Animal Physiology MCQs Part 11

1) Astigmatism can be corrected by using
a) Convex lens
b) Concave lens
c) Cylindrical lens
d) Surgery

2) Rhodopsin (visual purple) of the eye will require
a) Guava
b) Carrot
c) Mango
d) Wheat

3) The area of most acute vision in the eye where sharp and bright images are formed
is the

a) Yellow spot
b) Blind spot
c) Pupil
d) Lens

4) Myopia (short-sightedness) is a defect of the human eye in which the image is

a) in front of the retina and can be corrected by using a concave lens
b) in front of the retina and can be corrected by using a convex lens
c) behind the retina and can be corrected by using a concave lens
d) behind the retina and can be corrected by using a convex lens

5) Hypermetropia (long sight) is a condition of the human eye in which the image
is formed

a) in front of the retina and can be corrected by using a convex lens
b) in front of the retina and can be corrected by using a concave lens
c) behind the retina and can be corrected by using a concave lens
d) behind the retina and can be corrected by using a convex lens

6) disease
is associated with the

a) Ear
b) Eye
c) Nose
d) Throat

7) The utriculus is the part of the internal ear or membranous labyrinth which
forms the

a) Lower chamber and is concerned with the maintenance of equilibrium
b) Lower chamber and is concerned with the transmission of sound
c) Upper chamber and is concerned with the maintenance of equilibrium
d) Upper chamber and is concerned with the transmission of sound

8) Suppose you felt an earthquake, which of the following sense organs
would you think was involved in that feeling?

a) Eyes
b) Cranium
c) Proprioceptors
d) None

9) The tectorial membrane is found in the
a) Eye of frogs
b) Eye of mammals
c) Ear of mammals
d) Tongue of frog

10) Otoconia are suspended in the
a) Perilymph
b) Endolymph
c) Synovial fluid
d) Haemolymph

11) The perception of sound by a mammal involves the stimulation of the
mechanoreceptors located

a) on the organ of Corti
b) in the sacculus
d) in the semicircular canal

12) In which part of the mammalian ear does the nerve impulse for hearing

a) Eardrum
b) Ear ossicles
c) Cochlea
d) Auditory nerve

13) The anvil-shaped bone is the
a) Malleus
b) Incus
c) Stapes
d) Columella auris

14) Which of the following senses is affected if the tectorial membrane
is removed from rabbits?

a) Balance
b) Hearing
c) Vision
d) Smell

15) Receptors which are sensitive to taste are known as
a) Frigidoreceptors
b) Caloreceptors
c) Gustatoreceptors
d) Rheoreceptors

16) The second layer of the eyeball is called the
a) Choroid
b) Retina
c) Cornea
d) Sclera

17) In the human eye, at the blind spot
a) only rods are present
b) only cones are present
c) both rods and cones are present
d) neither rods nor cones are present

18) The black pigment in the eye, which reduces the internal reflection,
is located in the

a) iris
b) sclerotic
c) choroid
d) cornea

19) Melanocyte stimulating hormone is released from the
a) anterior pituitary
b) posterior pituitary
c) pineal
d) pars intermedia of the pituitary

20) Progesterone in the contraceptive pills
a) prevents ovulation
b) inhibits estrogen
c) prevents attachment of the fertilized egg to the endometrium
d) all above

21) Melatonin is released by the
a) pineal
b) anterior pituitary
c) thyroid
d) middle pituitary

22) The fight, flight and fright hormone is
a) adrenaline
b) oxytocin
c) insulin
d) glucagon

23) One of the hormones controlling metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and proteins is
a) FSH from anterior pituitary
b) Thyroxin from thyroid
c) ACTH from pituitary
d) All above

24) Uterine contractions are stimulated by one of the following hormones:
a) FSH
b) Oxytocin
c) Prolactin
d) Progesterone

25) These are some of the endocrine glands:
a) salivary, thyroid, adrenals, ovary, testis
b) adrenals, ovary, testes, salivary , liver
c) pituitary, thyroid, adrenals, ovary, testis
d) pituitary, salivary, adrenals, ovary, testis

26) Oxytocin helps in
a) lactation
b) child birth
c) maturation of ovaries
d) all the above

27) ACTH is produced by the
a) Pancreas
b) Liver
c) Pituitary
d) Thyroid

28) Progesterone is secreted by the
a) corpus luteum
b) Graffian follicles
c) Corpus albicans
d) Interstitial cells

29) The male hormone is
a) progesterone
b) corpus luteum
c) gonadotrophin
d) testosterone

30) Which hormone increases the rate of formation of glycogen, volume of blood in the vessels and the rate of heart beat?
a) insulin
b) Glucagon
c) Adrenaline
d) FSH

31) The function of ecdysone hormone in insects is
a) the growth and development of larva
b) the maturation into an adult and laying eggs
c) to carry out moulting in the larval instar to form the pupa
d) the secretion of cuticle in an adult

32) Ovulation in females is under the control of
a) LH
b) ADH and LH
c) FSH and LH
d) LTH and TSH

