and goitre
b) mongolism and cretinism
c) cretinism and diabetes mellitus
d) rickets and diabetes mellitus

5) Excessive production of STH at a young age causes
a) acromegaly
b) gigantism
c) cretinism

6) Growth hormone is known as
a) LH
c) STH
d) FSH

7) Hyperglycemia is due to the deficiency of
a) adrenaline
b) thyroxin
c) insulin
d) T.S.H

8) The hormone responsible for the development and maintenance
of secondary sexual characters in female is

a) testosterone
b) estrogen
c) parathormone
d) vasopressin

9) Goitre is due to the malfunctioning of the
a) thyroid
b) parathyroid
c) thymus
d) adrenal cortex

10) Insulin increases the transformation of
a) blood glucose to glycogen and found in the alpha cells of the islets of Langerhans
b) glycogen to blood glucose and is found in the beta cells of the islets of Langerhans
c) Blood glucose to glycogen and is found in the beta cells of the islets of Langerhans
d) Glycogen to blood glucose and is found in the alpha cells of the islets of Langerhans

11) One of the following controls blood pressure:
a) adrenal
b) thyroid
c) thymus
d) corpus luteum

12) Vasopressin is related with
a) concentration of urine
b) dilution of urine
c) quick digestion
d) slow heart beat

13) The hormone controlling child birth and milk release from the mammary
glands is produced by the

a) anterior lobe of the pituitary
b) thyroid
c) thymus
d) posterior lobe of pituitary

14) Oestrogen is produced by the
a) pituitary
b) immature follicles of the ovary
c) mature follicles of the ovary
d) thyroid

15) Hyperglycemia is due to the deficiency of the
a) adrenaline
b) thyroxine
c) insulin
d) TSH

16) The set of female hormones is
a) adrenocorticotropin and androgens
b) estradiol and progesterone
c) Testosterone and androgens
d) All the above

17) Androgen is a hormone secreted by the
a) adrenal cortex
b) ovary
c) testis
d) parathyroid

18) The corpus luteum is responsible for
a) maintenance of pregnancy
b) child birth
c) ovulation
d) milk production

19) What is a hormone?
a) A chemical messenger
b) An enzyme
c) An excretory product
d) A byproduct

20) Endocrine glands are those which pour their secretions directly
into the

a) Ducts
b) Blood
c) Both
d) None

21) Ductless glands which release their secretion directly in
the blood are known as

a) Apocrine glands
b) Endocrine glands
c) Exocrine glands
d) Holocrine glands

22) Pituitary hormones are
a) All proteins
b) All steroids
c) Both steroids and proteins
d) Steroids, proteins and carbohydrates

23) The hormone that promotes reabsorption of water by nephrons

a) Androgen
b) Parathormone
c) Vasopressin
d) Oxytocin

24) All the hormones produced by the ovary are
a) Proteins and steroids
b) Proteins only
c) Steroids
d) None of the above

25) Which one is the integration system in our body?
a) Blood vascular system
b) Endocrine system
c) Nervous system
d) Nervous and endocrine systems

26) The pituitary gland is found in the
a) Brain
b) Around the trachea
c) Gonad
d) Pancreas

27) In which of the following organisms are hormones normally

a) Monkeys
b) Cats
c) Cockroaches
d) Bacteria

28) In males, the retarded growth of secondary sexual characters
is due to the deficiency of one of the hormones:

a) Progesterone
b) Androgen
c) Cortin
d) Thyroxine

29) At the time of puberty, the hormone that triggers the development of sexual
characters in the male is

a) Insulin
b) Testerone
c) Adrenaline
d) Thyroxine

30) Gonadotropic hormones are produced in the
a) Posterior part of thyroid
b) Adrenal cortex
c) Adenohypophysis of pituitary
d) Interstitial cells of testis

31) In the ovary, progesterone and estrogen are secreted
by the

a) Corpus albicans
b) Corpus callosum
c) Corpus luteum and Graafian folliciles
d) Cells of the Graafian follicles

32) Spermatogenesis in mammals is controlled by
a) Follicular stimulating hormone (FSH)
b) FSH and prolactin
c) Growth hormone and prolactin
d) Luteinising hormone

33) Under-secretion of thyroxin in children causes
a) Acromegaly
b) Cretinism
c) Hypertension
d) Goitre

34) Mark the incorrect statement:
a) The hormone produced in the adrenal cortex stimulates the heart beat
b) The hormone produced in the thyroid stimulates metabolism
c) The hormone produced in the ovary stimulates the heart
d) The hormone produced in the ovary affects the uterus

35) Which disease is caused by the deficiency of thyroxin in
the adult?

a) Diabetes insipidus
b) Diabetes mellitus
c) Myxoedema
d) Exophthalmic goitre

36) Selective accumulation of iodine occurs in the
a) Liver
b) Thymus
c) Thyroid
d) Spleen

