The Microscope Timeline: How it evolved!

The Microscope Timeline

Ever thought who would have come up with the idea of microscope? Did it never astonish you as to what would be doing the loops in the czar’s mind that time? Don’t you want to know how this device came into existence or what is the microscope timeline? Buckle up your seat belts and be ready for the mysterious ride down the memory lane.

Microscope Timeline

Reading stone was the first of its kind microscope that had a glass sphere which could magnify the reading material. However the crusader never attained the fame and remained anonymous. This was a giant hop in the evolution of microscope. The gung-ho around this device never subsided and soon in Circa 1283, an Italian scientist Salvino D’Armate invented the first portable eye glasses that were wearable. What an incredible feat! Toasts were raised for this monumental coup! It was like a boon to the low sighted people. Didn’t eye glasses mystery ever baffled you? Celebrate the fact that now you know it. The race didn’t end here. It just hopped to a new level. In 1590, the year marked the rise of microscope. The pair of father and son glassmaker, Zacharias Janssen and Hans Janssen didn’t had the invention of microscope coming to their fate. With their observations, compound microscope and telescope were born and the microscope timeline started.

 Perplexed with the thought of what would have happened next? No whistle blower came forward until 1665 when an English physicist, Robert Hooke witnessed some human cells in the microscope. This gave birth to the prominent field of microbiology. The sixteenth century turned out to be benchmark decade in the development of microscope. Why? The grass-root game changer, Anton van Leeuwenhoek, built a simple yet useful microscope with the help of only one lens. Blood, algae, bacteria, virus, iron, etc. can all be observed under this microscope. The microscopy become the bread and farm of the medical science. We have just infinite reasons to vouch for the same! He became the first one to perfectly describe the nature of bacteria.

microscope timeline

 While the 70’s decade showed the laid back attitude, 80’s decade cleared the void. The hi-tech gizmo culture was in back then. The shortcomings and the loopholes of the earlier microscope were discarded by curbing the effect of chrome light. This was achieved by using two types of glasses. The microscope attained an ideal state. Then in 1872, the matter of resolution came into picture. Ernst Abbe, wrote an “Abbe Sine Condition” to calculate the resolution of the microscope. The picture back then were of poorer resolution and hence something substantial to better it. Ernst provided just that. Also, the image was mono chromatic in nature. Scientist gone head over heels to find out a solution to all these loop holes.

 In the later year, many developments were made to improve the accuracy and the reliability of the microscope. As a result of it, microscope has now become the saviour of so many fields. Latest microscope comes with the viability of zoom in and zoom out features. 

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