33) Thyroidectomised tadpole will metamorphose by the administration of
a) TSH
b) Thyroxine
c) Pituitary extract
d) Iodine

34) Diabetes insipidus is caused by the deficiency of the hormone
a) insulin
b) vasopressin
c) glucagon
d) oxytocin

35) The hormone which regulates the basal metabolism in the body is secreted from the
a) pituitary
b) thyroid
c) adrenal cortex
d) pancreas

36) Which of the following gland is called the master gland of the body?
a) thyroid gland
b) parathyroid gland
c) pineal gland
d) pituitary gland

37) The cortical area of the adrenal cortex is responsible for
a) water and electrolyte balance
b) carbohydrate metabolism
c) steroid hormone secretion
d) blood pressure

38) Calcitonin is a thyroid hormone which
a) elevates potassium level in blood
b) lowers calcium in blood
c) elevates calcium level in blood
d) has no effect on calcium

39) The thermoregulatory centre of the body is in the
a) pituitary
b) cerebellum
c) spinal cord
d) hypothalamus

40) True proteinaceous hormones are secreted by the
a) pancreas
b) pituitary
c) anterior lobe of the pituitary
d) thyroid

41) Ageing according to the immunity theory starts with the gradual atrophy of the
a) pituitary
b) thyroid
c) pineal
d) thymus

42) The activity of the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland is under the control of certain factors given below. Mark the wrong one
a) gonadotrophic factor
b) corticotrophic factor
c) thyrotrophic factor
d) somatotrophic factor

43) By which gland is somatostatin secreted?
a) Hypothalamus
b) Pituitary
c) Pineal
d) Thyroid

44) disease
results from

a) Hypo-secretion of the adrenal
b) hypertrophy of the gonads
c) hyperactivity of the cells of Leydig
d) none of the above

45) The anti-allergic hormone is
a) epinephrine
b) nor- epinephrine
c) gluco-corticoid
d) mineralo-corticoid

46) When some hormones work together to control a process this is called
a) antagonistic
b) synergism
c) feed back
d) peptic cells

47) Glucagon is produced by
c) oxyntic cells
d) peptic cells

48) The hormone which helps in metamorphosis in insects is
a) pheromone
b) thyroxine
c) ecdysone
d) all of these

49) Blood pressure and the activity of non-striated muscles are dependent on
the hormone secretion of the

a) anterior lobe of the pituitary gland
b) middle lobe of the pituitary lobe
c) posterior lobe of the pituitary gland
d) adrenal cortex

50) The removal of the thymus gland in the early life of an experimental mammal
will cause

a) lack of lymphocytes
b) lack of antibodies
c) lack of lymphnodes and lymph vessels
d) both a and b

51) Which of the following is called the emergency gland of the body?
a) pituitary
b) Thymus
c) Adrenal
d) Testis

52) The hormone that regulates the calcium level of blood is
a) parathormone
b) Thyroxine
c) Insulin
d) Glucagon

53) Secretin hormone is secreted by the
a) liver
b) pancreas
c) Stomach
d) Small intestine

54) The hormones thyroxine, adrenaline and the pigment melanin are formed from
a) tryptophan
b) glycine
c) tyrosine
d) proline

55) In the blood hormones are present in the form of
a) polymers
b) dimers
c) monomers
d) all the above

56) Steroids are formed from
a) thyroid acid
b) vitamin A
c) cholesterol
d) esters of fatty acid

57) The precursor chemical for steroid hormones is
a) fat
b) nucleic acid
c) amino acid
d) mucoprotein

58) Which of the following is a gastrointestinal hormone?
a) cholinesterase
b) Enterogastrone
c) FSH
d) Prolactin

59) The name of the hormone associated with the metabolism of phosphorus and
calcium is

a) glucocorticoids
b) mineralocorticoids
c) calcitonin
d) glucagon

60) disease
is caused by the hypersecretion of the

a) parathyroid
b) adrenal
c) thyroid
d) pituitary

61) The repair of the endometrium is undertaken by
a) LH
b) FSH
c) Oestrogen
d) Prolactin

62) Deficiency of thyroid hormone causes
a) exophthalmic goitre
b) acromegaly
c) myxoedema
d) hyperglycemia

63) Which is true about the function of the hormone and its secretion?
a) FSH from anterior lobe and helps in gametogenesis
b) LH from thyroid and helps in milk production
c) ADH from adrenal to increase oxygen consumption
d) None above

64) Epinephrine is a term referring to the
a) clusters of glomeruli in the mammalian kidney
b) nephrotomal part of the mesoderm
c) hormone of the adrenal gland
d) frontal lobe of nephridia

65) Metamorphosis in insects is regulated by
a) Ecdysone
b) Salivary glands
c) Malphigian tubules
d) Haemolymph

66) Which hormone stimulates the secretion of milk from females?
a) LH
b) Prolactin
c) Oxytocin
d) Progesteron

