Wonders of a Surgical Microscope

portable microscopes

The field of medical sciences is one that has seen spectacular progress in the last two decades. One among them was the development of surgical microscopes. The surgical microscope is also often called a Leica Microscope and is one which is head-mounted. Adaption in design makes a surgical microscope possible to get a close, magnified view of the part of the body he is performing a surgery on.

A surgical microscope is an important apparatus that a doctor could wear around his head and peer ever so closely into critical aspects of the part he was operating upon. This amazing leap forward in technology for microscopes was the brainchild of Carl Zeiss a leading name in the field of optical and Opto-electronic devices in Germany. It was his pioneering efforts that gave the world a pole vault with existing microscope technology of his times. The first operation is recorded to have been conducted with a surgical microscope in 1957.

Thanks to the genius of Carl Zeiss

It was perhaps an idea that took a quantum leap forward after a lighted binocular was first used during an operation way back in 1922. However it was the genius of Carl Zeiss that gave us the beginnings of modern day surgical microscopes. These portable microscopes have flexible properties and have amazing magnification capabilities. Not just that it offers fantastic 3 D imaging and allows for use in various invasive surgeries and is especially indispensable in delicate operations.

This has now become an essential tool for surgeons that need a clearer view into minutest vascular, Cardio, and even thoracic surgeries. Now this is a tool of choice for many top surgeons and finds its use in areas such a Plastic, Cosmetic & Reconstructive surgeries, as well as pediatric surgeries. This head mounted apparatus simply put, gives surgeons the closest view of critical areas under the scalpel. It has paved the way for great medical efficiency and success in areas hitherto unheard of.

Portable Microscopes
Portable Microscopes

Benefits of using a portable surgical microscope

The benefit of using a surgical microscope is that they provide an excellent 3D vision of a subject’s anatomy and a unique advantage is that they have a coaxial light source. They provide magnification with a wide range an excellent depth of field as well. Predominantly there are two distinct types of magnifications in use for these microscopes, which is motorized or zoom. Magnification step changers of 3 and 5 steps are commonly being used and provide amazing high resolution and bright illuminated image.

Our modern day surgical microscopes are also incorporated with many advanced features and some of them even come fitted with surgical cameras. The utility of the portable surgical microscopes is it allows images captured to be viewed on screen while a surgery is in progress. It also allows for keeping a record of the process. One of the fantastic advances is presently the use of these microscopes which have speech recognition systems. Here, a voice activated control panel enables access to functions such as zoom, focus, and X-Y movements.

The surgical microscopes have advanced over the years. This is a remarkable invention by Carl Zeiss and he shall be hailed for this invention by members of the fraternity who use the portable surgical microscopes.


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