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Microscope is a device used to see or expand image of an object not seen with our naked eyes like germs, bacteria etc.

Microscope has always helped in the development of many fields especially the medical science. With the help of Microscope people have developed and improved the science. By using Microsoft we can even clearly understand about the creatures and can see know about those creatures which we cannot see with our normal vision.

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Significance of Microscope

 The invention of the microscope has brought great changes that have transformed the human life. The image of the object or matter which we cannot see with our naked eyes, we can view them clearly using Microscope. In microscopy, this is a basic tool which is used by people from student to top scientist. Electron is the second type. The word electron resembles electricity, so electricity is needed to work for the electron. So this helps to enlarge the image for better view of the matter. The last type is scanning, which can scan the things inside. For example X-Ray.

Microscope History

The first microscope was created hundreds of years ago. And in the passing years, microscope has evolved into a powerful, precise tool that allows scientists, students etc to view tiny objects and also to read their details.

In 1020 Ad, Ibn al-Haytham has invented this tool by using a magnifying glass. In 1200s, spectacles were developed. The credit of inventing Microscope goes to Hans Jansen and his son Zacharias. These 2 people have invented this with use of Spectacles. Later and till now, it has developed as the Microscope which we are using now.

Medical science and other industries have improved with the development of scientific tools. The image of an outer space can magnify using telescope as it is also considered as Microscope. Related to the science this tool credits multiple discoveries.

A microscope will be more expensive than the cost we have expected. While purchasing it, we need to consider its functioning and you get authenticated of it.

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Parts of Microscope

It is said that to know the working of a microscope you should know about the parts of it. Few parts of it are:

Eyepiece Lens- It is at the top through which the viewer looks through. They are also known as ocular lens.

Objective Lens- These are sphere shaped lens located above the stage of microscope.

Tube- It connects eyepiece lens to the objective lens.

Arm- It basically supports the tube and connects it to base.

Base- As the name says, Base, It is at the bottom of the microscope used to support.

Illuminator- Used as a steady light source, in place of mirror.

Stage- Objects or specimen are placed on the stage to get examine.

Adjustment Knobs- There are 2 adjustment knobs to adjust the focus.

How to use a Microscope?

Firstly, place the object on the microscope stage, and then fix it with stage clips. Then bring the objective lens close to the object by turning the coarse focus knob. After that, adjust the Illuminator by looking through the eyepiece lens. And turn the adjustment knob slowly, until the image is focused.

How Microscope works?

The object is placed near the objective lens, so that the light from it focus around the 160 mm inside the Microscope. As it creates an inverted and enlarged image of that object, the image is then directed straight into the eye with the help of the eyepiece lens.

With the help of the Microscope, countless discoveries have been done in the field of science. We can also watch stars with the help of a Microscope. But before using microscope, one should carefully read that how to use it and also one should know that which microscope is used for what purpose. And one should carefully handle the parts of the microscope.

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