37) Progesterone and relaxin are secreted by the
a) Testes
b) Pituitary
c) Thyroid
d) Corpus luteum

38) The contraction of the gallbladder is carried out by
a) Cholecystokinin
b) Renin
c) Gastrin
d) Rennin

39) The primary function of melanin is
a) To conserve body heat
b) To protect the skin against sunburns
c) To protect the skin from UV rays
d) To give a beautiful complexion to the skin

40) When a normal frog heart is injected with a physiological
concentration of adrenaline it shows

a) Systolic arrest
b) a sustained increased rate
c) First an increased rate, then a normal rate
d) Decreased rate

41) When a normal
heart is injected with physiological concentration of adrenaline
it shows

a) Decreased rate
b) Systolic arrest
c) A sustained increased rate
d) First an increased rate, then a normal rate

42) Epinephrine is
a) Secreted from the adrenal medulla and decreases the heartbeat
b) Secreted from the adrenal medulla and increases the heartbeat
c) Secreted from the pancreas and regulates the glucose level
d) Secreted from the pancreas and decreases the glucose level

43) The function of cholecystokin is to
a) Contract the gall bladder
b) Stimulate bile secretion
c) Decrease bile secretion
d) Stimulate digestion

44) MSH produced by the pars intermedia of pituitary cause
in lower vertebrates

a) Darkening of skin
b) Light colouration of skin
c) Both
d) None

45) In a certain bacterium there is no insulin formation. For its
formation we should insert

a) Plasmids
d) Insulin

46) Continued secretion of milk is maintained by
a) Prolactin
b) Oestrogen
c) Progesterone
d) Relaxin

47) Manifestation of masculinity pattern in females due
to hormonal effects is known as

a) Masculinity
b) Virilism
c) Castration
d) Epistaxis

48) Adrenaline increases
a) Heart beat
b) Blood pressure
c) Both
d) None

49) Which one of the following is not an endocrine gland?
a) Adrenal gland
b) Pancreas
c) Salivary glands
d) Thyroid glands

50) At the time of puberty in boys which hormone triggers

a) Adrenaline
b) Insulin
c) Testosterone
d) Thyroxin

51) Midgets have a deficient action of the
a) Pituitary
b) Adrenal
c) Pancreas
d) Thyroid

52) Exophthalmic goitre is caused by the over-activity of the
a) Adrenal
b) Pancreas
c) Pituitary
d) Thyroid

53) Which of the following statements is false?
a) The hormone produced by the ovary affects uterine contraction
b) The hormone produced by the small intestine stimulates the heart
c) The hormone produced by the adrenal cortex stimulates the heartbeat
d) The hormone produced by the thyroid regulates the general metabolism

54) Which one of the following stimulates the heart?
a) Mescaline
b) Epinephrine
c) LSD
d) Hashish

55) Most contraceptive pills contain
a) Estrogen + FSH
b) Progesterone + LH
c) FSH + LH
d) Oestrogen + progesterone

56) Which of the following helps an asthma patient
to exhale betterr?

a) Adrenaline
b) Insulin
c) Oxytocin
d) Thyroid

57) Which of the following controls thirst?
a) Adrenal
b) Pituitary
c) Parathyroid
d) Thyroid

58) Animal tissues that synthesise hormones are closely associated with and sometimes resemble cells of the
a) Immune system
b) Embryonic mesoderm
c) Circulatory system
d) Nervous system

59) Which of the following statements does not hold true for hormones?
a) They act on target organs far away from the source glands
b) They are secreted directly into the blood
c) They are used again and again like catalysts
d) They are produced in very minute quantities and are biologically very active

60) The integration system in the body is the
a) Nervous system
b) Endocrine
c) Circulatory system
d) Neuroendocrine system

61) Hormone secreting cells called neurosecretory cells are abundant in

a) Hypothalamus
b) Cerebral cortex
c) Medulla oblongata
d) Corpus callosum

62) The reabsorption of water in the kidney is under the control of
a) LH
b) ADH
c) STH

63) Which of the following is not under control of the pituitary gland with
respect to the regulation of its secretion?

a) Adrenal cortex
b) Adrenal medulla
c) Thyroid
d) Ovary

64) The secretion of growth hormone is increased by
a) hyperglycemia
b) free fatty acids
c) exercise
d) somatostatin

65) The part of the brain with the greatest influence over the endocrine
system is

a) Cerebral cortex
b) Hypothalamus
c) Medulla oblongata
d) Pons varoli

66) The reabsorption of water in the DCT of the nephron is controlled by
a) Vasopressin
b) Oxytocin
c) Calcitonin
d) Relaxin

67) Table salt is often iodised in certain regions to prevent
a) Scurvy
b) Goitre
c) Acromegaly
d) Rickets

