AIIMS AIPMT PMT Practice Questions – Microbes in Human Welfare

1. Which of the following is not an advantage of using biogas as fuel?
(a) It is cheaper than other fuels.
(b) It helps to clean environment.
(c) It is ideal for small scale application.
(d) It contains some other gases as impurities.
2. Select the mismatched pair out of the following.
13.Which of the following statements is incorrect regarding chemical fertilizers?
(a) They are easily soluble in water and are quickly absorbed by the plants.
(b) They can be applied to standing crop and are required in small quantities as compared to manures.
(c) They adversely affect the useful microbes present in the soil and their continuous use can cause destruction of soil.
(d) They improve physical properties of soil such as aeration, water holding capacity and humus content.
4. ____________produced by bacterium Streptococcus and modified by genetic engineering is used as a clot buster for removing clots from the blood vessels of patients who have undergone myocardial infarction leading to heart attack.
(a) Lipase
(b) Streptokinase
(c) Cyclosporin A
(d) Antibiotic streptomycin
5. Match different organisms in Column -1 with their uses in Column – II and select the correct answer from codes given below.
16. Which of the following antibiotics is not correctly matched

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