1) The oxidation number of nitrogen in NO 3 is
a) -1
b) +2
c) +3
d) +5

2) The unit of equivalent conductance is
a) ohm -1 cm  equiv -1

b) ohm  cm 2   equiv -1

c) ohm -1 cm 2   equiv -1

d) ohm  cm – equiv

3) The ionic mobilities of the cation and the anion of a salt are 140 and 180 m hos respectively. The equivalent conductance of the salt at infinite dilution will be
a) 160 mhos cm2

b) 280 mhos cm2

c) 60 mhos cm2

d) 320 mhos cm2

4) 12 g of Mg ( atomic mass 24 ) will react completely with an acid to give
a) One mole of H2

b) One half mole of H2

c) One mole of O2

d) None of these

Answer :

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