Applied Genetics MCQs Part I

1) Which of the following is of great significance in agriculture and medicine?a) Hybridizationb) Entomologyc) Genetic engineeringd) Biotechnology 2) The mudball technique has been proposed bya) Rice Research Institute, Cuttackb) CSIR, New Delhic) Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhianad) The International Rice Research Institute in the Philippines 3) Genes for antibiotic resistance are located in thea) Plasmidb) … Read more Applied Genetics MCQs Part I

Biodiversity & Conservation MCQs Part V

1) To which family does Cinchona officinalis belong? a) Apocynaceae b) Rubiaceae c) Liliaceae d) Cruciferae 2) Which of the following yields the antimalarial drug quinine? a) Papaver b) Cannabis c) Cinchona d) Aconitum 3) Cinchona quinine was first discovered at a) Poland b) Central asia c) Peru d) Portugal 4) The generic name Cinchona … Read more Biodiversity & Conservation MCQs Part V

Animal Physiology MCQs Part 19

1) Erythropoietin is aa) Lipidb) Mucopolysaccharidec) Glycoproteind) Nucleoprotein 2) Phagocytic endothelial cells area) Monocytesb) Kupffer’s cellsc) Lymphocytesd) Plasma cells 3) Kupffer’s cells area) Stellate cellsb) Star cellsc) Phagocytic cellsd) All the above 4) The rete mirabile isa) A network of fine blood vesselsb) Branches of arteries reforming arteriesc) A store house of oxygend) All the … Read more Animal Physiology MCQs Part 19

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