1) Which species is not known?

2) The geometry of the XeOF4 molecule is
a) Square planar
b) Square pyramidal
c) Triangular pyramid
d) Distorted octahedron

3) In order to prevent the hot metal filament from being burnt up when the electric current is switched on, the bulb is filled with
b) An inert gas

4) The lightest gas which is non-inflammable is
b) He

5) A square pyramidal shape is described for all except

6) The noble gas used in radiotherapy is
a) Kr
b) Ar
c) Rn
d) Xe

7) Which inert gas is used in balloons?
a) Hot air
b) Ar
c) H
d) He

8) Which of the following gases does not react with fluorine?
a) Kr
b) Xe
c) Ar
d) All of these

9) Charcoal maintained at -100°C adsorbs
a) Ar, Kr, Xe
b) Ne and Kr
c) He and Ar
d) He and Ne

10) Which of the following gases does not have an octet or 8 electrons in the outer shell ?
a) Ne
b) Rn
c) Ar
d) He

11) Fluorine forms chemical compounds with
a) He
b) Ne
c) Ar
d) Xe

12) The ionisation potential for a noble gas element is
a) Maximum in a period
b) Minimum in a period
c) Neither maximum nor minimum
d) Equal to the alkali metal of the same period

13) Which of the following is correct?
a) Noble gases are not found in nature
b) Some compounds of noble gas elements are known
c) Atmospheric air is free from noble gases
d) None

14) Noble gases do not occur in
a) Natural gas
b) Ores
c) Atmosphere
d) Sea water

15) Coloured glows in electric signs are produced by passing an electric discharge through
a) He
b) Xe
c) Ne
d) Kr

16) The discovery of isotopes began with the experiments on
a) Xe
b) Kr
c) Ar
d) Ne

17) Xenon directly reacts with
a) Oxygen
b) Fluorine
c) Chlorine
d) Hydrogen

18) Coconut charcoal kept at -180°C is used to separate a mixture of
a) Ne and Ar
b) He and Ne
c) Ar and He
d) Ne and Kr

19) The coloured discharge tubes for advertisement mainly contain
a) Xe
b) He
c) Ne
d) Ar

20) Which of the following statements is not correct ?
b) Ar is used in electric bulbs
c) Kr is obtained during radioactive disintegration
d) He has the lowest b.p. among all the noble gases

21) Neon is extensively used in
a) Cold storage units
b) Organic compounds
c) Medicines
d) Coloured electric discharge lamps

22) Which element out of He, Ar, Kr and Xe forms the least number of compounds ?
a) He
b) Ar
c) Kr
d) Xe

23) Which characteristic of zero group elements is common ?
a) Each of them has the same atomic number
b) Each of them has the same atomicmass
c) The outermost orbit of electron of each is saturated
d) Each of them has the same number of electrons

24) The rare gas that was detected in the sun before it was discovered on earth is
a) Ne
b) Xe
c) He
d) Kr

25) Which of the following rare gases show the least ionisation potential ?
a) Ar
b) Kr
c) He
d) Rn

26) Noble gases do not usually react with other elements since these
a) Have valency shell which are closed octets
b) Are monoatomic
c) Are found in traces
d) Are low boiling gases

27) The noble gas which behaves abnormally in liquid state is
a) Xe
b) Ne
c) He
d) Ar

28) The hydride ions are isoelectronic with
a) He
d) Be

29) The solubility of noble gases in water increases with an increase in the
a) Ionisation potential of noble gases
b) Thermal conductivity of noble gases
c) Atomic volume of noble gases
d) Electron affinity of noble gases

30) Helium is added to the oxygen supply used by deep sea divers because
a) It is less soluble in blood than nitrogen at high pressure
b) It is lighter than nitrogen
c) It is readily miscible with oxygen
d) It is less poisonous than nitrogen

31) Which fluoride of xenon is not possible ?

