USB Microscope – A Practical Review

portable microscopes

Are you pondering to invest in buying a new USB microscope, yet unsure about which one would be suitable for you? True that there are a number of brands with varied products that lure consumers – hence understanding the features and advantages are the best options at hand.

USB microscope- Features

An usual USB microscope comes with a manual ‘take a snap’ button! A wide variety of microscopes have a button each that ensures easy photo or video capture of the relevant specimen. In a few models, the control key is located in such a position that makes it harder to press. The position of this control key is of great importance as the position can disrupt movements and thereby the images can go out of focus!

Some USB microscopes come with ‘Microtouch’ triggers. These triggers are very useful and aids in the process of photo capture. You only need to touch the trigger lightly, in order to take still snapshots. Though it is a vital feature, yet you must remember that such a feature doesn’t come with the most basic variants of USB microscopes. However, ‘click-to-capture’ feature is a standard feature for all USB microscope models.


USB microscopes comprise a thumb switch that focuses on a zooming optic range of 10x to 50x. There are a few low priced models that have fixed modifications merely at 20x. The range of digital magnification can be a maximum of 200x. This entirely depends on the very size of the computer screen or laptop’s display screen. Most users prefer to resort to sizeable resolution in order to gain higher magnification.

Portable Microscopes

Advantages of using the USB microscopes

The USB microscopes are available at not-so-high prices; you need not spend a fortune to fetch it at your place. There are a few models that come with ‘instant capture’ functionality. You will be provided with options for taking still snaps or videos. You can choose to zoom within the specified ranges. There are apt zooming facilities available within the microscope’s camera. The USB microscopes rely upon top notch and reliant technologies and are decent and easy to operate.

As technology sees a paradigm shift, multitude of technological arenas converge together to produce better and reliable results. Such technological innovations are being implemented on USB microscopes as well. These days, there are a few USB microscopes that will display and adeptly save magnified images and video-clips together. They take recourse to a simple technology in order to make this happen. The images can be easily transferred to USB dongles and thereby can be directed to the personal computers at ease. You can even choose between the pictures that you ponder on transferring via USB. Using the USB, you can easily post chosen images by the virtue of USB transfer, just at a mouse click.  Even you can send such an image to any person across the globe by the virtue of the World Wide Web or internet conductivities.


The quality of images relies primarily on the resolution. Primarily there are two types of resolutions.

·         Optical (Native Resolution): It is defined as the range of available pixels present in the image sensor.

·         Interpolated: It produces artificial resolutions by generating extra pixels for the images that are taken.

The pixel number has an impact upon the nature of the image produced.

A USB microscope is a really helpful tool and takes microscopy to a newer zenith. This digital microscope is not only portable and tech-savvy but also cost effective. If you are still using the traditional microscopes and looking for a change, opt for a USB microscope. Presumably the USB microscopes may be considered as the most suitable and user friendly microscopes.

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