Caring for your skin after laser hair removal

Every woman who has a desire to look perfect, resorted to the method of laser hair removal – a procedure that rids the body of unwanted hair in the bikini area, underarms, arms, legs and face.

Laser hair removal, reviews of which only positive, making the skin smooth and silky, lets get rid of excess hair. The drawback procedure is skin irritation and redness. Also in the frequent cases there pain. Eliminate them by doing the specific rules. Thanks to these rules the skin after laser hair removal is silky and flawless.

Immediately after the procedure to reduce pain. To do this in advance to buy a cooling and soothing gel. You can “Panthenol”. It is also advisable to apply regenerative sprays and gels.

If you often resort to laser hair removal, then the medicine cabinet must constantly be “Fenistilgel”, “Bepanten” or “Actovegin.” Sprays based on thermal water will fill the water balance of the skin.

After the treatment the skin is very sensitive, so throughout the day should not use cosmetics, perfumes and toilet water containing fruit acids and alcohol. They will create discomfort, discomfort vepilirovanoy area and can cause irritation.

Take a shower and wash should only cool water. Use a washcloth to cleanse the body will lead to undesirable consequences. By choosing a cosmetic soap and gel should be treated as serious. Give preference is neutral gel and mild soap. Wipe the skin must be very careful, promakivaya body tissues or wiping with a soft towel. You should refrain from going to the baths, swimming pools, saunas. It is not recommended to sunbathe in the summer should be applied to the skin for two weeks sunscreen.

In addition, you must also actively resort to traditional medicine. Remove irritation allow liquor by chamomile, celandine and calendula. These plants are excellent antiseptics. They quickly heal any damage on the skin. Many recommend eucalyptus oil to nourish the skin, coupled with oil. It cools irritated place and reduce pain.
The best moisturizer that reduces inflammation, is aloe. Need to take a leaf plants, cut it along and periodically applied to the damaged skin.

If you will follow these rules and recommendations for skin care products, then beauty, youth and health you provided.


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