1) Which among the following is a polyester
a) nylon
b) bakelite
c) terylene
d) styrene

2) Which is not true of natural rubber?
a) it is a polymer of isoprene
b) it is a gummy material with poor elasticity
c) it has no cross links
d) cross linking exists in the natural form of rubber

3) In natural polymers the poly dispersity index is
a) zero
b) 1
c) 2
d) 4

4) Polyacrilo nitrile is a polymer of
a) propene nitrile
b) ethene nitrile
c) methyl nitrile
d) propane nitrile

5) Isoprene on ozonolysis gives

6) Which of the following does not possess a hydrophobic structure ?
a) Glycogen
b) Rubber
c) Lanolin
d) Linseed oil

7) Polythene is not used in
a) Making candles
b) Making plastic pipes
c) Construction material
d) Bread wrappers

8) The raw material used for nylon-6 is
a) Adipic acid
b) Aniline
c) Phthalic acid
d) Caprolactum

9) Nylon-66 is an example of a
a) Polystyrene
b) Polypropylene
c) Polyamide
d) Polyisoprene

10) In which of the following, is Bakelite- the phenol and formaldehyde plastic , is not used ?
a) Combs and fountain pens
b) Gramophone records
c) Paints
d) Electrical fuses

11) The hard plastic covers of telephones are made of polymers of
a) Acrylonitrile
b) Styrene
c) Fluoromethane
d) Phenol-formaldehyde

12) Natural silk is a
a) Polyester
b) Polyamide
c) Poly acid
d) Polysaccharide

13) Which of the following is commonly called a polyamide ?
a) Rayon
b) Nylon
c) Terylene
d) Orlon

14) Which of the following is a naturally occurring polymer ?
a) Polyethylene
b) PVC
c) Acetic acid
d) Protein

15) Which is not a natural polymer ?
a) Wool
b) Silk
c) Leather
d) Nylon

16) Vulcanised rubber resists

a) Jerking movement
b) Cold temperature
c) Drops of acid rains
d) Wear and tear due to friction

17) The natural polymer among the following is
a) Bakelite
b) Cellulose
c) PVC
d) Nylon

18) The synthetic polymer among the following is
a) Starch
b) Silk
c) Protein
d) Neoprene

19) Terylene is a condensation polymer of ethylene glycol and
a) Benzoic acid
b) Phthalic acid
c) Salicylic acid
d) Terephthalic acid

20) Natural rubber is a polymer of
a) Butadiene
b) Ethylene
c) Styrene
d) Isoprene

21) Which of the following is not a synthetic polymer ?
a) Polyethylene
b) PVC
c) Nylon
d) Cellophane

22) Which is not true about polymers ?
a) Polymers do not carry any change
b) Polymers have high viscosity
c) Polymers scatter light
d) Polymers have low molecular weight

23) On the basis of their mode of formation the polymers can be classified
a) As addition polymers only
b) As condensation polymers only
c) As copolymers
d) Both as addition and condensation polymers

24) An example of a copolymer is
a) Nylon-6
b) Nylon-66
d) Polyethylene

25) An example of an addition polymer is
a) Buna-S
b) Bakelite
c) Nylon-6
d) Malamine

26) Which of the following contains isoprene units ?
a) Natural rubber
b) Nylon –66
c) Dacron
d) Polyethylene

27) Which of the following is used in the synthesis of nylon-66 ?
a) Benzoic acid
b) Adipic acid
c) Phthalic acid
d) Salicylic acid

28) Chloroprene is used to synthesise
a) Neoprene
b) Dacron
c) Nylon-6
d) Orlon

29) Chloroprene is used in making
a) Synthetic rubber
b) Plastic
c) Petrol
d) All of these

30) Which of the following is used to make non-stick cook wares ?
a) Polystyrene
b) Polytetrafluoroethylene
c) Polyethylene
d) None of these

31) The product of condensation polymerisation is
a) Polyethylene
b) PVC
c) Teflon
d) Nylon-66

32) Teflon is a polymer of which of the following ?
a) Difluoroethane
b) Monofluoroethane
c) Tetrafluoroethane
d) Tetrafluoroethene

33) Glyptal polymer is obtained from glycerol on reacting with
a) Malonic acid
b) Phthalic acid
c) Maleic acid
d) Acetic acid

34) Among the following polymers, the strongest molecular forces are present in
a) Elastomers
b) Fibres
c) Thermoplastics polymers
d) Thermosetting polymers

35) Which of the following is not an example of an addition polymer ?
a) polyethylene
b) polystyrene
c) neoprene
d) terylene

