AIPMT PMT Post-Mendelian Genetics

• Although Gregor Mendel developed his ground : breaking principles of inheritance in the mid-1800s, the importance of his work went largely unnoticed by the scientific community until the early 1900s. • At that time, numerous researchers began to conduct experiments that upheld many of Mendel’s ideas; however, they also discovered several situations that represented … Read more AIPMT PMT Post-Mendelian Genetics

Laws or Principles of Inheritance

Principles or laws of Inheritance (I) Law of Dominance When two homozygous individuals with a contrasting characters are crossed the character that appear in the F, hybrids is dominant character and that does not appear in F, is recessive character. (II) Law of segregation The law of segregation states that when a pair of contrasting … Read more Laws or Principles of Inheritance

Mendel’s Laws of Inheritance – Terminology and Symbols

• Character is a well defined morphological or physiological feature of an organism. • Trait is the distinguishing feature of a character. • Gene is the inherited factor that determine the biological character of an organism. • A pair of contrasting characters is called allelomorph or allele. •  Term allele was given by W. Bateson … Read more Mendel’s Laws of Inheritance – Terminology and Symbols


In general, one gene affects a single character. But many genes are known to affect more than one character. Such genes are called pleiotropic genes and the condition is called Pleiotropy. An example of a gene in human beings is the recessive gene s ( sometimes denoted as Hbs) which produces sickle cell anemia in … Read more Pleiotropy

Modified dihybrid ratios with codominant and lethal alleles

The classical phenotypic ratio resulting from the mating of dihybrid genotypes is 9:3:3:1. This ratio appears whenever the alleles at both loci display dominant and recessive relationships. The classical dihybrid ratio may be modified if one or both loci have co-dominant alleles or lethal alleles. A summary of these modified phenotypic ratios in adult progeny … Read more Modified dihybrid ratios with codominant and lethal alleles

Mendel’s Hypothesis

Mendel studied the pattern of inheritance using several true-breeding varieties of garden peas. He concentrated on transmission of seven easily identified traits, and crossed plants showing alternate aspects of each of these(e.g., tallness and dwarfness; yellowness or greenness of peas; smooth; rounded versus crinkled versions of seeds; and so on). Mendel’s application of probability methods … Read more Mendel’s Hypothesis

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