Best Ways to prepare for Competitive Exams

Cracking competitive exams are the only passport to gain entry into lucrative jobs in government setup. A good mix of regular study and extracurricular activity, including group discussion, help you to excel in exams. One should have a clear focus and planned routine of study. To crack interviews, one must discuss current affairs and general knowledge with peers and seniors. Read these useful tips on how to prepare for competitive exams:

Plan well

A well laid plan means half of the job is done. Acquaint yourself with schedule of exams that you are attempting. Calculate time and create a study plan for thorough preparation.

Time management

It is crucial to manage your time wisely and smartly to achieve success. To avoid chaos and distractions in your daily routine clearly demarcate time for study, leisure, recreation and other activities. Try to make optimum use of the luxury called ‘Time’.

Choose subject wisely

It is very important to wisely choose the subject you find yourself most comfortable in. Many ex-toppers have described this as a crucial point in order to attain success.
Shorter study sessions over marathon sessions

Various entrance exams assess the presence of mind and analytical skills of candidates. Studying till the last moment will only lead to stress and exhaustion and sometimes confusion. Before formulating your preparation strategy and study plans, cull out the examination syllabus and measure your comfort level in each section. Suppose you feel you are not good in reasoning or essay writing, divide your time table in a manner that gives you ample time to prepare it thoroughly and improvise. Students should give extra time to such areas on daily basis rather than practicing it in one go.

Tips for study

Once you get the syllabus, make a precise list of textbooks or study material you would require for preparation.

Make notes for whatever you study.
Go through these notes at the time of revision.
Avoid all sorts of distractions.
Do not study when you are unwell and sleepy.
Start with the most difficult or boring subject when you are active and full attentive and pick up an easier or     most interesting one when you are feeling down.
Keep an interval of ten minutes between subjects to break the monotony and keep up the interest.
Do not study two similar subjects simultaneously.
Set a deadline or finishing date for every assignment or study course.

Mock papers

‘Practising previous years’ question papers and mock tests always pay well. They will give you an idea about exam pattern and let you practice to answer in the given time frame. Solving mock tests will also improve your speed and time management skills.


One should draw the motivation from teachers and seniors. Candidates can draw motivation from family members, elders, seniors, teachers, toppers, professionals and so on. You should always remember that motivation will always inspire you to attain goals. Moreover, important interviews of past toppers in competitive examinations should be carefully studied and important tips and instructions should be implemented. One should draw motivation from their experiences and struggles.

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