32) In clathrates of xenon with water, the nature of bonding between xenon and water molecule is
a) Covalent
b) Hydrogen bonding
c) Co-ordinate
d) Dipole induced dipole interaction

33) The number of unpaired electrons present in inert gases is
a) 0
b) 1
c) 2
d) 4

34) The number of lone pairs of electrons on Xe atom in XeF4 is
a) 2
b) 3
c) 1
d) None

35) The percentage of argon in air is about
a) 10%
b) 0.1%
c) 1%
d) <0.1%

36) The gas used in airships is
a) Ne
b) He
c) Ar
d) Xe

37) Noble gases are chemically inactive because of their
a) Low heat of vapourisation
b) Closed valence shell
c) Low boiling points
d) Monoatomic nature

38) The structure of the ion is
a) Trigonal bipyramidal
b) Octahedral
c) Pentagonal
d) Square pyramidal

39) Inert gases such as helium behave like ideal gases over a wide range of temperature. However, they condense into the solid state at very low temperatures. It indicates that at very low temperatures there are
a) Weak attractive forces between the atom
b) Weak repulsive forces between the atom
c) Strong attractive forces between the atom
d) Strong repulsive forces between the atom

40) Which noble gas has the least tendency to form compounds ?
a) He
b) Ne
c) Kr
d) Xe

41) Helium gives a characteristic spectrum of
a) Orange and red lines
b) Orange lines
c) Yellow lines
d) Green lines

42) Under ordinary atmospheric conditions, XeF4 exists as a
a) Solid
b) Liquid
c) Gas
d) None

43) The atom larger in size as compared to oxygen is
a) Ne
b) F
c) He
d) All

44) Which is called the lazy gas ?
a) Kr
b) Ar
c) He
d) Ne

45) The word neon signifies
a) New
b) Old
c) Strange
d) None

46) The oxidation state of Xe in XeF4 is
a) + 2
b) + 4
c) 0
d) + 5

47) Nuclear fusion produces
a) Argon
b) Deuterium
c) Helium
d) Krypton

48) The van der Waal’s forces are the greatest in
a) Ne
b) Ar
c) Kr
d) Xe

49) XeF6 on complete hydrolysis gives
a) Xe

50) Which of the following sets of elements are called aerogens ?
a) He, Ne,Ar
b) F, Cl, Br
c) O, S, Se
d) N, P, As

51) The fractional evaporation of liquid argon under / reduced pressure gives
a) Ne
b) Kr
c) Xe
d) All the above

52) The electronic configuration of argon is

53) Which electronic configuration corresponds to minimum energy and maximum stability ?

54) The electronic structure of krypton is

55) The most abundant noble gas in air is
a) Helium
b) Neon
c) Argon
d) Krypton

56) A radioactive noble gas is
a) He
b) Ne
c) Xe
d) Rn

57) Noble gases are
a) Monoatomic
b) Diatomic
c) Triatomic
d) Polyatomic

58) The noble gas which is obtained by radioactive disintegration is
a) He
b) Ne
c) Ar
d) Rn

59) The high ionization energy of noble gases is due to their
a) Large atomic radii
b) Stable valence shell electronic configuration
c) High nuclear charge
d) Low electron affinity

60) The highest ionization potential in a period is shown by
a) Alkali metals
b) Alkaline earth metals
c) Halogens
d) Noble gases

61) The noble gas whose ionization potential is closest to that of oxygen gas is
a) He
b) Ar
c) Kr
d) Xe

62) In the solid state, argon atoms  are held by
a) Ionic bonds
b) Covalent bonds
c) Hydrogen bonds
d) van der Waal’s forces

63) Noble gases are sparingly soluble  in water due to
a) Dipole-dipole interactions
b) Dipole-induced dipole interactions
c) Induced dipole-induced dipole ineractions
d) Hydrogen bonding

64) The ratio Cp / Cfor noble gases is
a) 1.67
b) 1.33
c) 1.42
d) 1.84

65) The increase in boiling points of  the noble gases from He to Xe is due to the
a) Decrease in ionization energy
b) Increase in polarization
c) Increase in atomic volume
d) Increase in electron affinity

66) The ease of liquefaction of noble  gases decreases in the order
a) He > Ne > Ar > Kr > Xe
b) Xe > Kr > Ar > Ne > He
c) Kr > Xe > He > Ar = Ne
d) Ar > Kr > Xe > He > Ne

67) Which of the following statements is not true ?
a) Helium was the first ever inert gas to be discovered
b) Argon is used in electric bulbs
c) Xenon is radioactive in nature
d) Radon is obtained during radioactive disintegration

68) Rare gases are chemically inert because they have
a) a stable electronic  configuration
b) a low ionization potential
c) Low electronegativity
d) Low melting and boiling points

