Chemistry in everyday life MCQs – 2

1) Which of the following is not an alkaloid ?
a) Chloroquine
b) Quinine
c) Morphine
d) Reserpine

2) Which of the following acts both as a fuel as well as an oxidiser ?
d) All the above

3) Which of the following polymers is not used as fuel in rocket propellants ?
a) Acrylic rubber
b) Chloroprene
c) Polybutadiene
d) Polyurethane

4) Aspirin can be used as a/an
a) Antibiotic
b) Sedative
c) Antipyretic
d) Psychedelic

5) Which of the following drugs are used for the treatment of tuberculosis ?
a) PAS
b) INH
c) Streptomycin
d) All the above

6) Which among the following are azo dyes ?
a) Congo red
b) Butter yellow
c) Orange-l
d) All the above

7) According to the SI system, pressure will have the same dimension as
a) EV
b) E/V
c) F/V
d) E/F

8) The number of naturally occurring isotopes for oxygen and carbon are respectively
a) 3 and 3
b) 3 and 2
c) 2 and 3
d) 2 and 2

9) One gram each of H2 and O2 were exploded to form water. The maximum amount of water that can be formed is
a) 2g
b) 3.4 g
c) 1.125g
d) 0.9g

10) The amount of conc. H2SO4 required to prepare 2L of 0.1 M solution H2SO4 is 98% by mass and has a density of 2g/cc. The volume of conc. H2SO4 required is
a) 19.6cc.
b) 196 cc
c) 10cc
d) 100cc

11) Martius yellow is an example of a/an
a) Indirect dye
b) Direct dye
c) Mordant dye
d) Basic dye

12) Bethional is used as a/an
a) Analgesic
b) Antiseptic
c) Disinfectant
d) Tranquilizer

13) The first antibiotic produced was
a) Chloroquine
b) Aspirin
c) Penicillin
d) Paracetamol

14) The dyes which are applied to the fabric in the reduced state and are then oxidised are called
a) Vat dyes
b) Dispersed dyes
c) Triphenylmethane dyes
d) Azo dyes

15) The most important plant growth hormone is
a) Progesterone
b) Indole – 2 – acetic acid
c) Indole – 3 – acetic acid
d) None of the above

16) Which of the following compounds is used as an antibiotic?
a) Ampicillin
b) Aspirin
c) Sulphuryl
d) Chloroquine

17) The substances used in bringing down the body temperature in high fevers are called
a) Antipyretics
b) Antibiotics
c) Pyretics
d) Antimalarials

18) A substance which can act as both an antiseptic and a disinfectant is
a) Aspirin
b) Chloroxylenol
c) Bithional
d) Phenol


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