Fungal Diseases

September 6, 2015 javedshaikm 0

• Fungal diseases, as the name implies are caused by fungi. • The fungal diseases of man are either mycoses (caused by infection of fungi) […]

Protozoan Diseases

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PROTOZOAN DISEASES • Protozoans are diverse group of eukaryotic, unicellular organisms. • Human diseases caused by protozoa are relatively few, but are individually of devastating […]

Bacterial Diseases

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• Bacteria are microscopic single-celled organisms at least 1 micron long. • Body tissues and systems can be damaged by pathogenic bacteria in two ways […]


October 31, 2012 javedshaikm 3

In 1676 Anton Van Leeuwenhoek discovered the microbial world by his simple microscope. It was only after the invention of compound microscope by Hooke in […]


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The parasite responsible for Malaria – Plasmodium Members of the genus Plasmodium are collectively known as malarial parasites. They cause a febrile disease called malaria. […]

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The ascomycetes or sac fungi are identified by the presence of spores called ascospores, which are enclosed in a sac like structure. These ascocarps are […]