69) The first compound of a noble gas prepared by Bartlett was

70) The study of the solar spectrum revealed the presence of
d) Ar and Xe

71) The nucleus of helium contains
a) Three protons and one neutron
b) Two protons and two neutrons
c) Four protons only
d) One proton and three neutrons

72) Which of the following gases are absorbed on  activated coconut charcoal ?
a) Ne
b) Xe
c) Kr
d) All the above

73) The compounds formed when noble gases get entrapped in the cavities of crystal lattices of certain organic and inorganic compounds are called
a) Interstitial compounds
b) Clathrates
c) Hydrates
d) Picrates

74) The noble gas which does not form any clathrates is
a) He
b) Ar
c) Kr
d) Xe

75) The noble gas which forms interstitial compounds is
a) Neon
b) Argon
c) Helium
d) Xenon

76) Xenon forms compounds only with
a) Oxygen and chlorine
b) Oxygen and fluorine
c) Oxygen and bromine
d) Oxygen and ozone

77) Which one of the following is not a transition element?
a) Fe
b) Sn
c) Cu
d) Hg

78) Moisture from air is removed by
a) Silica gel
b) Alumina gel
c) Silica gel and alumina gel
d) None of these

79) Which one of the following elements occurs in the free state
1. C
2. Si
3. Ge

4. Sn

a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

80) Ultra violet rays can be checked by
a) Flint glass
b) Crooke’s glass
c) Soda glass
d) Pyrex glass

81) Dry ice is
a) Solid ice without any water
b) Solid sulphur dioxide
c) Solid carbon dioxide
d) Solid carbon monoxide

82) Carbon dioxide is isostructural with
a) Hg Cl 2

b) Sn Cl2

c) C2 H6

d) NO2

83) Super phosphate of lime contains
a) Ca3 ( PO4)2

b) Ca H PO4

c) Ca3 ( PO4 ) 2 + H3 PO 4

d) Ca ( H2 PO4 )2

84) If phosphoric acid is allowed to react with a sufficient quantity of NaOH, the product obtained is
a) Na3PO4

b) NaH2 PO4

c) Na2HPO4

d) Na HPO3

85) Artificial carborundum is
a) Silicon Carbide
b) Boron nitride
c) Quartz
d) None of these

86) The structure of chlorine dioxide ( ClO2 ) is

a) Linear
b) Bent
c) Skew
d) None of the above

87) On strong heating Pb (NO3)2 gives

a) O2

b) N2O

c) NO

d) N2 O5

88) When ammonium nitrate is heated we obtain
a) NH3

b) HNO3

c) NO2

d) N2O

89) Conc. HNO3 is stored in containers of

a) Cu
b) Zn
c) Sn
d) Al

90) The O – N – O bond angle in HNO3 is
a) 110¦
b) 120¦
c) 130¦
d) 100¦

91) Orthoboric acid on heating at 370 K gives
a) Metaboric acid
b) Borax
c) Boron trioxide
d) Tetraboric acid

92) B2O3 is obtained by the strong heating of

a) HBO2

b) H2B4O7

c) H3BO3

d) H3BO3,H2B4O7,H3BO3

93) The possible formula of common glass is
a)  Na2O.   CaO.    6Si O3

b) Na2O.   Al2O3.   Si O2

c) CaO.   Al2O3.   4Si O2

d) Na2O.   CaO.    6Si O2

94) Ordinary glass is
a) Potassium silicate
b) Calcium silicate
c) Calcium and sodium silicate
d) Copper silicate

95) The purest form of silica is
a) Quartz
b) Sand stone
c) Flint glass
d) All of these

96) Sodium thiosulphate is formed when
a) Na OH is neutralised by dilute H2SO4

b) Na2S is boiled with sulphur

c) Na2 SO3 is boiled with sulphur

d) Na2 SO3 is boiled with Na2S

97) Silicon is used
a) As a semiconductor
b) Water resistant polymer
c) Solar cells
d) As a semiconductor, water resistant polymer, and in solar cells

98) The sulphite ion has a/an
a) Tetrahedral structure
b) Angular structure
c) Pyramidal structure
d) None of the above

99) Bromine can be liberated from potassium bromide solution by the action of
a) Iodine solution
b) Chlorine water
c) Sodium chloride
d) Potassium iodide

100) The bleaching action of moist chlorine is due to the formation of
a) HCl
b) HOCl
c) HCl O3

d) HCl O4


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