Biotechnology in Agriculture

April 22, 2013 javedshaikm 1

The term Agriculture refers to cultivation of Plants, Animals for food, fuels, clothes, Medicine and other products which are essential for our living. Conventional Agriculture […]

Algal Biofuel Production

May 7, 2012 javedshaikm 16

Algae offer a promising alternative to terrestrially grown vascular plants as a future source of biofuel (feedstock) Large-scale biofuel production may require the use of […]

Citric Acid

December 30, 2011 javedshaikm 4

Almost all of the world’s output of citric acid, an intermediate in tricarboxylic acid cycle, is produced microbiologically. Citric acid cycle is a food preservative […]


December 30, 2011 javedshaikm 1

Ethanol can be produced chemically from petroleum or microbiologically from fermentable carbohydrates. It is produced in the anaerobic fermentation of glucose by Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Corn […]


December 30, 2011 javedshaikm 0

Vinegar literally means ‘sour wine’. It is manufactured by the bacterial oxidation of ethanol in fermented wine, beer or cider and used as a condiment […]

Yoghurt Production

December 30, 2011 javedshaikm 0

 A form of fermented milk has been produced in most countries where milk is drunk., incubation takes 12 hours at 32o to reach the set […]

Manufacture of Cheese

December 30, 2011 javedshaikm 1

Traditional cheese making depended on the natural micro-organisms present in the dairy and milk. Microbes sour that milk, producing lactic acid and lowering the pH, […]