How To Memorize Modern Periodic Table For Your Board Exams?

If the chemistry test is round the corner, you would naturally be anxious as to how would I remember the Modern Periodic Table consisting of different elements. However, you would not have to worry as a little bit of practice and dedication would bring positive results that would justify your effort. From then onwards, recalling the elements from the table would seem as easy as recalling an alphabet like A, S, T for instance. The points mentioned below would be handful for students to remember the elements from the table smoothly.

Keep a printed copy of the periodic table

It is advisable that students should keep a printed copy of the periodic table with them so that they could follow it religiously. Carry the printed copy or copies along with you always so that it would be easy  to refer it on the go like for instance while you are travelling. The use of highlighters would help you to colour the elements which are to be memorized. If in case you are a learner with kinaesthetic orientation, try to make a copy of the table by yourself. This happens mainly due to the fact that such a table would seem familiar to you and you would be able to know the ins and outs of the table contents.

Break the elements of table into smaller chunks

The table of elements could be broken into small parts also called chunks on the basis of different criteria like atomic weight, hardest to easiest, column and row.

Make use of your free time productively

This might surprise you as the activity of learning the table would be turned into a fun activity especially when you are left with a plenty of time for leisure or you have nothing much to do.  Students could discuss or question among themselves on the elements in the table thereby testing their memory power to recall the things they have learned.

Use Mnemonics

The best part about using strategies like mnemonics would be the fact that they often appear in the form of strings or rhymes and makes it easy to remember owing to their own very nature.  This is due to the very fact that points could be compressed in the shortest format possible.

Avoid the easier elements

The basic elements and some other elements are so easy to remember for students relying on NCERT Books that there is no necessity to remember them.  For instance, there is no need to remember the element Hydrogen as H or Oxygen being O2   as they are known to each and every student. Hence the students should give top priority to the complex elements right from the start.

From the above discussion, you would have realized that it is not that difficult to remember the elements if we employ the right strategies to recall them and hence every student should strive for achieving the same.

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