36) Bakelite is prepared by the reaction between
a) Urea and formaldehyde
b) Tetramethylene glycol and hexamethylene isocynate
c) Phenol and formaldehyde
d) Ethylene glycol and dimethyl terephthalate

37) Bakelite is made from phenol and formaldehyde. The initial reaction between the two compounds is an example of
a) Aromatic electrophilic substitution
b) Aromatic nucleophilic substitution
c) Free radical reaction
d) Aldol condensation

38) Which of the following is an example of a thermosetting polymer ?
a) Polythene
b) Neoprene
c) PVC
d) Bakelite

39) Orlon is a polymer of
a) Tetrafluoroethylene
b) Acrylonitrile
c) Ethanonic acid
d) Benzene

40) In vulcanisation of rubber
a) Sulphur reacts to form a new compound
b) Sulphur cross links are introduced
c) Sulphur forms a very thin protective layer over rubber
d) All are correct.

41) The weakest interparticle forces are present in
a) Thermosetting polymers
b) Thermoplastic polymers
c) Fibres
d) Elastomers

42) Which of the following is not a polyamide ?
a) Leather
b) Natural rubber
c) Wool
d) Nylon 66

43) Which of the following is a chain growth polymer ?
a) Glyptal
b) Nylon 66
c) Nylon-6
d) Polypropylene

44) Caprolactum is used to prepare
a) Nylon-66
b) Malamine
c) Nylon-6

45) Which of the following is an example of a copolymer ?
a) Buna-S
b) PAN
c) Polythene

46) The commercial name of polymethyl methacrylate is
a) Lucite
b) Plexiglass
c) Perspex
d) All the above

47) Caprolactum can be obtained from.
a) Benzaldehyde
b) Cyclohexane
c) Benzophenone
d) Adipic acid

48) Which of the following can be remelted again and again without producing any change ?
a) Thermosetting polymers
b) Thermoplastic polymers
c) Bakelite
d) Melamine

49) A synthetic polymer which resembles natural rubber is
a) Neoprene
b) Chloprene
c) Glyptal
d) Nylon

50) The widely used PVC is the polymerised product of

51) PMMA is the polymer of
a) Methyl methacrylate
b) Methacrylate
c) Methyl acrylate
d) Ethyl acrylate

52) The catalyst used in the manufacture of polythene by the Ziegler method is
a) Lithium tetrachloride and triphenyl aluminium
b) Titanium tetrachloride and trimethyl aluminium
c) Titanium oxide
d) Titanium isoperoxide

53) Which of the following pairs is not correctly matched ?
a) Terylene – condensation polymer of ethylene glycol and terephthalic acid
b) Teflon – Thermally stable cross linked polymer of phenol and formaldehyde
c) Perspex – A homopolymer of methyl methacrylate
d) Synthetic rubber – a copolymer of butadiene and styrene

54) Which of the following is a step growth polymer ?
a) Bakelite
b) Polyethylene
c) Teflon
d) PVC

55) Synthetic human hair wigs are made from a co-polymer of vinyl chloride and acrylonitrile. The copolymer is
a) PVC
b) Polyacrylonitrile
c) Cellulose
d) Dynel

56) Which of the following is a polyamide ?
a) Nylon
b) Orlon
c) Teflon
d) Terylene

57) The turbidity of a polymer solution measures the
a) Light absorbed by the solution
b) Light transmitted by the solution
c) Light scattered by the solution
d) None

58) Phenol is used in the manufacture of
a) Bakelite
b) Polystyrene
c) Nylon
d) PVC

59) Which of the following is not used as an explosive ?
a) Trinitrotoluene
b) Trinitrobenzene
c) Picric acid
d) Nitrobenzene

60) Which is the most important polymer ?
a) DMF
b) BHC
c) PVC
d) DDT

61) The colour of p-amino azobenzene is
a) Orange
b) Congo red
c) Bismark brown
d) Indigo

62) Gutta percha, a thermoplastic is
a) A type of nylon sheet
b) Synthetic rubber
c) An isomer of natural rubber
d) a thread of terylene

63) Natural rubber is obtained from latex, which is a
a) Solution of rubber in water
b) Colloidal dispersion of rubber in water
c) Mixture of rubber and gum
d) Paste of clay, rubber and water.

64) Which is not correct in the case of teflon, a polymer of tetrafluoroethylene ?
a) Most chemically resistant plastic
b) It can withstand high temperature
c) It is unaltered by radiation
d) Insulator for high frequency fittings

65) In comparison to natural rubber, Buna-S rubber, a copolymer of butadiene and acrylonitrile
a) Is a poor substitute for natural rubber
b) Has better resistance to wear and tear
c) Is delicate and soft
d) Does not last for a long time.

