The Rise of Pocket Microscope

Cliché as it may sound, but the saying ‘Never judge a book by its cover’ still holds true. Pocket microscopes just fit that right to be an illustration. It is small yet incredible. Sooner or later, you’ll subscribe to it.  Are we not tired of hackneyed big microscopes that peeks into your bedroom and steal your room space? Does the microscope put you in catch 22 situation where you can’t live with the big microscope and also can’t let it go off your room? Or if you’re one who is looking for a microscope buddy to accompany in your chronicle while you picture those pretty little insects? What if we say this is possible? Dear readers, you have got no valid reason to not believe us. So hop in and rejoice while we list out the specifications of the pocket microscope.

pocket microscopeUnlike traditional microscope where you need to be stationed at one place, the pocket microscopes has it all to lure you to those scenic places without being tied with a knot. Already getting a slideshow of all those amazing places in your head? Change is the rule of rule and the one who lags behind once, would be lag behind forever. So take your chance at it and experience wonderful things. Things like catching a dew drop on your backyard garden, ants returning to their den, beautiful pattern of a spider web, and not to forget, the musings of the butterfly closely while they fly in merry. All these little things brings joy to life and as we know it, happiness is contagious. Discover the beauty of you inner soul and let the conscience win the race. Do yourself a good will and get yourself a pocket microscope.

pocket microscope

Of many perks that marks the pocket microscope, being eco-friendly gets it some extra brownie points. Yes, you gulped that correctly! Unlike digital microscope that churns on much electricity, it runs on natural light and provides the high definition vision. Proximity does not have effect on the resolution of the image. Zoom in and zoom out is like the child’s play and the distance never matters. How cool! Did something caught your eye in an inclined, inverted or auxiliary angle? While you may have to bid goodbye to your fancy n traditional microscopes, this is not really the case with the pocket microscopes. This exceptionally small pen sized microscope can capture every angle.

Are you finding something that’s lost? Did finding the same with your magnifying glass is a pain in the neck? Be relieved. Pen sized buddy is there for you to help. Imaging power is up to 100x and one just couldn’t take his hands off this little friend. To top it, its weight is negligible making it a perfect go to device. A few ounces and that’s what it goes with the pen microscope. Though pen microscopes fail when it comes to examining optics, glassware, and structural defects in machines, it still continues to take the world by storm with its performance.

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