Chemical Fertilizer vs. Organic Fertilizer

A popular topic among the agriculture specialists and home gardeners these days is the furor on organic fertilizer vs. chemical fertilizer. Now each fertilizer certainly has its pros and their cons, but before we delve in deeper into that, let us first make a few definitions. What is organic fertilizer? Organic fertilizers are substances containing … Read more

Global Warming – Fact or Fiction?

Some people who have studied global issues would say there was no such thing as global warming and it is all a big hoax. However, others disagree and believe that since the industrial revolution, we are having a negative affect on our environment. The best place to start is to look at what we have … Read more

Ecological Pyramids

The ecosystem is characterized by the energy flow and the circulation of materials through its members. Different organisms of an ecosystem are linked together by their nutritional requirements. Individuals related in this manner constitute a food chain. Each food chain contains many steps comprising of producers, herbivores, primary carnivores and so on. Each step of … Read more

AIPMT PMT NCERT Environmental Issues Questions

1. Steps taken by the Government of India to control air pollution include (a) compulsory PUC (Pollution under control) certification of petrol driven vehicles which tests for carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons (b) permission to use only pure diesel with a maximum of 500 ppm sulphur as fuel for vehicles (c) use of non-polluting compressed natural … Read more

New eco-friendly material for 3D-printers

The British company Biome Bioplastics showed new material Biome3D, intended for modern 3D-printers. This material was created by specialists Biome Bioplastics with employees 3Dom Filaments, which is known for its best practices in technology newest 3D-printing. Biome3D has advantages as conventional plastics, and biodegradable. Due to the good flexibility and surface smoothness, this material can … Read more

Update Model Toyota Prius +

Japanese automaker Toyota has shown renewed brand hybrid car Prius +, which is designed for buyers from Europe. The new model has an upgraded design, both interior cabin and body. Other than that the car has received an updated and expanded list of available equipment. Externally, the novelty is modified front and rear bumpers, as … Read more

Some provisions of the instructions for completing the passports of hazardous waste

Almost any modern enterprise faced during its production activities with such a problem, as the generation of waste. These wastes are not always highly toxic or present an immediate danger to human health. However, at each of their views must be drawn up official documents, which then will be used for working with these products … Read more

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