Gene Linkage Groups

March 1, 2015 javedshaikm 5

Linkage group • A linkage group is a linearly arranged group of linked genes which are normally inherited together except for crossing over during cell […]

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Monohybrid cross

December 2, 2014 javedshaikm 0

Mendel’s Experiment – Monohybrid Cross Monohybrid cross is a cross made to study simultaneous inheritance of a single pair of Mendelian factors. In other words, […]

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Gregor Johann Mendel

November 30, 2014 javedshaikm 0

Gregor Mendel Biography Gregor Johann Mendel (1822-84) was born to a peasant family in the Central European village of Heinzendorf. The poverty his family experienced […]


March 16, 2012 javedshaikm 1

In general, one gene affects a single character. But many genes are known to affect more than one character. Such genes are called pleiotropic genes […]

Mendel’s Hypothesis

March 14, 2012 javedshaikm 0

Mendel studied the pattern of inheritance using several true-breeding varieties of garden peas. He concentrated on transmission of seven easily identified traits, and crossed plants […]