Chemical Coordination & Integration MCQs

1. Refer to the given figure of pituitary gland and select the correct options for the question that follows. What will be the effect if part C is been removed? (a) Oxytocin and ADH will not be synthesized. (b) Oxytocin and ADH will be synthesized but could not be stored. (c) Only synthesis of oxytocin … Read more

AIPMT AIIMS PMT JIPMER Neural Control & Coordination MCQs

1. The given diagram shows axon terminal. Select the option that correctly matches the steps in transmission of impulses (list i – vii) with the labellings (A – D) in diagram. (i) Chemicals called neurotransmitters are released in the synaptic cleft through ion channels. (ii) When an impulse arrives at the axon terminal, it stimulates … Read more

PMT JIPMER AIIMS Locomotion & Movement MCQs

1. The figure showing part of right pelvic girdle and lower limb bones is given here. Identify the parts labelled as A to E and select the correct option. 2. Study the following flowchart and fill up the blanks by selecting the correct option. 3. Which of the following correctly characterizes a “fast- oxidative” type … Read more

Body Fluids and Circulation

1. In the figure given below, which blood vessel represents vena cava? 2. The given figure shows the vertical section of human heart. Identify the parts labelled as A to K. (a) A-Aorta, B-Pulmonary vein, C-Pulmonary arteries, D-Left ventricle, E-Semilunar valves, F-Left auricle, G-Right auricle, H-Superior vena cava, l-Right ventricle, J-Tricuspid valves, K-Inferior vena cava … Read more

Animal Husbandry

Animal husbandry is the forming or management of animal livestock which includes various aspects such as animal’s shelter, feeding, breeding, health and disease control. Animal breeding A group of animals related by descent and similar in most characters like general appearance, features, size, configuration, etc. Is called ‘breed’. Animal breeding Is producing improved breeds of … Read more

Disorders of neural system

Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disorder where there is a progressive destruction of the myelin sheath of the neurons in the central neural system. The destroyed region of the myelin sheath forms scar tissue or plaques. Every time new plaques are formed, a fresh attack occurs. Symptoms include weakness in muscles, double vision and other … Read more

Reflex Action

A reflex is a fast, unpremeditated, automatic response to the changes in the environment. It is a homeostatic mechanism. A reflex that involves the brain as the integrating centre is called a cranial reflex while that which involves the spinal cord is called the spinal reflex. The pathway followed by a nerve impulse resulting in … Read more

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