Microscope Types – What are the different types?

Microscope Types

Are you a science enthusiast? Or do you want to explore various things in the world? Want to know how the world came to know about micro organisms? A number of things have made contribution in the making of the world. These things were undiscovered until unless without the help of this indispensable instrument. One could never find out what is lying underneath.

A microscope is a device that helps in understanding tiniest particle, things which are impossible to view with naked eyes. A small particle can be zoomed up to a million times from its original size. Thus in many areas microscopes are used for detecting various contents.


It is widely accepted that wide use of magnifying objects like eye glasses and lenses led to the discovery of this device. In around 1595, a Dutchman named Zacharias Jansen; along with his father Hans first created a microscope. Gradually a microscope has been through many changes. It has become more users friendly and efficient. It has opened the world of possibilities to reveal all conceal secrets of earth.

Microscope Types

What are basic Microscope Types?

Compound light microscope- It combines lenses and light to magnify objects. In general, it consist two eyepieces. This is the most popular instruments among biology students. Used for viewing bacteria, fungus as well as plant and human cells. This type is readily available and not so expensive, thus can be seen easily in classroom or labs.

  Stereo microscope- Also known as dissecting microscope. It has two paths set at different angles. This helps the object to be viewed in 3-dimensional way. This is mostly used for micro surgeries, also in making watches. If interested, one can even watch photosynthesis of plants while happening.

  Digital microscope- Microscope of the new era, it uses computer power to view tiny things. While connected to a computer the image is directly displayed on the monitor. What is observed can be recorded and captured for future uses.

•   USB computer microscope- Helpful for those who wants to magnify things on a computer screen plugged into it. It doesn’t serve well as compared to compound microscope. Its strength is limited to 200 x only.

Pocket microscope Mostly used for field studies, it is quite popular among students as well as scientist. Portable microscopes are equipped with user a friend feature which makes it easy to work on.

•  Electron microscope- Most powerful microscope used for determining nanometer sized particles. Generally used in science lab for examining small particles for high defined images.

Scanning probe microscope- Mostly used in education and industries. It gives high resolution magnified images using a probe. This helps to scan the surface beyond boundary.

•  Acoustic microscope- It isn’t great on resolution. What it does is finding out errors and faults in the objects under lens.

microscope types

With so many microscope types, one can easily buy a microscope for his own needs. Apart from detecting things on earth, it is used heavily to identify and test particles collected from other planets. Thus the uses of this instrument are plenty. And in every field, it is regarded the most useful device to start a basic investigation.

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