Living Worls MCQs Part-II

1) The stage following infection by a virus when virus particles cannot be observed is the
a) Infection phase
b) Eclipse phase
c) Maturation phase
d) Lysogenic Phase

2) Plant viruses mostly have
a) DNA
b) RNA
c) Both DNA and RNA
d) Coiled nucleolus

3) The organism which does not lose its identity even after crystallisation is
a) Virus
b) Bacterium
c) Microbe
d) Protistan

4) Viroids have
a) Single stranded RNA not enclosed by protein coat
b) Single stranded DNA not enclosed by protein coat
c) Double stranded DNA enclosed by protein coat
d) Double stranded RNA enclosed by protein coat

5) The cryptogram of TMV is
a) R/1, 1/8, S/S, S/Af
b) R/2, 1/5, E/P, O/S
c) R/1, 2/5, E/E, S/O
d) R/1, 2/7, E/E, S/O

6) A prion consists of
a) DNA
b) RNA
c) Both DNA and RNA
d) Protein


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