AIIMS Special Assertion and Reasoning 2015

Directions : In the following questions (1-75), a statement of Assertion (A) is followed by a statement of Reason (R). Mark the correct choice as : (a) If both Assertion and Reason are true and Reason is the correct explanation of Assertion. (b) If both Assertion and Reason are true but Reason is not the … Read more

JEE Physics Multiple choice questions

This section contains 10 multiple choice questions. Each question has four choices (a), (b), (c) and (d) out of which ONLY ONE is correct. 1. The input resistance of a silicon transistor is 100 W. Base current is changed by 40 µA which results in a change in collector current by 2 mA. This transistor is used … Read more

AMU 2014 Solved Paper

1. Nistch was able to get strawberries of different shapes by (a) splitting the ovary (b) removing the perianth (c) selectively removing some carpels (d) inserting an alcohol dipped needle into the ovary. 2. Plants can be made disease resistant through (a) colchicine treatment (b) X-ray treatment (c) breeding with wild relatives (d) hormone treatment. … Read more

AIPMT Previous Years Questions

1. In order to increase the excitability of a patch of neuronal cell membrane (a) the number of Na+ and K+ channels should be increased (b) the capacitance of the membrane should be increased (c) the thickness of the membrane should be reduced (d) the content of charged lipids in the membrane should be increased. (INBO 2014) … Read more

AIPMT Molecular Biology Higher Order Thinking Skills

1. The DNA fingerprinting analysis of four family members is shown below. 2. Given the diagram of the lac operon showing an operon of inducible enzymes. Identify components and enzymes (A, B, C, D and E). (a) A-P-Galactosidase, B-Permease, C-Transacetylase, D-Repressor protein, E-Inducer (lactose) (b) A-P Galactosidase, B-Permease, C-Transacetylase, D-Inducer (lactose), E-Repressor protein (c) A-p … Read more

Separation and isolation of DNA fragments in Recombinant DNA Technology

Gel electrophoresis • After the cutting of DNA by restriction enzymes, fragments of DNA are formed. These fragments can be separated by a technique called gel electrophoresis. • Electrophoresis is a technique of separation of charged molecules, under the influence of an electrical field, so that they migrate in the direction of electrode bearing the … Read more

Role of hormones as messengers and regulators

Hormones as messengers [Hypothalamo-hypophysial (pituitary) Axis] Hypothalamus is a part of the fore brain. Its hypothalamic nuclei — masses of grey matter containing neurons, are located in the white matter in the floor of the third ventricle of the brain. The neurons (neurosecretory cells) of hypothalamic nuclei secrete some hormones called neurohormones (releasing factors) into … Read more

Pre Medical Exam PMT Foundation – Cell Cycle and Cell Division

Multiple Choice Questions l. Find the correctly matched pairs and choose the correct option I. Leptone – The chromosomes become invisible. II. Zygotene – Pairing of homologous chromosomes. III. Pachytene – Dissolution of the synaptonemal complex takes place. IV. Diplotene – Bivalent chromosomes appear as tetrads. V. Diakinesis – Terminalisation of chiasmata takes place. (a) … Read more

PMT Foundation – Biomolecules Practice questions

Which is not a protein? (a) a-amylase (b) Nitrogenase (c) Histidine kinase (d) Ribozyme 2. Arachidonic acid gives rise to (a) terpenes (b) prostaglandins (c) gangliosides (d) cerebrosides. 3. Which of the following nucleotide sequences contains 4 pyrimidine bases? (a) GATCAATGC (b) GCUAGACAA (c) UAGCGGUAA (d) Both (b) and (c). 4. Which one of the … Read more

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