Cardiovascular or Heart Disease

Cardiovascular or heart disease is caused by the damaged arteries leading to the heart obstructing the flow of blood that supplies oxygen and other nutrients to the different parts of our body.

Did you know that cardiovascular or heart disease is one of the leading causes of death for both men and women ages 35 and above? Unfortunately, this is true. The cause of cardiovascular or heart disease is the unhealthy lifestyle practiced by the sufferers of this condition, like use of tobacco, physical inactivity, and poor dietary habit. But, what really is cardiovascular disease?

Cardiovascular disease consists of faulty conditions of the heart, arteries, and veins which supply oxygen to important areas of our body, like the brain, the heart itself, and other vital organs. Although, the term technically refers to any diseases affecting our cardiovascular system, it is usually used to refer to those related to atherosclerosis, arterial disease. If oxygen and other nutrients do not arrive on the tissues or other organs of our body, we can’t function properly- worse case, we can die.

Cardiovascular or simply heart disease usually occurs as a result of arterial damage. Ischematic heart disease is the technical term for the blockage of blood flow to the heart. Generally, this resulted from excess fat or plaque accumulation in the blood vessel wall, which eventually narrowed the veins that supply blood carrying oxygen and other nutrients to the heart. The excess build up of fat is called arteriosclerosis, while the excess build up of plaque is termed as atherosclerosis. Not enough supply of oxygen to the brain can cause stroke.

High blood pressure, or hypertension, usually results from the excess fat or plaque build up due to the extra effort it takes to circulate blood. Although your heart works harder, with blockages it still falls short of the needed blood supply to all areas of your body. Our body’s survival system tries to fix the damage done, but not for long.

Damage to the heart tissues because of cardiovascular or heart disease can lead to a deadly heart attack or a stroke. The symptoms and treatments may vary depending on which set of arteries are damaged. In coronary heart disease, the fatty substance accumulation in the blood vessel wall blocks the coronary arteries, the blood vessel supplying the heart. The narrowing of arteries is called arterial stenosis. If the blockage becomes more severe, the blood flow to the heart becomes impossible, especially during physical exertion or emotion, and will result to the squeezing pain in your chest, arms, or legs. These symptoms should not be ignored to prevent from its progression.

You should remember it by heart that Prevention is better than Cure. Proper administration of cholesterol level is important in the prevention of stroke due to cardiovascular or heart disease. Engage yourself in enjoyable physical activities to help proper circulation of blood, eat heat-healthy diet, and regular health screenings, to help you live a life free from cardiovascular or heart disease.

Causes of Coronary Heart Disease

Numerous extensive researches and studies have recognised a number of factors responsible for increasing the risk of coronary heart disease. According to those researches, these risk factors are highly associated with coronary heart disease, but the degree of their prevalence is not yet accurately determined, the reason that these factors are just deemed by many as “contributing” causes of coronary heart disease.

The contributing causes of coronary heart disease are to some degree controllable, modifiable and treatable. However, there are some that can’t really be changed in whatever way you may think. They just happen naturally and no one can escape from them. Examples of these natural causes of coronary heart disease are age, heredity, and sex. Let’s talk about these factors one by one.

* Age – Human beings live with an increasing age. As the days go by, their age increase and the more they age, the more chances for the coronary heart disease to occur. This is what many studies have shown. They based their theories mainly on the findings that more than 83 percent of those who die of coronary heart disease are 65 or older.

* Hereditary Factors – Coronary heart disease is said to occur as a result of heredity. This means that a person who has a family history of coronary heart disease is more likely to develop the disease. Simply put, the chances of coronary heart disease to occur in a person depend largely on the medical history of that person. As what most people have said, CHD runs in the blood.

* Sex – A multitude of researches have found out that men have a greater risk of developing coronary heart disease than women. They even have attacks earlier in life, and although the rate of women who die from CHD after the menopausal is high, it’s not as great as men’s rate.

So you’ve read about the causes of coronary heart disease that can’t be altered or changed. Let us now take a look at the causes of coronary heart diseases that CAN be modified and treated.

* Smoking – Cigarette smoking has long been considered as one of the biggest contributing causes of coronary heart disease. It is said that those who smoke are likely to die from sudden cardiac death for about twice the risk of nonsmokers. This is the reason basically that people are strongly advised to quit smoking.

* High Cholesterol Level – When the level of cholesterol in the body increase, the greater the chances of CHD to develop. This may even lead to high blood pressure, further causing CHD to occur. And, an uncontrolled level of cholesterol may lead to obesity, which is but one of the biggest causes of coronary heart disease.

* Inactive Lifestyle – This is but another huge factor causing CHD to occur and develop into something chronic. So, people who have greater risks of developing coronary heart disease are advised to take regular exercise, which can help increase the flow of blood and oxygen to the body. It can even strengthen the heart contractions, allowing your heart to pump more blood without much effort.

So those are basically the major causes of coronary heart disease. It is wise to note and understand them to easily identify the best treatment. And, if you want heart disease to keep his distance from you, then do something to change the modifiable causes of coronary heart disease. Make your heart healthy.


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