Medical Entrance Exams – Getting Ready for Preparation

“You can never be overdressed or over educated”, a quote by Oscar Wilde, a well known Irish poet. Changes which come by education can bring amazing changes to the society. This change in turn is useful for suture generations. As we know that the research in Medicine done by our past generations are practically seen by us.  Professional course like Medicine, is still the best option for most of the people. This is the field where the students’ understanding and thought processes are continuously put at work For this reason it is important for the Medical Council to conduct tough Medical Entrance Exams.

Medical Entrance Exams – The Importance

These Medical Entrance Exams are really hard for the people who are not well prepared. While they choose a better career like medicine, they should be ready to achieve their goals. Over 3.5 million pupil attend the medical entrance exams every year. These numbers show the competition. There is lot of hard work that has to be done by the students. This is made possible by proper and continuous studies.

Exam Question Paper Format

By qualifying in these medical entrance exams, students get an opportunity to study M.B.B.S(General Physician), BDS (Dental Surgeon), Veterinary Surgeon etc. Most of the students choose attempt more than one entrance exam. Which gives them more chances of qualifying. All these exams have multiple choice questions.  They have four subjects, Botany, Zoology, Physics and Chemistry. The question paper will have 160 to 200 questions. Each question will have 4 to 5 options. Only one option may be right from the four options. Negative marks will be there for wrong answers.

Generally they are divided into prelims and mains. Prelims are conducted in April and mains in May. This is a brief outline to get ready for exam preparation. Students should start preparing at least before 6 months. This time frame will help to crack medical entrance exams easily.

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