Industrial Microscopes – The Wide Varieties and Features

industrial microscopes

The Industrial microscope was an innovative and significant invention. It has helped immensely in the field of science, especially biology. This equipment is used extensively all around the world for cracking the difficult codes related to a number of organisms. Such organisms include innumerable cells, algae, fungi, etc. Since the world is advancing rapidly the industrial processes are also becoming much more intricate and difficult.

It also demands severe accuracy for which these microscopes can be configured for portable industrial use. It is because of this advancement that scientists developed a better microscope with efficient features. And an efficient microscope could actually serve the industrial applications correctly. That advent gave the world better and advanced equipment the ‘industrial microscope’.

Types of Industrial Microscopes

Since the advent of industrial microscopes, various portable microscopes have been invented that has served extensively for mankind. There are primarily two types of such microscopes that are popular in different industries. They are the low power stereo microscope and the compound microscope. Both these varieties are now widely used in a large range of applications.

Compound microscopes are of high power and are used for clinical and biological settings and are widely used in the fields of medicine and science. Stereo microscopes are used in mechanized industries that manufacture circuit boards and electrical segments. These stereo microscopes function primarily at low powers. They are used for inspecting myriad products and for checking their haste qualities.  

Portable Microscopes

Video Zoom Microscope:

The video zoom microscope is a type of industrial microscope that is used in the holistic production of circuit boards. They are also used in metal shop, foundries and metal treating factories. The Video Zoom microscopes have helped in many industries that are engaged in the productions of different objects and tools.

Inverted and Upright Industrial Microscopes:

The two most common categories of industrial microscopes are the inverted microscope and the upright microscopes. Both of these kinds have high magnification power for thoroughly and scrutinizing the specimens easily.

Mostly industries and scientists prefer these portable microscopes more due to apt and decent conveniences. They are also used in field inspections of large industries. Such devices can also be connected to a computer. The relevant images can be easily after being viewed on these microscopes. The images or snapshots can be saved easily on hard or flash drives either for multiple viewing or for later use.

Top Bench Microscope:

The top bench microscope is used primarily for educational purposes. Students in the field of metallurgy have greatly benefited from this portable microscope. It has come of great aid in the thorough and precise study of various complicated designs.

Industrial microscopes have till date been the pioneer among the most widely used portable microscopes. They have come up with myriad promising inventions. They are immensely useful to a number of industries. Researchers and students can use these devices to study a variety of specimens and record them without any hassle.

Industries in which industrial microscope is used widely include micro structure studies, paper industry and mineralogy.  These microscopes are also used in forensic labs, in the domain of photography, glass industry, chemistry laboratories etc. An industrial microscope looks quite similar to a conventional microscope, but the difference lies in the presence of high amplifying lens—a domineering feature that is lacking in conventional microscopes. Quite truly, this feature makes an industrial microscope stand apart and the ‘portability’ enhances their selling propositions!

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