68) Life-saving hormones are secreted by the
a) Adrenals
b) Pituitary
c) Thyroid
d) Pineal

69) A woman started developing masculine characters. It may be due to
a) Damage to posterior pituitary
b) Damage of mammary glands
c) Overproduction of estrogens
d) Overproduction of adrenal androgens

70) Impairment of the adrenal cortex causes decreased concentration of
a) Calcium
b) Potassium
c) Sodium
d) Glucose

71) Which of the following endocrine glands is sensitive to light?
a) Thyroid
b) Adrenal
c) Pineal
d) Thymus

72) "Second messenger" is
a) cAMP
b) ATP
c) ADP
d) DNA

73) The grey crescent is present inthe
a) brain of rabbits
b) fertilised eggs of frogs
c) eyes of frogs
d) retina of the cockroach

74) Cyanosis refers to the
a) reddish colouration of the body
b) pale colouration of the body
c) bluish colouration of the body
d) goose flesh of the body

75) Addiction to LSD will eventually lead to
a) kidney damage
b) hallucination
c) lung damage
d) mental and emotional disturbances

76) Immunoglobulins are made up of 4 chains (2 light and 2 heavy); these are joined together by
a) peptide bonds
b) hydrogen bonds
c) covalent bonds
d) disulphide bonds and non-covalent bonds

77) Which one of the following forms a correct matching of the causative germ and the disease it causes?
a) Glossina palpalis -kala-azar
b) Anopheles-malaria
c) Wuchereria bancrofti-filariasis
d) Leishmania donovani – sleeping sickness

78) The following is an example of autoimmune disease:
a) osteoarthritis
b) rheumatoid arthritis
c) sarcoma
d) all above

79) The headquarters of WHO is located at
a) London
b) New York
c) Paris
d) Geneva

80) Thalassaemia is a hereditary disorder in which
a) RBC are not manufactured
b) Regular blood transfusion every 2-3 weeks is required
c) Excessive iron deposition occurs in the body
d) All the above

81) In kidney donors the remaining kidney enlarges; it is due to
a) senescence
b) dedifferentiation
c) blastoma
d) compensatory hypertrophy

82) Why does a person feel sleepy after taking a meal?
a) the blood circulation shifts to the alimentary canal more than the brain
b) the brain receives more food
c) the nervous system becomes more agile
d) none of the above

83) Where does the conversion of harmful prussic acid into potassium sulphocyanide
take place?

a) Spleen
b) Liver
c) Bone marrow
d) Lymph glands

84) Which of the following is the largest gland in an adult man?
a) Thymus
b) Liver
c) Thyroid
d) Pancreas

85) Haversian system is a diagnostic feature of
a) avian bones
b) all animals
c) mammalian bone
d) reptilian bones

86) During rest the metabolic needs of the body are at their minimum. Which
of the following is indicative of this situation?

a) Rate of breathing
b) Pulse rate
d) all of these

87) Which of the following is the smallest taxonomic group of animals having
a cranium, a vertebral column, a ventral heart, a pulmonary respiration and
2 pairs of legs?

a) Vertebrata
b) Chordata
c) Tetrapoda
d) Gnathostomata

88) The muscles of which one of the following has the maximum mitochondria?
a) Heart
b) Walls of intestine
c) Ducts of glands
d) Around bones

89) The enzyme which is found in organisms from protozoa to mammalia is
a) amylase
b) trypsin
c) pepsin
d) lipase

90) The amino acid metabolized in the brain is
a) glutamic acid
b) aspartic acid
c) leucine
d) glycine

91) The type of immunoglobulin present in the foetus is
a) IgD
b) IgE
c) IgG
d) IgM

92) The busiest organ is the
a) brain
b) eye
c) heart
d) ear

93) Enzymes, vitamins and hormones can be classified into a single category
of biological chemicals, because all of them

a) enhance the oxidative metabolism
b) made up of carbohydrates
c) aid in regulating cellular metabolism
d) are synthesised within the body of an organism

94) The meeting point of all metabolic pathway is
a) lactic acid
b) citric acid
c) ornithine cycle
d) acetyl Co-A

95) The capacity of regeneration is maximum in the
a) sponges
b) earthworm
c) hydra
d) tadpole

96) Edward Jenner discovered
a) Vaccination against chickenpox
b) Vaccination against smallpox
c) Immunisation for smallpox
d) Immunisation for chickenpox

97) Anti-rabies vaccine was prepared by
a) Salk
b) Pasteur
c) Jenner
d) Koch

98) Plant pathogenic virus (or TMV) was discovered by
a) Stanley
b) Ivanowsky
c) Loeffler and Frosch
d) Adolph Meyer

99) Antibodies are
b) albumins
c) vitamins
d) both a and b

100) Vaccines are prepared from
a) blood
b) lymph
c) serum
d) plasma


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