Microscope: Foundation for Microbiology

Did you know bacteria and microbes are an integral part of our lives? You will have to subscribe to it. They are on you, your belongings, your food, your utensils, your family pet, and your plants and on anything that you can touch, see and smell! You can’t run away from them, can you? For all of you must know, there’s no easy escape to it. Not that we have to get rid of them all, it’s just that some of them are notorious and spread deadly diseases like HIV, Flu, Chicken gunia, malaria, so on and so forth. Ready to fight back and win the lost battle? Check this space to discover the deadly and fatal diseases of all time and a way to curb them!

microscopeWith the grace of microscope, we human beings are liable to see this little monsters on a larger scale who not just strengthen our nose but also has become a living threat to our lives. You may ask, how? First up, they are spread via air and enter into our digestive system. Then they mate and multiply causing the concentration of microbes. Not all the microbes are harmful, some are harmless and maintains a balance in the ecosystem. Freaking out at the mention of little beasts? Just imagine what they could have done if they were really big? Dear readers, your lethal dream has come true! A decent microscope does just that. It magnifies the object observed to a level where the sight of microbes is evident. Thanks to microscopes, scientists have been successfully observing these bacteria under it and helped saving the world from microbe hack and prevented the spread. That’s astonishing, right?

Normal body flora, are the little messiahs spread in and out of our bodies like mouth, hair, intestines and skin that protects us from getting attacked by an external agent. The microscopes who are responsible for spreading the diseases are called pathogens. How well will it affect you depends completely upon your immune system. Out of all wrong of the microbes, the worst one is its transmission quality. It can spread from person to person, entity to entity and gets viral with its one to many relationship.

Are you under the surveillance of any fatal disease? Searching for an exit door? Can you sense any unusual feeling that can be counted as a symptom?

We recommend to go and check with your doctor. Speaking of, antibiotics are being developed for varied number of diseases to help reduce its effect. Vaccination is the other way to curb the menace of germ attack! Moreover our body is no less than a miracle. The antigen-antibody phenomenon lets the body kills pathogen if it try to enter the body for the next time. The memory cell learns every inch of the bacteria when it first enters the body and keeps it in a black list and truncates it the next time it tries to fend off with the body.

So many parts of the human body are yet to be explored. Are you interested in joining the league?

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