Caring for baby teeth: how to save the most valuable

molochnie-zhubiConcern about the health of the child – the duty of every parent. Matter how careful in this regard will be mom and dad, depends the future of their son or daughter. Special attention in the care of the child deserve the teeth, because, unfortunately, oral hygiene is observed very rarely. This is the main cause of many diseases and problems with the teeth and gums in children.

Caring for milk teeth

It turns out that after six months you can make the first visit to a pediatric dentist. It is best suited for this dentistry in the city center “MEDI”. It employs highly trained pediatric dentists that not only give the necessary advice, but will make the treatment of children’s teeth, if necessary.

Turning to the professionals, parents do not rarely hear about what you need to start caring almost since the advent of the first teeth. And rightly so, because the mouth is known to contain many microorganisms. Once the tooth is cut in the mouth, even if the milk for him already to care. Naturally, about any toothbrushes or paste the question. Everything happens quickly and painlessly with the help of his mother’s finger, gauze placed over it, and water. Light circular motion to clean the teeth can be from food residues. Over time, it is already possible to buy a toothbrush with soft bristles and a special children’s gentle toothpaste.

Need to know the enemy “in the face”

With the cleaning of milk teeth sorted out. Now, as the main “enemies” for children’s teeth. Primarily, this sugar. It is an excellent food for harmful bacteria and acts as a glue, clinging to the same plaque from food to Zubkov, like glue. That’s why dentists recommend limiting consumption and children products containing sugar, or try to choose those that contain it in a minimum amount.

The second “enemy” – the deficit of fluorine. As you know, tooth decay – the gradual destruction of hard tooth tissue, the result of which is the formation of cavities of different shapes and sizes. Despite the fact that the appearance and the appearance of this disease depends on several factors – diet, lifestyle, age, household and geographical conditions of residence, weakened enamel is one of the reasons.
Dentists unanimously assert that the main principle in the care of children’s teeth – it regularly. Brushing teeth in the morning and evening, rinse the mouth after every meal and timely appeal to specialists – the rules to be observed by both children and their parents.


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