Best Time Management Techniques during Exams

Make a schedule
List your activities in a day. Execute them in such a way that you have maximum time for studies while balancing it with other activities. The formula is to simply set your priority. Always stick to your study plan no matter come what may.

Impeccable Revision Plan
Focus on all areas of a given topic or chapter. A thorough revision entire syllabus is a must. Do not jump on practice papers or mock tests before making a thorough revision. It will be a sheer waste of time and energy.

Know yourself
Allot time to chapters and topics that you think are not prepared well. A good assessment of your skills and knowledge can pave the path to success and help you managing time efficiently.

Avoid distractions
Disconnect yourself from the world of social media and other leisure activities. Remember that technology is a tool to enhance success. It should be used judiciously to ‘manage’ time. things to help you focus while studying

Update yourself
Make a study plan with friends and discuss with them to remain updated about exam formats. Discuss your doubts with teachers and seniors to understand topics in a better way.

Seek advice
Consult seniors who did well in previous years’ examination. Read tips adopted by toppers to get inspiration and success mantra.

No compromises on health
It is an integral part of time management. An overdose of fried and junk food will make you sleepy and may retard the growth of your study plan.

Power nap
A marathon study session will exhaust you. To break monotony keep taking small breaks to remain fresh and alert. A power nap also increases efficiency of an individual.

Start doing some light exercise, meditation or go for a brisk walk. It will make you active throughout the day.

Tips to manage time during exam
Tips on how to manage time during exam

Read carefully
Always read the question paper carefully. Segregate ‘easy’ and ‘difficult’ questions. Start attempting ‘easy’ questions to boost your morale. Do not waste time in solving difficult questions.

Keep a watch
Allot time to questions according to time frame of the exam and weightage of marks. It is incorrect to spend considerable amount of time in thinking and writing one word answers.

Maintain speed
Keep a tab at your writing speed. It must be in rhythm with the exam time frame.

Trick for lengthy answers
Plan and write down lengthy answers. Keep them to the point, write in bullet forms and explain properly.

Revision at a glance
Keep sometime for a quick revision. You may pick up spelling or grammatical errors while revising an answer script.

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