Unico Monocular Microscopes – Why Should You Buy Them?

portable microscopes

Unico monocular microscopes are extensively used both by researchers and students. Its multifunctional utility sets it apart from all the other types of microscopes available in the market. These microscopes are dependable and are of advanced quality. This makes them one of the best investments for many. These microscopes are easy to use and portable and are of great value for money.

Unico Monocular Microscopes have advanced features

Unico monocular microscopes are available with several advanced features. The monocular tube can be easily controlled. It can be pushed up and down for controlling its focus. More light can be gathered easily by slanting the viewing tubes. This is necessary for easy display of a specimen or an object.

Features of a Unico monocular microscope are:

  • Sturdy body construction
  • Presence of stage clips
  • High quality optics
  • Flexible mechanical stages
  • Available wide base and locked on eyepiece
  • Presence of Dust cover.
Portable Microscopes
Portable Microscopes

A lot of changes in these models have come about

Unico monocular microscopes are available in a range of models, which include both cordless and corded ones. The provisions and specifications differ to some extent from model to model. They also vary in illumination including halogen, LED and fluorescent.

Unique features of  a unique monocular model include

  • Instruction manual
  • Dust covers
  • Par centered
  • Par focal features.

All the Unico monocular models have several features in common but the specifications vary slightly.

Some of the models have been revised and updated with sturdier body structure, larger base and invalidate nose-piece. All of the models have heads that can swivel up to 360 degrees. Certain models have been designed specifically for laboratories in schools. The ones specifically meant for use for educational purposes have different structures and functionalities than the ones ideal for professional uses.

Versatile in their applications

The mechanical specifications of a Unico monocular microscope include:

  • Presence of monocular head
  • Approximate size of 216mm x 127mm x 292mm
  • Objectives of 4x, 10x and 40x present
  • LED bulb present
  • Approximate numerical aperture of 0.65
  • Presence of capacitive AC battery.

Unico monocular microscopes are one of the most versatile microscopes available. Both the cordless and corded models come with dual view, monocular heads. The optical surfaces of the microscopes are sealed. They are encrusted with anti fungal coating and are accurately polished.  Hardening agents have been incorporated into the manufacturing for enhanced colour viewing. All these features provide protection to the microscope. They also increase the durability of the lenses.

Reliable and Superior than other microscopes

Unico monocular microscopes provide reliable and superior performances. They are easy to use and also display fine images for better viewing. These features allow professionals to use them in laboratories for easy observing. These microscopes are immensely durable excluding batteries, bulbs and fuses.  

Unico monocular microscopes are cost effective and portable. The advanced reliable features add to the efficiency of the microscope. Enhanced color viewing adds to the unique selling proposition of this microscope. Both the corded and cordless models are dependable and possess advanced features. Portability is another key feature that adds to the increasing dependence on Unico monocular microscopes.

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