Some Microscopy Tips for School Children

Strange it may be. Microscopy is a less used word. It has not been heard by many people. Usually those. Who never had much to do with chemical or biological sciences? It is just a process. Looking at an object. Placed under a microscope. This process is being done in millions of places. In all over the world. Every minute. Scientists use microscopy for their discoveries. And for research, every day.

Only Scientists deal with microscopy?

Scientists are not the only ones who use microscopes. One may think they are. Some use it for fun. There are many other people. They are far from being scientists. Still, they enjoy using the microscope on regular basis. Those are amateurs. And sure. People who are interested. Another category is school children. Teenagers are there. So are young adults. Whoever uses microscope in their biology and physics lessons. For most school children, using a microscope is an adventure. Not to mention. It is worth it.

microscopy tips

They do not see it as a chore for school. But as a new thing to learn. And to just try out. Besides, if the teacher manages it correctly. Children will always connect microscope with something exciting and interesting. Rather than just another thing they have to use at school. If the lesson has been prepared correctly, kids will jump at the possibility because the things that they can see under the microscope can be interesting and very exciting.

Watch out for it – it is expensive:

However, even though it is very exciting. Microscopy also requires some things from the teacher. Not to mention. From the kids themselves. One of the things children need to remember in microscopy is caring about the microscope.

This means that the microscope only looks big. But all the small details are really fragile. People using the microscope have to be very careful not to damage it. It definitely should not be thrown on the floor. Because the damage will be done for sure in this case. The thing is that microscopes, even the cheapest ones, still are very expensive. Many schools cannot afford to buy new ones. Besides, teaching children care is necessary. Caring about the material given to them is very important. This means manners too.

microscopy tips

Good microscopy – Right way to see:

If there are problems during the lesson. An adult should always be present. Questions should be asked to the teacher. In order to understand how the microscope works. And that how it functions. If the light does not fall right or kids cannot see the material in the small hole meant for looking into, a teacher will be able to provide assistance and explain how microscope works and which things should be done to assure that it works properly.

Last but not least. The fact that not only children have to be careful when working with the microscopes. Actually, it all begins with teachers. Children should ask teachers to help them. And to prepare the microscopes and they should as their teachers to prepare interesting objects to look at under the microscope.

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