Can I install invisible braces?

breketyMisaligned teeth and malocclusion is a widespread problem among many adults and children alike. It appears gradually and imperceptibly over the years, bringing with them not only physical but also psychological discomfort. This lack of effect on the whole body, entails the emergence of various diseases, and therefore requires a mandatory intervention by experienced professionals – orthodontist.

Modern dentistry uses a variety of methods for correction of malocclusion. The most common and the only right – is the installation of temporary braces on the rows of teeth. On one or two sides, on top and bottom, or only one. Specificity of treatment is determined only by a physician diagnosis.

Ceramic Braces – just invisible!

Loved by many, ceramic braces represent the ideal solution for people who experience discomfort.

Advantages of ceramic brackets are obvious, so they enjoy great success in patients:

1. invisible to outsiders – perhaps the most important aspect that allows wears braces, without attracting attention. Plus the fact that the color of ceramics selected individually under shade enamel, making them almost invisible on the teeth.

2. wearing more comfortable and painless, has no apparent irritation to the gums and soft tissues inside the mouth.

3. Resistant to the effects of pigments food and drinks. Do not change color during use and therefore are ideal for lovers of coffee and tea.

4. It is easy to make a certain zest to the style and appearance of a person, which is especially popular with children and adolescents. You can choose different bright cheerful colors that are fun and relieve stress and a dose of moral discomfort during treatment.

It is important to remember that the ceramic material is quite fragile, so ceramic braces are not recommended for people who are actively involved in contact sports.

Duration of the course correction using ceramic brackets is from six months to three years, depending on the complexity and neglect the patient’s mouth. Required doctor visits – once a month, for ongoing monitoring and troubleshooting purposes. Strict oral hygiene, regular cleaning of the teeth after every meal and the careful handling to avoid unpleasant sensations and caries.

The problem of uneven teeth and malocclusion is a serious and requires urgent intervention specialist. Turning immediately to an experienced orthodontist, you can easily and quickly enough to solve the problem occlusion and align teeth. Smile more often!


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