Microscope Guide: Tips and Tricks

Microscope Guide

Are you consumed with the thought that operating a microscope isn’t your cup of tea? Are you the one looking forward so some quick-witted tips? Vex, no more! We have exclusively shortlisted some of the ready to work tips, all for you! Apply these tips and be the game changer. Get set go!

microscope guide

 First up, get yourself a decent microscope. Market is overflowing with umpteen types of microscope. Compound, Laser, Optical, Scanning probe, you choose it! To master the skills of microscopy, it is inevitable that you get every minute detail right. Trifles matter a lot to get the perfect picture of the particle. If done wrongly, it may give unexpected results. The task might give you chills down the spine? Bury all your worry here.

 1. Get a clean room for your placing your microscope: As we know it, the microscope lens are made of soft glass and must be handled with care. Having said that, they can be easily scratched or broken. It is recommended that you may never use a harsh instrument for cleaning the device. To get rid of loose particle or unwanted dirt, make use of a soft hair brush. Before placing the microscope, make sure that the surface is flat and tidy.

2. Make prior arrangements for Illumination: First up, switch on the microscope’s light source and perfectly arrange the maximum hole diameter such that huge amount of light can pass through it. Also the room that has the microscope setup must have enough light.  

microscope guide

 3. Adjust the distance between two pupils: Every microscope has its own inter-pupillary distance. There are fair chances that an error may occur. Hence forth, prior adjustments must be done to set the distance right. If you view through the observer’s lens and get the illusion of two different images, then the error is present. Just simply shift your focus to the specimen and move the slide farther or closer to get a single image.

 4. Adjust the nose-piece cautiously: Precautions must be taken that the nosepiece is not too tight as such this would make observations rigid. Likely, the nose piece grip shouldn’t be very loose as it may end up being a sliding distraction. Simply use the adjustment mechanism available to tighten or loosen the grip by handily nudging the slot screw lying at the middle of the nosepiece.

Follow the steps one by one. We assure you that this practice would help you gain proficiency in the field of microscopy. Amateur or not, the care and perfect handling of the microscope is a must condition for the healthy operation of the microscope. Besides being cautious, the key factor in getting the hold of microscopy is to be patient. You must minutely observe each and every detail of the observation and accordingly take a note of it. After gaining some hands on experience, the game of microscopy is just a piece of cake.   

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