NEET Digestive System MCQs May ’17

1. Which of the following is the function of enterogastrone? (a) It inhibits the secretion of gastric juice. (b) It stimulates the secretion of digestive juices in the stomach. (c) It stimulates the flow of pancreatic juice. (d) It regulates the flow of bile 2. Match Column I with Column – II and select the … Read more

NEET Organisms and Populations MCQs May ’17

1. The growth rate of a population can often be described with the logistic growth equation: dN/dt = rN(K-N)/K In this equation, N is the number of individuals, r is the intrinsic rate of natural increase and K is the carrying capacity. According to this equation, the equilibrium number of individuals in the population is … Read more

NEET Practice Questions May ’17 Part II

61. What is incineration? (a) It is controlled aerobic combustion of wastes inside chambers at temperature 900-1300°C. (b) It is anaerobic combustion inside chambers at a temperature of 1650°C. (c) It is piling of waste on selected low lying land. (d) None of these. 62. Which among the following is a type of negative interaction? … Read more

NEET Practice Questions May ’17

1. All monerans (a) contain either DNA or RNA (b) demonstrate a long circular strand of DNA not found enclosed in a nuclear membrane (c) are photosynthetic bacteria (d) all of these 2. Proteolytic enzymes do not corrode the lining of alimentary canal as (a) they are secreted in an inactive form (b) lining layer … Read more

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