66) Vinylite resins, the copolymers of vinyl acetate and vinyl chloride are mainly used in
a) tyres
b) Floor coverings
c) Ropes
d) Electrical insulators

67) Different dyes are employed for dyeing different materials. Which of the following is incorrect ?
a) Nylon can be dyed with acid dyes
b) Cotton can be directly dyed with malachite green
c) Polyacrylonitrile can be dyed with dyes
d) All are correct

68) Dacron, a synthetic polyester fibre is made from
a) Caprolactum and alcohol
b) Vinyl pyridine
c) Phthalic acid and cellulose
d) Terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol

69) Sodium dodecyl benzene sulphonate is used as a
a) Soap
b) Pesticide
c) Fertilizer
d) Detergent

70) A polymer is formed when simple, chemical units
a) Break up
b) Combine to form circles
c) Become round
d) Combine to form long chains

71) Which is an explosive ?
a) TNT
b) RDX
c) Picric acid
d) All

72) Plywood sheets are stuck together by unpolymerised
a) Nylon
b) Carbon black
c) Urea formaldehyde resin
d) Styrene and butadiene

73) Dacron, the polymer is produced by condensing ethylene glycol with
a) Terephthalic acid
b) Oxalic acid
c) Succinic acid
d) Phthalic acid

74) The chemical part of the dye that absorbs light and produces colour is called
a) Photochrome
b) Chromophore
c) Auxochrome
d) Photosensitizer

75) An example of a natural biopolymer is
a) Teflon
b) Rubber
c) Nylon –66
d) DNA

76) The compounds used to fix the dyes to the fibre are known as
a) Mordants
b) Azeotropes
c) Bleaching agents
d) Thinners

77) Which of the following is a thermosetting plastic ?
a) Nylon
b) Bakelite
c) Polyethylene
d) Polystyrene

78) Which one of the following polymers will not catch fire ?

79) Condensation polymers are formed by the combination of monomers with the elimination of simple molecules such as
c) HCI
d) All of the above.

80) Which of the following is a natural condensation polymer?
a) Starch
b) Protein
c) Cellulose
d) All are correct

81) Which of the following is a synthetic condensation polymer ?
a) Nylon
b) Terylene
c) Both
d) None

82) Which of the following are highly crosslinked polymers?
a) Alkyl resin
b) Melmac
c) Bakelite
d) All the above

83) Which of the following is not a condensed polymer ?
a) Starch
b) Protein
c) Cellulose
d) PVC

84) A co-polymer is one in which
a) Two monomers undergo condensation
b) The repeating units contain same monomers
c) There is extensive cross linking
d) Extensive hydrogen bonding occurs

85) Bakelite
a) Can be formed by heating phenol and formaldehyde under basic or acidic conditions.
b) Is a three dimensional thermosetting resin
c) Is a phenol –HCHO resin
d) All are correct

86) Which of the following is a synthetic polymer ?
a) Polyethene
b) PVC
c) Teflon
d) All are correct

87) Maelmoware are
a) Thermosetting
b) Thermoplastic
c) Both
d) None

88) The heating of rubber with sulphur is known as
a) Galvanisation
b) Vulcanisation
c) Sulphonation
d) Bessemerisation

89) Which of the following is an addition polymer?
a) Glucose
b) Polyethylene
c) Ethylene
d) Terylene

90) Important forces present in nylon –66 are
a) van der waals
b) Hydrogen bonding
c) Dipole-dipole interaction
d) None

91) Nylon is not a
a) Thermoplastic
b) Condensed polymer
c) Homopolymer
d) Polyamide

92) Which is not a thermoplastic ?
a) Bakelite
b) Terylene
c) Polythene
d) Polystyrene

93) Wash and wear clothes are manufactured using
a) Nylon fibres
b) Cotton mixed with nylon
c) Terylene fibres
d) Wool fibres

94) Which of the following contains hexamethylenediamine?
a) Nylon
b) Teflon
c) Terylene
d) PVC

95) Vulcanisation makes rubber
a) Soluble in water
b) Less elastic
c) Hard
d) Soft

96) Which of the following is thermoplastic ?
a) Nylon
b) Terylene
c) Polyethylene
d) All are correct

97) Cellulose acetate is
a) Thermoplastic
b) Thermosetting plastic
c) Both
d) None

98) Rayon is
a) Natural silk
b) Artificial silk
c) Natural rubber
d) Synthetic plastic

99) Perspex is
a) Thermosetting
b) Thermoplastic
c) Both
d) None

100) Thermosetting plastic is
a) Soluble in water
b) Soluble in alcohol
c) Soluble in benzene
d) Insoluble

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