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May 22, 2012 javedshaikm 1

Process of Vitrification 1) Living tissue is mostly made of water: 2) Water is part of a solution with other molecules in living things:  3) […]

The Brain

May 21, 2012 javedshaikm 0

The human brain is the most complex and least understood part of the human anatomy. There may be a lot we don’t know, but here […]

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May 19, 2012 javedshaikm 0

A matrix is a rectangular array of numbers arranged into rows and columns. Types of Matrices 1. Row matrix          A matrix having one row […]

Mathematics DIctionary

May 19, 2012 javedshaikm 0

Every student needs a mathematical dictionary suited to the classes of every level i.e. from School through Graduation. Find the below definitions used in day […]

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Joseph Priestley

May 1, 2012 javedshaikm 1

Joseph Priestley was a British chemist who was responsible for inventing the process for carbonation and the production of laughing gas, and therefore is indirectly […]