Medical Exams- A way to be a MBBS

medical exams

Medical Entrance Exams are seemed to be like a nightmare for many. And medical career has been considered to be one of the most valued careers in India. But as it is said for reaching to heights of success one has to go through many steps so same is here also. For getting one of the best medical colleges of India, one has to go through the most competitive exams.  And for getting best college, one should have good merits in the medical entrance exam.

Medical exams are conducted every year and a large number of students appear in this exam every year. [userpro_private]These exams are conducted on both national level as well as state level. Many of institutes now a day’s conduct their own medical exams. A.I.P.M.T., A.I.I.M.S., D.P.M.T., N.E.E.T., etc. are the national level exams in which thousands of students compete for M.B.B.S. and dental exams. For state level there is Combined Pre-Medical Test (C.P.M.T) like U.P.C.P.M.T. Aligarh Muslim University (A.M.U.), Delhi University (DU), Banaras Hindu University (B.H.U.), etc. conduct their own national level medical exams for different medical courses like M.B.B.S., B.D.S., and other dental courses, etc.

Eligibility Criteria-

The eligibility criteria for all medical exams are almost same that is, you should have passed class 12 with PCB that is Physics, Chemistry and Biology. And for taking admission you should qualify the main exams or should have fulfilled the criteria according to the exam you will give.

How to crack-

The main problem starts from how to prepare for the particular or how to crack it because medical exams are one of the toughest exams to crack but not impossible to crack. It needs a systematic and methodical way of studying. One needs a lot of concentration for it.

For any entrance exam whether medical or engineering the most important thing you need is positive attitude. For getting success in any field, you should have positive approach. Then you can start firstly by thoroughly reading the whole syllabus and then should decide that what are the major topics and what are the minor ones. And then should try to start studying methodically by dividing the topics in parts. Secondly, you should make your goals like short-term and long-term as in like which chapters you have to finish in how much time. By doing this you will easily manage your time and can also give proper time to particular topic you feel is really difficult for you. Make a systematic daily routine because discipline is very important for preparation of medical exams. You should note down important key points, charts, theories and other diagrams and should revise them daily. And as you all know that the syllabus of medical entrance exam is very extensive and elaborate so routine studying is very important. One can also enroll in best medical coaching classes for help as nowadays coaching classes provides you with good study materials and they even teach you how to manage your time for each topic. You should also practice previous year question papers so that you can get a rough idea about the pattern of medical exam. You should buy books of good writers so that you can easily understand each and every concept.

But for all the above things, the most important thing you require is time management. Apart from coaching classes you should take a time out for your self-studies and should deeply read and understand every topic. And as you all know that practice makes a man perfect so just go on for solving mock tests and question papers and try to solve them on time because speed also matters in medical exams.

At last, I will suggest you to take small breaks between your studies. Make yourself relax and calm. Don’t take too much of stress. Know your weak areas and try to practice more on those areas. Try to overcome your anxiety and develop your self-confidence and always have a positive approach.

I am sure if you will follow the above mentioned ways you will surely get a lot of help and will positively get a best medical college. All the best![/userpro_private]

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