States of Matter – VI

1) The IUPAC name of HO – CH2CH2-O – CH2CH2 – OH is
b) Bis (2-hydroxyethyl)ether
c) 3-Oxapentane-1,5-diol
d) Diethylene glycol

2) The IUPAC name of the compound is
a) Bicyclo[2,1,0]pentane
b) 1,2-Cyclopropylcyclobutane
c) 1,2-Cyclobutylcyclopropane
d) 1, 2-Methylenecyclobutane

3) The conversion of 2, 3-dibromobutane to 2- butene with Zn and alcohol is a
a) Redox reaction
b) alpha-elimination
c) beta -elimination
d) Both alpha-elimination and redox reaction.

4) The most important constituent of dynamite is
a) T.N.T.
b) Picric acid
c) Nitrobenzene
d) Nitroglycerine.

5) How many acids and esters are possible for the compound with molecular formula, C4H8O2?
a) Two acids + Two esters
b) Two acids + Four esters
c) Four acids + Two esters
d) Three acids + Three esters

6) m-Dinitrobenzene when heated with sodium hydroxide in presence of potassium ferricyanide mainly gives
a) m-Nitrophenol
b) Resorcinol
c) 2, 4-Dinitrophenol
d) 2, 6-Dinitrophenol


The active mass of 68 gms of H2 S in a two litre flask is
a) 0.50
b) 2
c) 0.75
d) 1

8) The sign and magnitude of the Joule Thomson effect in a gas depends upon the
a) Temperature
b) Pressure
c) Temperature and Pressure
d) None of these

9) The temperature at which a gas becomes cooler on expansion is called the
a) Inversion temperature
b) Critical temperature
c) Boyle temperature
d) Transitional temperature

10) When two atoms of hydrogen combine to form a molecule of hydrogen gas, the energy of the molecule is
a) Higher than that of the separate atoms
b) Equal to that of the separate atoms
c) Lower than that of the separate atoms
d) Sometimes lower and sometimes higher

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