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As many people think medical entrance exams are not very easy. Students those who have a dream of becoming a doctor should necessarily go through the medical entrance exams as per the standard procedure. A research about it states that nearly four lakh students appear for these exams and eventually they catch up their dream of becoming a doctor. Even though many students try very hard to clear up these exams not everyone are lucky enough in getting seats in medical institutions. Even if they pass through these entrance exams not all of them will be granted with the college they prefer.

Several medical institutions all over India conduct medical entrance exams in varying formats. Some of those reputed institutions are Delhi Pre Medical Test, Armed Forces Medical College, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Bhartia Vidyapeeth, JIPMER Pondicherry and Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences. Medical Council of India has recognized all the above said medical institutions and has permitted them to conduct these exams annually. Other than these institutions there are also many other colleges who conduct entrance examinations all over India. Even though it is being conducted by several institutions the subjects that are being included for testing the medical aspirants will remain the same only with few modifications.

Mostly the questions that will be included in the medical entrance exams are from 11th and 12th standard syllabus and the subjects are Botany, Zoology, Chemistry and Physics. A standard procedure with most of the entrance exams is negative marking and some institutions will not follow it. The syllabus for course is widely spread and so every medical aspirant student should definitely master themselves on all the subjects in advance itself in order to pass the exam successfully. Just a go through of the syllabus for one or two months will not at all be enough. To complete the exam successfully the student should posses thorough knowledge on almost all the critical aspects of the syllabus. Students appearing for medical entrance exams should be able to solve multiple choices of questions from Botany, Zoology, Chemistry and Physics. Through this regular practice they will be able to solve even the trickiest and toughest questions.

They should also be aware of the strategy on how to answer the entrance exam questions. A simple tip about answering the questions is to attempt the toughest questions first so that the student will have enough amount of time to solve the simple questions. A-level questions and mock tests will be of great help to the students in finalizing the strategy. Effective study plan should be followed and equal amount of importance and time should be devoted for all four subjects. 

Above all the major key to success that each and every student should keep in mind before preparing for their medical entrance exams is to remain focused and motivated. Another important factor that students should keep in mind is with regard to reference. The books that are chosen for reference should be made with utmost care else it will lead to confusion thus being an obstacle for preparation. Students those who prefer to undertake coaching classes can opt for it. On the whole proper revision and dedicated study will surely lead to success.

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