67) The pancreas secretes the following hormones :
a) glucagon and insulin
b) luteinising hormone and progesterone
c) follicle stimulating hormone and estrogen
d) none of these

68) Which of these organs does not work properly in the case of diabetics?
a) liver
b) kidney
c) spleen
d) pancreas

69) FSH is a
a) glycoprotein
b) catecholemine
c) polypeptide
d) steroid

70) One of the important functions of insulin is:
a) it regulates the sugar level in blood
b) it eliminates sugar from the body
c) it stimulates the synthesis of sugar
d) it increases the absorption of sugar

71) Melanocyte stimulating hormone (MSH) is secreted by the
a) anterior lobe of pituitary
b) posterior lobe of pituitary
c) intermediate lobe of pituitary
d) not by any lobe of pituitary

72) Hormones like testosterone, estrogen and adrenocortical hormones are examples

a) lecithin
b) waxes
c) steroids
d) lipids

disease is

a) decreased urea
b) puffy dry skin
c) degeneracy of the thyroid
d) pituitary myxoedema

74) By special staining techniques , it is possible to find three
types of cells in the "Islets of Langerhans" : these are

a) alpha cells, beta cells, delta cells
b) beta cells , gamma cells, delta cells
c) alpha cells, delta cells, gamma cells
d) alpha cells, beta cells, theta cells

75) Progesteron is a hormone, which is
a) an enzyme helpful in growth
b) helpful in relaxing uterus during birth
c) a protein useful for morphogenesis
d) responsible for the growth of the foetus and maintenance of pregnancy

76) The neurohypophysis releases
a) oxytocin
b) vasopressin
c) oxytocin and prolactin
d) oxytocin and vasopressin

77) Androgen is a
a) hormone
b) male flower
c) a gas
d) a male gene

78) Which hormone of the following endocrine glands lacks peptides,
amines and sulphur?

a) Hormone of anterior pituitary
b) Hormone of posterior pituitary and pancreas
c) Hormone of thyroid and adrenal gland
d) Hormone of the gonads

79) A temporary endocrine gland formed after ovulation in the ovary
is called

a) corpus uteri
b) corpus albicans
c) corpus luteum
d) corpus callosum

80) The action of insulin was first demonstrated by
a) Darwin and Lamarck
b) Banting and Best
c) None of these
d) Watson and Crick

81) The mammalian corpus luteum produces
a) estrogen
b) progesterone
c) luteotrophic hormone
d) luteinizing hormone

82) Which of the following endocrine glands stores its secretion
in the extracellular space before discharging it into the blood?

a) pancreas
b) Adrenal
c) Testis
d) Thyroid

83) Blood calcium level can be increased by the administration of
a) glucagon
b) parathormone
c) thyroxine
d) calcitonin

84) The immediate cause of induction of ovulation in human females
is the increase of

a) progesterone
b) estradiol
c) LH
d) FSH

85) Removal of the pituitary gland is known as
a) hypophysectomy
b) hypoadenophysis
c) hypophysectomised animal
d) hypotrophy

86) Glucagon secreted by the alpha cells of the islets of Langerhans
has this function:

a) glucagon converts glucose into glycogen and increases the concentration
of blood sugar

b) glucagon converts glycogen into glucose and increases the concentration of blood sugar
c) glucagon converts glucose into glycogen
d) none of these

87) Ecdysone is secreted by
a) birds
b) molluscs
c) insects
d) lobsters

88) The release of pancreatic juice from the pancreas in mammals is stimulated by
a) trypsinogen
b) secretin
c) enterokinase
d) cholecystokinin

89) The pancreas is
a) An exocrine gland
b) An endocrine gland
c) Both exocrine and endocrine
d) Not a gland at all

90) Insulin shock occurs due to
a) excess insulin injection
b) deficiency of insulin
c) damage to the delta cells of the pancreas
d) all above

91) Hormones have a specific effect on particular organs or
tissues. Such organs are called

a) controlled centres
b) substrates
c) target organs
d) Active site

92) The main function of the corpus luteum is
a) excretion
b) endocrine
c) digestion
d) none

93) A decrease in the blood levels of estrogens and progesterone causes
a) loss of endometrium
b) growth of myometrium
c) release of ova from ovaries
d) release of sperm from testes

94) The pituitary controls urine volume through
a) ADH
b) STH
d) GH

95) At menopause which hormone is excreted along with urine?
a) FSH
b) MSH
d) ADH

96) If a trace of thyroid extract is added to the water containing
frog tadpoles, it will

a) kill the tadpole
b) hasten their metamorphosis
c) stop metamorphosis
d) remain static

97) In the blood and

level is controlled by the

a) thyroid
b) parathyroid
c) adrenal
d) pituitary

98) Testosterone is secreted from the
a) Leydig cells
b) Sertoli cells
c) Ovary
d) None of the above

99) Hormone whose main place of function is the liver are released
by the

a) pancreas
b) pituitary
c) thymus
d) Thyroid

100) Growth hormone is secreted by the
a) pituitary
b) thyroid
c) thymus
d) pancreas


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