Cleansing diet. Have we really become “cleaner”?

At the heart of any cleansing diet is good, in general, the idea – cleansing the body of toxins. It is believed that junk food, coffee, alcohol, and certain food additives or sugar are the sources of toxins.

Accumulate in the body, the toxins cause various diseases. So, to get rid of them, that is “clean.” But are such effective cleansing of the body?

It is good that such diets offer the person to give up alcohol and cigarettes, avoid fried, salted and smoked foods. Instead, there are cereals, fruits and vegetables, drink more water.

Bad when the focus is on liver cleansing, fasting, or, worse, a deep intestinal lavage. Why is this bad? Yes, because the liver and kidneys do an excellent job with the withdrawal of toxins on their own, without outside interference.

As for colon hydrotherapy – is bowel cleansing of toxins by flushing, then it will be washed away only that did not have time to go the natural way. Will be removed at the same time we need it so microflora. But it is already able to cause serious indigestion. The walls of the intestines are irritated, accelerated perestaltiki, food faster than normal passes through the digestive tract before it can digest. In the end result will be the exact opposite purpose cleaning.

It’s the same with the liver. If it ceased to discharge its responsibilities due to gallstones or hepatitis, then once more to load it and drive the bile – a risky idea. Especially if somewhere in the biliary tract has hidden stone. If you leave it alone, it can lie there all his life without causing trouble. But with intensive cleaning likely move him. Clog it out for bile, and more work to the surgeon, and you have a problem will be more.

Now for the starvation, which is the basis of most of the “cleansing” diets. Yes, the pounds will disappear, but most often it is due to fluid loss. That dehydration gives that feeling of lightness, which they say the supporters of “cleansing”. Consumption of body fat reserves last. So as soon as you get back to normal life, the lack of water will quickly recover.

In fairness it should be noted that the substance of cleansing diets and not so bad. Course, no toxins, they do not lead. But the reduction in the consumption of coffee, avoiding alcohol and a healthy diet will not hurt anyone else. If we remove these diets such questionable practices as fasting, cleansing the liver and stomach wash, you can not only lose weight but also improve your health. Is not it better just to choose a healthy lifestyle? As they say, a good bargain. And most importantly – absolutely safe.

And know that all the achievements of medicine and molecular biology, no one has found in the cells of toxins.


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