Medical Entrance Exam – Best Preparation Techniques

medical entrance exams

Medical Entrance Exam Preparation – Best Practices

medical entrance exams

It is a dream for many students who have just entered higher secondary school, with biology background to become a clear medical entrance exams and become a doctor. One has to secure very good scores in Botany, Zoology, chemistry, physics, Mathematics, and English, which can be accomplished by solid preparation and dedication. Pupils who have done their class 12th with Biology background are eligible to attend the medical entrance exams. Whereas, a few exams require the aspirants to have a B.S or Pre Medical background certificate.

As per the Medical Council of India (MCI), there are 273 registered medical colleges in India, and have a total capacity to educate and train more than 31,000 medicine students every year. [userpro_private]As the strength of students for medical entrance exams is increasing each year, students who have good preparation and have an edge in these medical entrance exams. Furthermore who can withstand the pressure of exam preparation stands out of this queue.

Medical Entrance Exam includes the study of the following subjects:

Botany Anatomy and physiology of plants, Mycoplasma And Bacteria, systematic study of  systems, Humans & the environment, cytology, Genetics, Developmental Biology, Plants and human welfare, Plant products, Virus, Fungi And Lichens quiz .

Zoology – Histology, Anatomy, Physiology, Reproductive System, Diversity of animal life, Animal Genetics, Classification of Animal Kingdom.

Chemistry Atoms,Molecules and Chemical Arithmetics, General organic and inorganic chemistry, structure of atoms, molecule and chemical bond, periodic properties of elements, organic chemistry introduction, nomenclature of organic compounds,  Physical chemistry :   state of matter, energetics, chemical equilibrium, Chemical Energetics and Thermodynamics   etc.

Physics Measurement motion and kinetics, optics, Kinetic theory of gases, dynamics, electricity, electronics, electromagnetic induction, solids, nuclear physics, Fluids in Motion, electrostatic devices, Units,Measurements and dimensions.

The medical entrance exam preparation time varies from person to person. No matter what is the intelligence level of the student, one can follow the below mentioned guidelines to be successful in any type of entrance test:

Medical Entrance Exam Preparation – Tips and Techniques

1)Aspirants should have a long term goal of completing the exams curriculum till a specific date.
2)But they should focus more on short term achievements as well.
3)The syllabus covers almost all the topics in Biology, Physics & Chemistry, always take baby steps to prepare the whole syllabus.
4)Don’t plan the preparation for several months in advance, instead plan for a day or a week.
5)Make sure to have realistic goals for a week or fortnight and check your progress regularly.
6)Always refer 1 or 2 books more for each subject for the numerical aspect apart from what your school has provided.
7)Focus more on learning fundamentals from all the topics. Be clear on all the concepts, then move on to the advance portion of a particular topic.
8)If you think you did not grasp a certain concept, do not feel shy to discuss that with your friends or mentors.
9)Make sure to have a time table and stick to it.
10)Track your progress by taking regular tests. Topic wise exams help you fine tune your preparation.
11)These techniques and tips should be regularly followed to achieve success in Medical Entrance Exams.[/userpro_private]

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