Diagnosis of chlamydia – a timely step

The most common infection now, which each year get sick almost a hundred million people, is chlamydia. Such wide distribution due to the fact that the infection is transmitted in most cases, sexual transmission and is classified as hidden, ie proceeds practically no symptoms, especially in men. So the diagnosis of chlamydia is not easy. Given the fact that this disease primarily affects the genitourinary system, and to delay the treatment of this infection in any case it is not necessary. But for proper treatment in the first place need the right diagnosis of chlamydia , which is done by drawing strokes of the vagina in women, respectively, for men – from the urethra. Only after proper diagnosis, you can assign the appropriate treatment.

The main thing to keep in mind that the late or not proper treatment can lead to a variety of severe complications, such as male and female infertility, arthritis, chlamydial internal organ (kidney, heart, and others). Therefore, when the right is in doubt and the more forms should immediately seek professional help.

Treatment of chlamydia in women is usually easier because symptoms in women are usually “not oiled” and the infection is detected early, because has manifestations in the form of mucous (and even purulent mucus) discharge with an unpleasant odor, and pain in the pelvic area. In this connection, in addition to the antibiotics that destroy the parasite treatment of chlamydia in women is also made ​​locally, using vaginal suppositories.

Treatment of chlamydia in men is more severe. Naturally needs a course of antibiotics, in this case the nature of the disease is launched, it requires acceptance of more effective and serious medications. Due to the fact that it is often neglected form of chlamydia already has symptoms (in the form of micro-traumas of the skin of the penis), as well as complications such as urethritis and even kidney disease, the treatment regimen included topical medications (anti-microbial), and antifungal drugs .

The main thing to remember that you should not engage in self-medication, especially those who have the disease is asymptomatic. Moreover, in case of the need for treatment of chlamydia in men, it is imperative to carry out treatment, and their partners, and after the course required to retake the tests.


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