Effects of colours in our lives

Luckily we live in a world of color. Why it is so diverse and multifaceted. We rejoice in any shade that nature gives us. The color is one of the most powerful tools of psychological influence.

Color can be a call to action, influence mood, cause a variety of physiological responses. Color can make to feel anxiety or induce relaxation, experience the joy or sadness.

Our sense of color, usually subjective, but there are color effects that are nearly universal in perception. The red color of the color spectrum are warm. It is red, orange and yellow. They can cause emotions from feelings of warmth and comfort to aggression. Color blue region – cold and include not only blue but also purple and green. This quiet colors, but they can also lead to feelings of sadness or indifference.

The use of color in medicine

Some Eastern culture with aroma therapy practice with color – chromotherapy or color therapy .

Red light is used to stimulate the body and improve blood circulation.

Yellow stimulates the autonomic nervous system and helps to cleanse the body.

Orange is used in lung diseases and to increase the level of energy.

Blue soothes the pain and reduces disease.

Indigo makes skin problems.

Unfortunately, the therapeutic effect of color rather short-lived and the results tend to disappear quickly. However, certain colors do have a practical impact. Since red color increases responsiveness and speed, which is important, for example, for sports.

The use of color in business

Color plays an important role in business. Well-known global brands, and conventional companies use color logos and corporate colors are causing us certain emotions and associations.

Blue – the most popular and neutral color in business. He speaks of the safety, security and reliability of the company.

Green – create a cozy atmosphere, soothes and brings energy health. Widely used in the pharmaceutical industry.

White – neutral color that symbolizes purity. Often used in medicine, as it causes a feeling of sterility.

Black – creates a kind of mystery and inaccessibility. Signs of black or dark gray in color, usually have luxury boutiques.

Red – really attracts attention and creates excitement. Knowingly shops during sales discount information is placed on a red background.

Orange – the color of energy and joy. He’s just like the red, attracts and holds attention, creates sunny mood and brings people together.

Yellow – the sunny colors create a feeling of happiness and peace.

The use of color in clothing

We can not control the colors around us, but we can properly make adjustments to your wardrobe and maybe change your life.

White – the color in which you can start the day with a new sheet. It can ease the drudgery and cheer up.

Black – wear that color should always be in the locker room. It is suitable for formal occasions and office. Black dress will give elegance and charm. But to stand out and move up the career ladder, all the time wearing a black or gray clothes, will not work. Long wearing these colors in clothing can lead to depression.

Green – will feel in harmony with nature, it is possible to do something new in life.

Blue – all shades of blue, calm and always makes you feel comfortable.

Orange – a great color for the summer, but because of its intensity, it can cause discomfort as very attention grabbing. Sometimes it is enough orange accessories (scarf, bag, beads), complementary outfit.

Pink – the color of fresh, touching and insecurity. He inadvertently causes trust to the owner.

Red – the strong color. It gives confidence, raises self-esteem.

Yellow – warm optimistic and cheerful. Clothing yellow brings joy and good health.

When color harmoniously woven into our lives, it becomes more interesting, colorful and diverse.


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